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Here Are All the Best LELO Amazon Prime Day Deals

Love LELO? Who doesn’t? We got the scoop on the hottest 50% off LELO Amazon Prime Day Deals for folks who adore the world’s finest toys.

It’s getting close to Amazon Prime Day, and that means that it’s time to scour the net for the best Prime Day deals being offered by their favorite companies. There are splurge-worthy deals for just about every aspect of life, including things like gaming, food, and even cleaning accessories.

Of course, this also means that there will be some pretty awesome X-rated goodies up for grabs. People who love the idea of adult toys will be happy to know that one of the best sex toy companies in history is going to be celebrating Amazon Prime Day, too.

LELO recently announced that they will be offering discounts as high as 50 percent off during the week of Prime Day. That’s right! LELO sex toys are going to be more affordable than ever before for an entire week.

Wondering what toys will be getting the LELO discounts worth talking about? Wanna know which will be the most in-demand toys from the LELO line during Prime Day? Here’s our top five picks, and why you’re going to love getting them. 

The LELO Sona Cruise

If you’re female, there’s an overwhelmingly high chance that you will love clitoral stimulation—and nothing gives better clitoral stimulation than the LELO Sona Cruise. Its powerful vibrations are the reason why so many rave reviews exist of it, and why every other sex toy seems to try to imitate its success.

The Sona line uses sonic waves to deliver up to 75 percent more stimulation throughout the clitoris, giving you earth-shattering waves of pleasure that you have total control over. 

Since it's a truly groundbreaking invention for ladies who get clitoral stimulation, it's not surprising that sex toy critics have been calling it one of the best sex toys ever made. 

25% OFF: LELO Sona Cruise

LELO's sex toys discounts include this smash hit goodie, and we are super happy about it. During Prime Day, you can expect it to be 25 percent off. During your time in the bedroom, though, you can expect the Sona Cruise to be priceless.

Check out our Sona Cruise review too!

The LELO Gigi 2

With a flirty and fun name like “Gigi,” you already have to expect this toy to tease you in a playful yet satisfying way. The Gigi 2 currently reigns supreme as the best G-spot massager on the market due to its elegant curves, easy-to-clean waterproof exterior, and powerful vibrations.

25% OFF: LELO Gigi 2

The Gigi 2 has become the world’s best-selling G-spot massager because it works wonders and can be used on both your clitoris and G-spot with ease. Now that it’s 25 percent off thanks to the LELO Amazon Prime Day deals celebration, you can learn what all the buzz is about without breaking the bank.

The LELO Soraya

If there’s one thing that LELO is really good at, it’s coming up with a way to make multifunctional personal massagers look like works of art. Such is the case with the elegant (yet orgasmic!) LELO Soraya.

This remains one of the company’s most popular dual-action vibrators, and it’s easy to see why. World-class clitoral stimulation, excellent G-spot penetration, and a smooth design that is just the right size are what make ladies go crazy for this vibe. As far as LELO toys go, it’s a must-have.

30% OFF: LELO Soraya

There’s a reason why LELO is considered to be the king of designer sex toys, and all of those reasons are pretty obvious the moment you look at the Soraya’s design. Fans of good vibrations and awesome sensations will love to hear that the Soraya is going to be massively discounted at around 30 percent off its regular price. 

The LELO Ida

Sharing is caring, and that’s the entire concept that the LELO Ida was built on. LELO’s Ida is a couples’ sex toy that vibrates, spins, and kicks sex up a notch. Using the Ida is as simple as can be; all you have to do is insert it into your vagina right before penetration.

30% OFF: LELO Ida

Once inside, it delivers powerful vibrations to both lovers. The Ida adjusts to your bodies while you make love, giving it a natural fit that just can’t be beat.

Fans who love couples' toys will be happy to know that this will be offered up at some of the best discounts out there. Prime Day shoppers should expect to see discounts of around 30 percent off the original price.

The LELO HEX Condom Line

If you love to play, then make sure that you think of safety first. Many sex toy fans might not realize that LELO has developed an ultra-luxury condom line called HEX. Their condoms come in both a large size and regular size, so you can always find a size that suits you. The sizes are called HEX Respect and Hex Original, respectively.

25% OFF: LELO HEX Condom Line

HEX Original and HEX Respect XL by LELO

Every condom is made of 360 hexagonal-shaped cells, is lightweight, and provides exceptional protection. It won’t slip, it minimizes the risk of breaking, and doesn’t reduce sensation. And, it’s being sold at a 25 percent discount. What more could you ask for?

Now's the time to try high-end luxury at affordable prices. Of course, shopping for the perfect sex toy takes time and consideration, which is why LELO extended their Prime Day offer into Prime Week treating you to full 7 days of discounts up to 50 percent. Happy shopping! 

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Here Are All the Best LELO Amazon Prime Day Deals
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