How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

The secrets to having a fulfilling relationship that lasts...and lasts...and lasts...

It can be hard to stay interested in certain conversations for longer than 5 minutes, so how does one stay interested in their significant other for 50 years? 

Well, here are some secrets to help you keep your relationship fulfilling and ensure it matter how long you two have been together or how long you plan on being together for, these are worth trying!

#1. Never get too comfortable.

There is something to be said about still peeing or pooping with the door closed, even if you have been married for 30 years. You see, some things should just be done in private. Those things you do in the bathroom with the door closed? Well...that is EVERYTHING you should KEEP private, even from your better half. Keep him knowing the better half of you.

#2. Never stop trying.

One of the main complaints made in relationships is that the other person seemed to stop "trying" in the relationship. What does this even mean, exactly? Well, it means that, at the beginning of the relationship, certain things were done to impress one another and show you cared. As time went on, one of you stopped doing these things. That was the person who stopped trying. Do not ever act like you finally nabbed the one and it is time to stop buying those flowers or surprising her with midnight McDonald's, whatever floats her boat. You better keep doing what you need to do or your sail won't get pitched for a while.

#3. Never go to sleep angry.

The best advice my grandmother ever gave me was to never go to sleep while arguing with my significant other. No matter what, make it a point to solve every issue you have in the relationship and during that day before you go to bed at night. Have open communication at all times so that you can do this. Do not be scared to tell each other how you feel and it is even okay to scream and yell if you need to. Get those feelings out, discuss what is happening, and then kiss and make up, all before you lay between the sheets.

#4. Keep things spicy in bed.

Once you lay between those sheets, especially after an argument, there is nothing like some great make-up sex! Make sure you keep each other interested between the sheets. It is fun to try new things. Go out and buy some toys! Let him turn his favourite porn on! Try a new position! Do something you have never done before. All I suggest is, if it is something brand new, ensure you do it correctly and safely (for example, do not forget lube if you decide to venture into the world of anal sex). You do not want to take an embarrassing trip to the Emergency Room, do you? Well, maybe you do and that's what floats your boat...but...otherwise, be safe! 

#5. Don't ever forget the little things.

A kiss before you leave the house, saying "I love you" before you hang up the phone with each other, holding hands while you walk down the road - all the little things...are actually the big things. It is, in fact, these small things which add up to make your relationship last forever.

If you stick to these rules of your relationship, it won't ever die. It can live on forever...or however long you wish it to! 

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How to Keep Your Relationship Alive
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