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High School Crush

Holly Sampson Makes a Student Fall in Love

Hard not to fall in love with Holly Sampson.

I'm being honest when I say that prior to watching this scene I had never heard of Holly Sampson. Yet after watching this episode I did a bit of research and found she's actually tasted a bit of mainstream acting. These include roles in The Wonder Years, My Two Dads and Matlock. At one point she had stopped doing hardcore scenes altogether and just did the softcore flicks like you see on Playboy TV. That's quite a resume but she did return to hardcore films back in 2008. It just shows you how hard it is to make it in Hollywood and be successful. Unfortunately with a taste of fame comes a touch of slander as it turns out Holly was one of famous golfer Tiger Wood's mistresses. The guy must have the libido of a rabbit if his hit list included Holly as well as Joslyn James. Did he ever actually sleep with his own wife?

I digress as that's not the focus of this article; what is though is Holly's acting in a scene for "My First Sex Teacher."

Different Kind of Tutoring...

Holly is stunningly beautiful and not a bad actress.

This was released in October 2008 and must have been one Holly's last hardcore scenes before her hiatus. She's really confident in front of the camera which is obviously how she got such good acting roles. In this scene she's getting ready to leave work for the day but before she does she catches up with her student David.

This is David Loso, he's not a bad actor himself and he plays a bit of a shy guy here. He tells his teacher that he's a bit down and that it's mainly about a girl who he can't express his feeling to. Holly looks interested in the hot gossip and comes across as a bit of a "wild chick."

Holly encourages David to talk to her before heading towards the exit as it's a Friday afternoon. David stops her making out he requires more tutoring from her which makes Holly suspicious. She finds it strange that David is receiving lots of tutoring but is still failing all his classes.

Ulterior Motive?

Holly is very confident in front of the camera.

David reveals that the girl he was talking about is in fact her and that he had an ulterior motive for failing his classes. Holly's eyes light up and she's really excited by the fact that a young guy like David has the hots for her. David thought he should tell her anyway as it's almost "Spring Break."

Holly initiates the tryst, kissing David and pulling at his pants while he seems to be a little more nervous. Holly reassures him that she's not going to tell anyone and that he should take advantage. For a mature lady Holly Sampson is amazingly beautiful and those big eyes are hypnotic. For a former mainstream actress she's absolutely filthy as well sucking David's cock like it was her last day on Earth.

It doesn't stop at sucking his cock either as David slams her hard on the desk knocking over books. She repays the favour by mounting his cock and grinding it real good for the camera. She throws in a bit of dirty talk here and there but makes a bit a mess up saying "Do you like my cock in your mouth?"

Bit of over-eagerness from Holly but it doesn't detract too much from a quality scene. It's worth a watch but wasn't my cup of tea; but both performers do a decent job and you can see how good the sex is when David blows a heavy load. It's still available on Naughty America but I picked it up on I'm going to give this 3 out of 5, good acting but not exciting enough for me.

3 out of 5.

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