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The Beginning

We met at the mall, surrounded by many people going about their own business of spending their money on material things. Each person residing in their own minds, with their own thoughts, in their own timeline. Sometimes, in our mind, we can’t scream, everything is monotone, and there isn’t any type of punctuation. The worries just go on until they don’t anymore, and that’s when other events distract us. Even then, though, the mind won’t stop. That would be where the anxiety starts to weed its way through our thought patterns.

The way I see it, money is the most difficult to earn and yet there are so many companies that just fork it over. The thing that would keep you from earning it steadily would be the fact that you have to have enough courage to keep working the jobs that you hate or you won’t find yourself being financially stable. That’s what got me here in this moment. I was so tired of working at places I hated. I didn’t want to get a loan so instead, I reached out into the unknown. I found a net of sugar dads on the internet, so here I am.

I noticed my hands were quivering again, so I took my second set of pills for the day. I have learned that keeping a job is hard with RLS because the medicine doesn’t fix it quite all the way. Even with A.D.D thrown into the mix, I find it very difficult to focus at work anyways. Which is also how I found myself to be here. For a brief moment, while gazing off at the floor, I started to wonder if I should leave. That’s when he showed up (so I thought).


Whoever would be calling out "miss"? That must be my man... I turned to look for him, but I only found a security officer yelling at a woman so he could return the wallet that had fallen out of her purse. I glanced at my watch which read 6:20 P.M. Maybe he wasn’t coming, I thought. What if he decided I wasn’t worth traveling for? I should just go. On my way out I heard him. He came over to introduce himself as a certain “Mr. Monies_Worthy” from the dating site. He also said our code word “Snuffles." So I knew it was him. He then offered to take me to dinner and I only replied with a yes.

His car wasn’t what I had expected at all, just this small smart car. There wasn't any luxurious Mustang or old town car like it would have been in my dreams. I had fantasies about this type of relationship from when I was younger, right around the time when Fifty Shades of Grey had shown up all over the theaters. I wasn’t much of a movie person so I had my own imagination and the book, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. The book was rather good despite the reviews of the movie. I glanced at my phone, 10:40 PM—well, we definitely weren’t pulling into any type of restaurant. As he followed the drive up to the grand porch, he promptly put the car into park and came around to lead me out of the vehicle. Jeebs came out to take the car to the garage after he helped with some bags.

“What are those? Are they…”

“They are for you, they’re yours,” Mr. Monies_worthy replied, cutting me off while starting to bring them to the grand foyer just inside the entrance. To my right, there was a love seat, and to my left, there were what looked to be just like movie theatre seatings. 

“Sit down,” he commanded in a sharp tone. I waited for him after he left to bring some paperwork down from his own home office. Was that an elevator ding I heard in the background, or was dinner done? To my surprise, he was back with a bottle of champagne and two goblets. He handed me a goblet as he sat down across from me.

“I wanted to know what you were expecting,” he said as he poured a glass. 

I stared at him very sternly, without blinking. His hair was straight black with greyish tips, as though he had forgotten to color it recently. 

As I took a sip of the wine, I quietly said: “I don’t know what I am expecting because I am somewhat of a virgin to this.” 

He spat out his sip.

“You’re a virgin,” he asked in astonishment and near disgust.

“No, no, you misunderstand. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I have had sex.”

At that moment, he looked at me with the purest brown eyes I had ever laid eyes on. “I’ve decided that maybe the paperwork would be a bit much for a newer sugar baby like you, so we shall keep this simple.” 

I took another sip of wine, and said: “I want someone that will invest in me and help me to get back up on my feet…” 

He didn’t let me finish. Instead, he finished with, “... And have some fun along the way, yes?” 

I looked over his glossy cheeks and lips, down to his sculpted abs, and proceeded to down the rest of the wine in the goblet. “I guess so, yes, Mr…”

He then pinned me against the wall, with his hands gripped around my throat. He started to kiss me passionately while running his other hand over my body down to my love handle, where he slipped through the seam of my ripped jeans, down to my clitoris. He paused and let out a sigh, as I gazed into his bright brown eyes as if he had never touched a woman before. We moved from one wall to the other as I kissed him back, this time with tongue. Only I had pinned him against the wall, where he shoved his finger down my pants. His finger was gently cradling the entrance of my vagina when he started to quiver. Back and forth over the softness of the labia minora, gently grazing the vaginal opening. I let out a soft set of moans as he paused and picked me up and pushed me onto the loveseat. He kissed me again, slowly down my neck and chest, on through to my thighs and then back up my body, only to stop at the inside of my legs. He gently blew on it, then started to kiss further up the inner thigh, until he reached the clitoris again. The softness of his tongue against the clitoris was unlike any other feeling I had ever felt in my lifetime.

He stared at me with the most intense look of “I want you” on his face and at that moment, I knew that it wasn’t over. 

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