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His Big O!

The Truth About a Man’s Special Place

Alright, so I'm sure we are caught up on Gabrielle Union-Wade's comments on sexuality and sexual activity, particularly analingus (or eating butt). Of course, she's received some flack for it, but honestly I agree with her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with analingus. Personally, no, I do not do it, but I can't really say what I'll do in the future as there have been things that I have told myself I would never do sexually, but I still ended up doing them. This is because I am ever evolving in every way, including sexually, and I would hope the rest of you are too. So on that note, let's get to the meat of this discussion (or in this case, the cake) — a man and his booty. To be more specific, his prostate. A man's prostate is equivalent to a woman's G-Spot, and ladies, as we know, a G-Spot orgasm is almost an ethereal experience. It is the same with a man's P-Spot. For men, the most intense orgasm comes from their prostate; however, not all men get to experience that, which is quite unfortunate. The reasoning behind this originates from our preconceived notions fueled by false narratives surrounding a man's hygiene, his body, and his sexuality. With issues pertaining to the latter, I'm only going to say this once: UNLESS A MAN IS PURELY ATTRACTED TO OTHER MEN, HIS DESIRE TO ENGAGE IN ANAL ACTIVITY DOES NOT MAKE HIM A HOMOSEXUAL OR ANY OTHER PART OF THE GSRM COMMUNITY.

Now moving forward, the term 'Super-O' has literally been coined to describe the experience. This term was created by the creator of a product called "Aneros," which is specifically designed for prostate stimulation. After researching the reviews of the product, the gist of them all is that it is an out of this world experience, so why should men be deprived of that? Now I am not saying that you need to just start pegging your husband, boyfriend, FWB, etc., because first some communication needs to be established. And no, you do not have to engage if you are not comfortable, I am simply offering suggestions, and a different perspective to remove the shame and disgust associated with the topic.

So just a few tips. As I stated, communication is key. You and your partner need to have an open and clear discussion if you are considering engaging. If you are a woman reading this and you want to experiment, ask your partner how he feels about it and move forward from there. Same if you are a guy who wants to experiment; ask your partner if she would like to engage, and then proceed. Same-sex male couples are not excluded. If you are typically a bottom, ask your partner if it is okay for you to switch it up sometimes so that he can get the most out of the experience as well — that is, of course, if you want to also experience the switch.

Once the communication is established and you both have a mutual agreement that this is what you both want and have set boundaries, a few things can be done:

As a woman, if you're still a bit skeptical, a good cheat way to go about it would be to give him a hand job or perform fellatio on him and in the process, use a finger to put some pressure on or massage his perineum or if you'd like, use your tongue. This particular area is that area of skin between a man's testicles and anus.

If you don't want to go full on peg, simply insert a finger or two into his rectum while performing fellatio, giving a hand job, or during intercourse (missionary would probably be the best position).

There is also the option of purchasing a prostate stimulator. I used to work at a sex store and they're actually pretty affordable ($25-$50).

If you want to, you could also peg. Pegging involves purchasing a strap-on that has a phallic end that is a bit smaller that average, so as to accommodate your partner's rectum, and using it to penetrate him (these tend to range from $30-$50).

In regards to analingus, make sure of course that your partner is THOROUGHLY CLEANED. Studies have shown that fecal residue can lead to E. Coli, so if this is a method you want to use, or any of the previous methods, please make sure you both are as clean as humanly possible. Anal cleanliness can be achieved with plain old soap and water, and/or with anal douching (anal douches typically cost no more than $10, however there are some more advanced ones that can be about $50-$70).

Again, a major key to anal activity, as with anything else, is COMMUNICATION. Listen to your partner. Ask if they are enjoying themselves. Listen to whether or not they want reduced pressure or pace. And also remember, it's sex so have fun. Successful encounters come from effective communication, consent, and pure fun.

That's all for this post. I hope I have aided you in your intimate awakening. Until next time.

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His Big O!
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