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He Said Don't Move (Part 1)

'Bound and Penetrated' Part 1

It all starts on Friday morning's when my husband is getting ready for work. He will wake up and immediately roll over in bed and start to pull my pajama pants off and then he grabs my panties with his teeth, rips them off.

His tongue goes straight into me with such force that I start moaning and he tells me to stop, but I can't help but to moan. 

He stops and goes into our closet and brings out our toy box. 

He opens it starts to dig through it looking for something. 

The next thing I know there is a ball gag in my mouth and he is grabbing my arms to restrain me to the bed. 

He flips me over and pulls my butt into the air and ties my hands up at the head of the bed and uses a spreader bar for my ankles 

He puts his tongue back in my pussy and pushes it up and pulls it out and licks me till I am dripping wet. 

The next thing I know, I am restrained to the bed and he is in the shower acting like I'm not 20 feet away, naked, and horny. 

When he gets out of the shower and he jumps onto the end of the bed and moves closer and closer to me till his cock is in my ass. 

He thrusts in and out with his big hard cock. I am moaning with pleasure as he his destroying my ass. 

He slaps my ass and pulls my head back by my hair telling me he is going to cum in me

I start to tell him to cum in my ass and before I can finish, he shoves his big cock into my pussy and cums inside of me. He does this for the thrill. 

Neither of us want a child right now but he knows I really do not want one so he puts me into these panic situations.

When he is done coming in me he gets off the bed and goes back to our toy box. He grabs several things. 

He comes back and sets them on the end of the bed and then starts to untie my hands. 

He quickly unties them and flips me over so I am on my back, I still have the spreader bar keeping my legs wide open for him. 

He ties my hands back to the headboard so my hands are now behind and above my head. 

He takes my ball gag off and replaces it with an inflatable dildo gag, he inflates it enough to where its keeping my mouth wide open but the  inflatable dildo isn't choking me.

I look at the clock and wonder when he is going to untie me and go to work, he has to leave in seven minutes or he will be late. 

While I was looking at the clock, he put lube onto a stainless steel fist plug and is rubbing it around. 

The next thing I know, he is shoving it in my ass with no mercy, it hurts, its the size of his manly fist and he just shoved it up my ass, which he has already penetrated. 

I start to squirm in pain as he positioned the fist, he tells me not to move or he will punish me all weekend.

I lay in bed not moving, just staring into his eyes. 

He then starts to inflate our 7.5 inch inflatable, vibrating dildo. He pumps it up a little and pushes it into my dripping cum, wet pussy. 

He continues to inflate it as big as it will go so it won't move inside me. I makes sure of it. He turns the vibrator on to I will stay wet while he is gone.

He tells me to be a good girl and I better have these inside me when he gets home from work. 

Then he puts a pink, silk blind fold on me so I can't see the time. 

He tells me he loves me and will be home in 4-5 hours. 

So now I'm laying in the dark with all of my holes filled and waiting for my husband to come relieve me.

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He Said Don't Move (Part 1)
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