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How to Be Sexy (You Have to Read This!)

This is for all you gentlemen...

Mmm... that's hot.

I'm sure you guys clicked on this article thinking that you can transform into a sex-god overnight. However, this takes patience and PRACTICE.

To kick this off... how do you define "sexy?" It can vary from person to person. But after HOURS of research on the subject of sex appeal, I decided to compile four KEY factors. These are GOLD-STANDARD lessons for those who want to become an irresistible sex-magnet.

1. Charisma

I already wrote a piece about this, so I'll try to summarize. Charisma is compelling attractiveness AND the ability to inspire devotion in others using charm. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby or Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead. (These are completely different characters, I know.) But charismatic people share the same traits.

To win the hearts of others, they use...

  • Humor
  • Charm
  • Smiles

Humor is extremely important. But don't go for the most convenient type of humor (i.e. making fun of someone else). If you put other people down in order to get a laugh... you'll just look like an asshole. SELF-DEPRECATING humor is the sexiest form of humor, as long as it's used sparingly. Laugh at your insecurities, and people will notice that you're comfortable with yourself. And if you're comfortable in your own skin, you're the definition of CONFIDENT.

Charm comes in many forms. But even saying someone's name in conversation is charming. People LOVE the sound of their own name. In addition, charming people remember the likes and dislikes of the people they talk to. While talking to your desirable other, speak with them like this: "My dear (insert name here), how's your (insert hobby) coming along? You must hate (insert dislike here) because I've noticed it's been happening a lot recently." These are just conversational guidelines that you can use.

Charm = Engagement

Don't talk about drab topics like the weather! Ask questions based on their interests. And they'll be more interested in you.

Smiling is incredibly important. You WANT to be inviting. And showing off your pearly whites will lure people in like fish swimming towards a hot dog on a hook. Don't be afraid to laugh out loud and sink your teeth into a light-hearted debate. Bearing your teeth draws people to you and welcomes them with warmth.

2. Intelligence

Females, especially, are attracted to an intelligent man. Ladies are way more cerebrally stimulated than they are visually stimulated. So, whip out the trivia! Not random trivia, but relevant facts. Say you're at a bar and you see an attractive woman order a beer. Walk up to her and state a relevant fact like, "Did you know drinking beer can slow or decrease good cholesterol? I'm not a doctor... but I played one on TV." *chuckles* Relevant trivia makes you appear knowledgable and mindful of the world around you. Intelligence also gives you something to offer. Humans are curious creatures, and we love to learn. So, teach your desirable other SOMETHING that they'll find interesting. Guaranteed, they will never forget your little tidbits of trivia. Nor will they forget how panty-dropping you were while teaching them.

3. Sensitivity

For those of you who have used Tinder, have you noticed that men posing with cute, fluffy animals get more right-swipes than the average Joe? That's because women GUSH over sensitivity. If a man displays kindness, compassion, and consideration for others, whether he's talking about his dog or a charity program he volunteers for, he will be instantly MAGNETIC. Women run into the arms of a sensitive man because he triggers their maternal instinct. Ladies think subconsciously, "This guy would make a great father for my future children." That's just how our hormones make us think. Crazy, right? Show sensitivity without being too vulnerable... and women will start to flock to you in NO TIME.

4. Eye Contact

Unfortunately, this has become a lost art when attracting a mate. Eye contact is SEVERELY SEXY. It's absolutely intimate and electrifying. In today's world, filled with pesky distractions and intervening technology, eye-sex is DYING. And we must resurrect it. Communicate silently with your person of interest. The eyes are the windows to the soul. SO, soulfully flirt using your lashes, your irises, etc. Throw the flickering glances at your sexual interest, and don't back down. Reel them in with the tantalizing "f*ck me" gaze. Of course, you might be afraid that this technique will come off as creepy. No worries. Moderation is key. Don't stare someone down until your eyes bleed. Tease them and deliver little glances, at first, until you lock eyes. Once you lock eyes, bring on the SMOLDER—that captivating look of hunger...

Yes, exuding masculinity and sexiness is a balancing act. You have to get in touch with both your manly qualities and your feminine qualities to attract a potential lover. If you're an obnoxiously loud, macho gym-bro with chest hair like the Amazon Rain Forest, you might repel certain women. BUT if you're more subtle in your approach, well-groomed, and chivalrous, then women will be FAR MORE interested in you. Achieve that balance, and you'll be well on your way to becoming the EPITOME of sexual confidence. Channel your "bad self" in the best way possible. Flaunt the finesse, and turn up the heat. Be the nice guy who loves mischief. Like the iconic actress Mae West once said, "When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad... I'm better."

Thanks for reading, and remember... practice makes perfect! ;)

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How to Be Sexy (You Have to Read This!)
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