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High Libido, His Low Sex Drive

3 Different Ways to Sexually Getting on the Same Page


I want sex and I want it now!!!  Does this sound familiar? Dating? Married? Unmarried? Widowed?  It doesn't matter.  The daily monster of the dreaded libido has announced one more time that it is indeed hungry for a great male body that will swiftly, yet romantically find all the right spots in exactly the right order that will lead you to the highest point of ecstasy. And then there's reality!  In the midst of all of this desire, there he stands.  Sexy, brilliant, bold, and present, but yet he is not interested.  He seems to have bills, sports, and eating on his mind. The connection and chemistry is fantastic but he's just not in the mood.  If this sounds familiar then there is good news.  There are three different things you can do as a woman that will subtly raise his libido a little more so that you may be satisfied more often than not.   

Food Food Food!

Well, before the "main event" there's always foreplay.  Consider food as foreplay, especially if your man loves or enjoys eating.  I'm sure you know there are aphrodisiac foods, but there are foods that help blood flow and circulation. Translation?  Foods that help with an erection.  

  • Green Tea
  • Protein (Salmon for sure, omega-3 fatty acids is the key)
  • Dark Chocolate ( this one is also an aphrodisiac)
  • Caffeine
  • Nuts (another source of protein)
  • Fruits (Watermelon is the best)

Below is a list of aphrodisiac foods stimulate sexual desire and will get you and he in the mood to explore :0

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Oysters
  • Red Wine
  • Garlic (believe it or not )
  • Apples
  • Chilis
  • Cinnamon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Coconut Water

The Aroma of Looooooove

Another quick and simple thing to add that will surely do the trick is to consider adding or switching up your own perfume or even the atmosphere of your love den!!  Different scents can arouse the mind and stimulate adrenaline and truly get the two you of juiced up and ready to go.  Find the scent that drives him INSANE and you will have a "go to" solution on hand to set the mood. No coincidence that some of the foods above work as an aroma as well.

  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin Pie (increases penile blood flow)
  • Vanilla
  • Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine

These are natural and inexpensive scents that you can find in candles, sprays and even body washes. If possible, you may even consider placing drops of these fragrances on your skin in certain key areas where your man likes to nibble and kiss you, just to enhance the moment.

Appearance and Images and Your Words

Now this one can be the most fun!!  There is a huge difference between your appearance and your image and you can use both to your own advantage.  Consider Googling "sexy poses" or "sexy looks" and duplicating it.  Take part of a day and take some sexy pictures of yourself.  Take as many as you want in different outfits and poses!!  Fun Fun Fun!!! Use this time to get in touch with the feminine side of you and expressing your own sensualness with no one around but you!  The sexier you feel, the more irresistible you become.  The more comfortable you are sexually, the more confidence you will exude to him... AND CONFIDENCE IS SEXY... always a turn on!!  Be creative and use the clothes you have at home with the camera that comes on most phones.  When you're done, play around with filters, makeup, and cleaning it up with any one of the numerous free apps that you can download.  After that, save them.  Save them for one of those days where your libido seems to have a mind of its own.  Send your man only a few pics.  Don't send all.  Save some for another day.  I would send a warning text before I send them to him so he will open them up in a secure location.  I wouldn't make the pics too revealing.  Just sexy.  If you are uncomfortable sending them, then when you are with him, show them to him from your phone. Either way, his stimulation will be a gone conclusion!!  Sexy images are very hard to forget and I'm sure they will prominently be a part of him thoughts until he gets to have you.  

You can also use your day to day appearance to stimulate him as well. Sometimes life doesn't allow for this which is why you have the sexy images as a back up.  However, on a more romantic day, put on something he likes to see you in.  That could be that perfect pair of jeans or shorts and sexy heels!!  Don't forget to accessorize!  Your favorite necklace that hangs right in between your bosoms could be just the thing that takes his mind exactly where you want it.

While he's on his way home, consider sending texts to him that lets him know exactly what's on your mind.  Tell him how he makes you feel.  Tell him what you can't wait to do to him when you see him.  Tell him how you feel when he touches you or kisses you.  Bring up a great memory of intimacy between you two.  Make it saucy!  Make it sexy!!  Set the stage with your words so that his mind won't be able to escape the sexual stimulation that will be running all through his body.  Remember, make it saucy!  Make it sexy and make it GREAT!

One more thing.  You can do these things separately and you can do these things together.  Sending him an image with a sexual text followed by your polished appearance when he sees you can only equal an explosion!!! Whew!!!

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J. Su
J. Su

Hi everyone!  I am a Relationship & Development Certified Life Coach and specialize in all things concerning love and relationships!  I am a professional musician and enjoy writing in my spare time. Excited to write about what I know :)

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High Libido, His Low Sex Drive
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