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How to Eat Your Girl Out Like Never Before

The female body can be a mystery. Here I will give you specific ways to wow her when you go downtown.

If you haven't read my blow job tips you should do so here.

However, as a Bisexual blogger, I thought I owed it to the vagina-loving crowd to post some tips for you too. Here are 10 tips for eating your partner out. Enjoy! ;)

1. The Build-up

Women need some time to really warm up and get in the moment. Foreplay of all sorts is vital to any sexual experience. Don't go straight for the destination, take her on the journey there.

Kiss her, slowly but passionately. Fight the urge to go into a rage of passion right away. Start slow and keep her wanting more. Run your hands along the curves of her body, kiss her neck, and caress her breasts.

When you start in a slow passion every touch inches her excitement closer to the edge. Then start kissing down her body making your way to her now very wet pussy. Again WAIT. I know, what? You're excited, she's excited you're RIGHT THERE, but trust me on this. Kiss her thighs, breathe hot air on her clit. It'll send chills down her spine as she anticipates your touch.

2. What to Do With Your Tongue

Okay now you've got your girl all steamy and ready to be spoiled. What next?

Take your tongue and give a firm strong lick from the bottom up towards her clit, adding a little more pressure as you get to her clit. This is your sneak preview to her of what is to come (or should I say cum). At this point, you're going to want to find her clit with your tongue. Once you hit the spot, give some flicks of the tongue to it. You can do so in short quick motions, slower intimate strokes, or in a swirling motion. Once you think she is really into it, start sucking on her clit in whatever amount of pressure she seems to enjoy most.

3. Now what? Is that it?

Well, it could be... orrrr you can bring your hands into the mix. Remember while the clitoris is a huge erotic zone for orgasms, women are more likely to orgasm when you combine multiple erogenous zones.

If your mouth is keeping her clit busy, try fingering her at the same time. The double stimulation of penetration and clitoral play could be what pushes her orgasm to the next level. Additionally, you could stimulate the clitoris even further with some g-spot stimulation. Put your finger inside her and curve your finger inwards towards you like a come here motion. That should strike a nerve.

Don't forget that you know your partner best. If they like it when their back is lightly scratched, butt is grabbed, nipples squeezed, etc. do it! Your mouth may be busy but you still have two hands to pleasure her even more!

4. When to Stop

If you find it hard to tell when your woman's had an orgasm, here are a few tips. Pay attention to her. If her body responds when you touch her a certain way, do it again. If she seems to be getting close, don't stop! Repetition can sometimes be what's needed to push her to orgasm. Changing it up can throw her off and make her need to rebuild the orgasm. That being said, if she seems bored, do change it up.

How to know if she's having an orgasm:

  • Is she moaning louder or having a more expressive face?
  • Is her body having involuntary muscle spasms?
  • Does she seem out of breath and as if her body has just relaxed?

If so the answer is likely: yes! While orgasms don't happen every time for women and sex can still be enjoyable without one, it's helpful to be in tune with your partner to notice when and if they are achieving orgasm. Once your partner orgasms, they may shift the energy that makes it clear she's done with you going downtown. But what if she doesn't? What if she seems to still hold your hair or grind against you? Well, then she's ready for round two!

Women can have multiple orgasms and have a shorter refractory period than men do. Also once the first orgasm is achieved, her body is already warmed up and is likely to achieve additional orgasms much easier. While it is 100 percent your choice whether or not to continue, pay attention to if that may be something your partner is trying to convey to you.

5. Build her confidence.

Many women feel self conscious about a man going down on them even if it's pleasurable. The reason being? Anxieties about whether or not they smell okay, taste okay, shaved enough, etc. the list goes on and on. One of the best things you can do to improve your sex life with your girl is to show her how much you love her body. Tell her she's beautiful, tell her you love making her feel good, tell her you enjoy going down on her. This will build trust, intimacy, and confidence in both of you.

6. Eye Contact

While you are eating her out, glance up and look deep into your partner's eyes. Eye contact is sexy. It portrays confidence and heightens the connection between the two of you.

7. Find the right position.

Whether it's her on her back or you on your back with her straddling your face, find the position(s) that works for you! Some work better than others. Sometimes a pillow to elevate the hips works nicely. Whatever it is, you want to make sure you are both physically comfortable for the best experience.

8. Don't assume reciprocation.

While you may really want your partner to go down on you too, that shouldn't be the reason you go down on them. Eat your girl out because you want to pleasure her. Do it because you want her to feel good and because you want to do it, then IF she wants to reciprocate and only if she does, she will. Don't pressure her to reciprocate because she owes you now. This will only make her associate you going down on her as something ultimately for YOU and could cause her to enjoy it less or want it less.

9. Ask her.

Don't be shy. When in doubt, ask! While it may feel awkward to talk about what you're doing in bed, there's no way to improve your sex life than to talk about it. Ask your partner if they like it when you do something. Ask them if they would like it better if you do it differently. It's okay if it's awkward at first. Embrace it and enjoy discovering each other's bodies together.

10. Do it more often.

Last but not least, go down on her more often. Your girl deserves to be spoiled, do it more often! Do it spontaneously, do it lovingly, just do it more! A lot of women say if they could change something about their sex life, it'd be receiving more oral sex. If you can think and remember how great it feels to receive oral sex yourself, just imagine how eager your partner will be in your sex life when you grant her that pleasure more often.

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