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How to Have Multiple Orgasms as a Man

Multiple orgasms? Sure for women, but men? Yes, men! You too! It just takes practice!

We've all heard that women can have multiple orgasms but I'm here to tell you so can men! Below is the concept and then some ways you can work up to achieving mind-blowing orgasms, one after another!

So how does it work?

Men often equate ejaculation and orgasm. They are, however, two different and separate processes. An orgasm actually precedes ejaculation ever so slightly. The trick to multiple orgasms? Stop ejaculation in its tracks!

I know this sounds impossible but it isn't! You can train your body to orgasm without ejaculating. This means no refractory period, no going soft, talk about an intense experience!

PC Muscles

Men, you may have heard of women doing kegel exercises but now it's your turn! Just like in women, you can strengthen your PC muscles through kegel exercises. Men have fairly weak PC muscles so it is practically impossible to stop ejaculation without first strengthening these muscles.

To find this muscle simply stop mid stream the next time you pee. The same muscle used to stop peeing is the muscle you need to strengthen to achieve multiple orgasms. Do not continue to exercise this muscle while peeing as that can increase your risk of a UTI. Once this muscle is found, you can simply do the same contraction of the muscle at any given point in time.

You want to tighten these muscles multiple times a day holding for a few seconds each time. In order to stop yourself from ejaculating, you will need to build yourself up to being able to hold these muscles tight for 20+ seconds. Here is a list of apps available to practice!


The first way to begin applying this is to start edging. The term edging is used to refer to when you feel yourself close to the edge of orgasm but cool yourself down to prolong your erection.

When masturbating try to edge using your now strengthened PC muscles. When you feel yourself getting close squeeze your PC muscles, take deep breathes, and slow or stop your stroking. This is to practice using your PC muscles and to build up your stamina.

Actually Having an Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Once you've practiced edging, you can try separating your orgasm from ejaculation. The next time you masturbate and feel yourself getting close to the edge, squeeze as hard as you can with your PC muscles. Hopefully, this will delay ejaculation briefly to the point you begin to feel the orgasm before ejaculating. Through practice, you can delay that response more and more until you're able to have the orgasm without the ejaculation!

With a Partner

Using this in practice with a partner will be more challenging than alone but is still possible! You need to be hyper-aware of your body and when you feel an orgasm coming on. You may need to be in a position in which you have more control over thrusting/movement. You may be able to help stop ejaculation by either you or your partner firmly holding the base of your penis as you also do what has been said previously.

Keep practicing and do your research.

While this will take some trial and error, it can certainly boost your sex life! Even if you aren't able to achieve multiple orgasms you should still experience more intense orgasms and longer stamina in bed!

For more information on this fascinating body hack, research any of the following key terms: multiple orgasms for men, separating orgasm and ejaculation, or tantric sex. 

Chloe Piers
Chloe Piers

Just your token bisexual girl bringing you all things sex positivity, relationships, and other wisdom I can impart. Learn from my awkward experiences, Get tips I wish I knew before, and open your mind as you read my blog! :)

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How to Have Multiple Orgasms as a Man
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