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How I Lost My Virginity

A True Story

Story of how I lost my v-card...

Now I get it. Losing your virginity is supposed to be a big deal and many wait till their wedding day. I, however, didn’t grow up in a heavy Christian family and didn’t go to church. It’s not that I wanted to wait till college or that I simply wasn’t interested, but I lost mine when I was a freshman in college. I only had one boyfriend in high school and that lasted maybe a month. I’m not really a relationship type of person and I kinda like to be alone. The thought of sex was always in my mind as a teenager though, and I didn’t disregard the idea of just getting it over with and seeing what the hype was about.

College was hard. I had homework piled up, working 30 hours a week, and on top of that, a crazy roommate situation. So I didn’t really think about sex as much as I thought I would. After the second semester, I decided to go on Tinder to see what it’s about. The guys I met were thirsty as hell and sending me nudes. I, of course, like to humor myself and sent quite a few during the couple months I was on the app. I wasn’t looking for something serious and was just exploring my sexual nature further. Guys would ask me to come over and I declined on the account that I don’t know them and that I don’t know what STDs they could possibly have.

Three months into my Tinder endeavor, I matched with this guy, let’s call him John. John wanted to talk on the phone and that was something new to me. No pictures, no sexy talk, just a phone call. I was interested and he was hot, so I caved and answered the call. He was sweet and we had a lot in common. Both liked musicals and cooking, had the same taste in music, and even the same favorite color! We talked on the phone for hours till it was four in the morning and I had work that morning. We continued to talk for about a month and I decided to invite him over to my house to a party I was throwing. He gladly excepted. He came and we had fun with my friends. After the party, I told him he could spend the night and we then moved to my bedroom where things got a little heated. He knew I was a virgin and asked me before he did anything. We started to make out and also, just so you know, that was my first kiss as well. It was gentle and sweet but then he got hungry for more.

He took charge over me. Grabbed me and pinned me down with his lips. It was hot, not gonna lie. Grabbing my ass and then my breast, squeezing and taking hold of them as if they were his property. I was beyond turned on. His hand moved down to my vagina and started to rub my clit through my leggings. Slowly inching his hand into my leggings and underwear and completely touching me. I was wet and ready for more and he could tell. He put a finger in me and started moving so I could get a feel. Then added another, I was aroused and moaning for him to continue. He went so fast that I thought I was numb. I decided to help him along as well and took his pants off along with his underwear. I started stroking him and he made a noise of sheer pleasure. We both had enough, we wanted him inside me now.

He took my pants off in one swift motion and without hesitation, he put his cock inside me. It hurt a little, but the no warning made up for the pain. He was rough and I loved it. He started moving in long, swift motions and gradually increased his speed. Pounding into his property and me loving everything about it. After what felt like forever of pure bliss, he grabbed me, turned me over, and jammed his cock further into me. It felt very deep in this position and I had my first orgasm. Not long after that we both lied down next to each other and smiled. Do I regret not waiting till my wedding day? Hell no.

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How I Lost My Virginity
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