Head In the Clouds

Too High to Come Down

I felt great, another hour of passion between the sheets between me and my man; King. Everything about King drove me absolutely insane. 

"Baby, why are you so good at that?" 

"What?" He looked at me a sly smirk on his face. 

"You're too good at taking control of my body baby, when we make love it's like you're a whole other person." 

"An animal." 

"Yeah...an animal. It's like your dick is a mind control device." He laughed and shook his head sitting up on the side of the bed. 

"Diamond I love you but you dramatic as hell." 

"I'm not just wondering how you do that. You come through that door and everything changes." I watch him as he rolls up a blunt and lights it. 

"You love me and I love you, it's not rocket science baby." 

"I know baby I'm just..." He cuts me off. 

"D, listen to me baby girl I love you okay? You're my world and you mean the world to me, if I thought for one second this isn't what I wanted I'd leave so don't worry so much." He said looking at me over his shoulder. I just shook my head and sat up on my knees behind him, rubbing his shoulders. What did I do to deserve this man? I thought to myself as he passed me the blunt. I took a few hits and passed it back to him continuing to massage his shoulders but also beginning to trace my name into the back of his neck with the tip of my tongue. He smiled and looked back at me. 

"You must want another round huh?" 

"I'm just showing my man how much I love him." AND THEN...I WOKE UP

The sound of my alarm clock woke me up out of my dream and I sighed in irritation. 

"Oh god here we go." I got up out of bed putting my robe on then tying it and went into the bathroom before I could even close the door here comes Tray, my boyfriend Shawn's best friend. 

"Yo, Diamond let me use the bathroom real quick." 

"Go use the other bathroom." 

"Shawn in there and these beers not doing me no justice let me use it sis." 

"Man hurry the fuck up Tray, I gotta get ready for work." I let him go in and then go bang on the downstairs bathroom door. 

"Shawn!" He opened the door fast and hard. 

"Girl stop all that damn yelling in my house." 

"Why you holding up the bathroom for you know I don't like Tray upstairs." 

"Well I had to go and it couldn't wait for me to come all the way upstairs." I shook my head and went back upstairs passing Tray as I went up. 

"Bye Tray." I say making it clear that I wanted him gone and now. I went into the bathroom and started the shower stripping naked. Shawn would kill me if he found out I was having wet dreams about his brother King. I gotta get myself together... I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror. Shawn was adopted into King's family and he was the baby of the two so he always got his way but King made him look like an Average Joe in comparison and it was true. Shawn was light-skin and slightly scrawny he just barely had any muscle but he had enough to be able to tell when he flexed. He had big black eyes that could stare into your soul and he had dreads that he'd been growing for years they were halfway down his back. I would know I twist them myself, he has a pretty smile but he was very immature and played way too many games. Shawn's sex game was average as hell and so was his size I didn't realize I'd picked the wrong brother until he took me to meet his family but by then I already had feelings for him and it was mutual. King, he's a totally different story and he lives up to his name. He owns his own business a landscaping business and he's amazing at what he does, I've seen him in action on his parents house and the man is gifted with some garden tools and a ugly lawn. He's six foot four and 200 hundred pounds of straight muscle, you know those very muscular built thick guys you see in the magazines? HE's one of them and has these amazing hazel eyes that can snatch your soul away with one glance. Not to mention he's pure chocolate skin tone wise with a nice faded low cut with deep waves and nice juicy lips that I'd love to bite. Before I knew it I was in the shower under the hot water eyes closed slowly running my fingers over my clit pleasuring myself to the dream I had no less than an hour ago.

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