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How to Help a Sex Worker if You're Broke

Don't have any or a lot of money? It happens. We get it. Here's how to help, for now, until you do have the money.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unspalsh

Say that you’re broke and want to help out to support your favorite sex worker. You can’t afford her content right now, but you still want to make sure she’s got the support she deserves in another way. We get it. Finding other ways to supports us is not an excuse to not pay, but in one way or another, you can at least do something else. We’ve all just wanted to be  support to our favorite people—whether they be sex workers, musicians, artists, writers, etc. The entertainment business can be a real bitch, but a lot of us are actually insanely grateful for any support that we can get. Any little bit helps, honestly. So where does one begin? Well, here’s some ideas to use if you have no clue—and also, to teach other people to do the same!

1. RT Twitter Accounts and Follow Train Threads

These are super popular and so useful. These help people on Twitter see more of our accounts and content. There's so many times when I've heard fans talk about other artists of other types of work saying, "Why haven't I heard of _____ before?!" This is because people miss hidden gems all the time. The more we get exposure, the more we have people support our careers. When it comes to our Twitter (and even Instagram) accounts, not only do we post pictures and videos on there, but there’s also so many links to our film and cam sites, too. Having a retweet account to support the sex worker community helps out so much in ways you don't understand. But fair warning, be decent if you're going to run one of these. Please. Don’t be one of those guys that uses retweet accounts to just get free access to our free content. People will notice if you're being a scumbag and alert other sex workers about you, too. It also hurts our business a lot and causes unneeded drama. If you’re going to have a RT account, make sure it’s to show us genuine support. A retweet train thread helps, too. It helps connect other sex workers with each other, as well as with other clients. An easy way to network that is very beneficial. Retweet trains done weekly also gain massive strength in numbers.

2. Follows and Likes

I did a follow and like train with a few other sex workers yesterday, and let me tell you, it boosted my numbers up a lot. As a client or a general fan, say you retweet us constantly, what else can help? Following sex workers' Twitters and film/cam sites can help out more. I can tell you that, like any social media site, the more people see that an entertainer has a massive amount of followers, the more people will be attracted enough to do the same. Liking their films, pictures, tweets, etc. will also, again, help gain a strength in numbers. The more you like—just as much as you retweet—well, the more it helps us.

3. Reviews

Not only do constant retweets, likes, and follows help, but so do reviews. Like any other business, when you see that you have an opportunity to leave reviews on their pages or films—do it! Or you can leave comments on their pictures; it inspires people to gravitate and do the same.

4. Banners, Icons, or Any Type of Promotional Art

I can tell you something—these are amazing. I’ve had plenty of RT/promo Twitter accounts make me banners or flyers for social media to advertise my work. This means so much, and some of the art that people create for me means the absolute world. I usually like to make my own stuff because I know what I like, but there are some people that go above and beyond to create something for me and their work totally blows mine away. It makes me SO happy to see when I have someone use my pictures to make me some awesome graphics. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a sex worker pass up this kind of support at all.

5. Tips

So, say that your favorite sex worker’s content or service is high in price. This sometimes happens and there’s nothing wrong with that. Say that you do have some money, but it’s not a lot. Send her any tips (even small ones are appreciated) that you can. Most cam and film sites have buttons on their model’s pages in order to tip them. Make sure to drop something nice in there. It would make their day.

6. Buying from the Wishlist

Again, say that you don’t have a lot of money, checkout her wishlist. See something affordable that you could get her? A pair of panties? An outfit? Makeup? Even socks? Buy it for her. This will make her smile and you’ll get the biggest thank you. Like I’ve said before, any support, even in the smallest ways, helps.

7. Word of Mouth

Lastly, tell people about your favorite sex worker (discretely, of course). Online networking is awesome and helps out a lot, but also telling your friends, “Hey man, check her out, she’s the best at _______.” It helps with musicians and mainstream actors, doesn’t it? Well, it most certainly does the same for us! This is huge and gains a lot of attention that we need.

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How to Help a Sex Worker if You're Broke
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