The wandering mind of a self diagnosed sex addict.

The sexiest thing a man has ever said to me was,

"I love that I can still smell you on my beard."

This drove me wild. The thought that he could smell me on his face the day after putting it between my thighs made me hot, it made me want him to want more.

The day before was something that I think only happens very few times in a person's life. A day where it is spent doing only what they love, and given to them by someone who does not necessarily mean the world to them, but that can offer it. A pampering of sorts, and oh it was good.

We both loved to ski so we spent the day exploring the local ski resort, being playful and thinking we were exhausting one another with real exercise on the cold mountain. It was intimate, in a public sort of way. We would rush down the mountain, following one another but not speaking. We would let each other warm our hands up on the lift by putting them inside one another's jackets. He would whisper in my ear how much I surprised him with my skills on skis, and how sexy that was. 

This man was much older than me, I felt like a goddess being wanted by someone almost 10 years my senior. It was not like the men my age, it was so sophisticated and romantic; even with snot running down my frozen face in 10 layers of waterproof clothing that was still soaking wet.

The day had turned to dusk and my legs were jello from trying to keep up with him, and I was starving. He treated me to tacos and sangria, and then offered me one last thing. A movie, at his place, "So we can warm up".

When we arrived to his house, I immediately asked for something dry and warm to put on. I could not stand my frozen ski pants any longer. He handed me a t-shirt and I locked myself in the bathroom. I ran hot water over my toes and hands while I thought about the day... about him. 

His name was Zacc, he was 27 going on 28 and I was barely 18. He seemed so put together, a house, a car, a job, money, and a whole future.What did he want with me? Did I excite him? Did I, give him company? As I slipped into the oversize t-shirt I realized, that was all I had. That and my panties... however, I was not embarrassed.

When I walked down the stairs after not finding Zacc upstairs, I found a plethora of blankets on the floor in a makeshift bed with too many pillows and a little tray of lemonade and hot cocoa. Zacc was hunched over what seemed to be a few different movies he could not decide between. I giggled at the sight and felt like a princess jumping onto the blanket bed.

"I was not sure if you liked hot cocoa so I also grabbed some lemonade!"

I thanked him and peeked at him over the rim of my cup as I sipped the warm chocolate and closed my eyes as I let it sink down into my belly. I could still feel his eyes on me, so I sighed and expressed my gratitude. He seemed pleased. 

Before the play menu appeared for whatever movie he had selected, we were already engaged in a wrestling match with our tongues and limbs. He was so warm and his beard scratched at my skin as his lips moved furiously about my body. Pulling hard at the t-shirt collar to get to my neck and moaning deep into my collar bones. I felt wild. 

As I grabbed at his sweat pants, he pulled away and looked at me with eyes the color of storm clouds. I was lying back on my elbows, legs spread from where he was between them grinding his pelvis against mine. We were both breathing heavy, slowly catching our breath as we sat in silence. I let my elbows down and went to say something... but before the first word escaped my lips, Zacc grabbed me by my hip and pulled me high onto his chest so that his face was nestled between my thighs. He put his mouth against my panties and sighed a heavy hot breath on my mound. I gasped and lost control of my body. 

He held me tight against him, I was shocked at the position I was in. I had never had a man handle me this way. He was rough, but considerate, and hungry but caring. He continued milking me over my panties till he teased me about how soaked they were. 

"I can see through them now..."

He proceeded to kiss and tease my hot spot, paying attention to my reactions and teasing me relentlessly. After my panties had been removed, he continued to taste me. Moving so slowly and pleasuring me for what seemed like hours. 

The light outside was gone now and all I could see was his masculine build outlined by the static of the TV from the inactivity. I felt drained, my body was like water. I could have lived in that moment forever. Zacc came back with a large cup of water, and a snack. We laid in that makeshift bed until my sea legs were gone and I was ready for round 2. I did not want to go home. This felt so good.