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He Likes to Watch...

Holly Sampson gets to grips with husband and his best pal.

Holly seduces her husband's friends while they all watch a porno together.

While looking for adult scenes to review, one actress who couldn't escape my mind was the gorgeous Holly Sampson. It wasn't just her amazing looks and eagerness to please on film, but her acting pedigree as well. It drove me crazy how his woman had serious acting credentials and yet was making porn films. I know it's a cut throat business and it's not what you know, but who you know. It's fortunate for us, the viewer, to be able to watch Holly in these erotic pictures, but it does make you wonder the mainstream media. Where does the line get drawn between serious acting and "skin flick?"

I really can't answer that but what I can acknowledge is that we all need to make a living somehow. Usually that living needs to provide the lifestyle we're accustomed to, so money earned is an important factor.

Taste of the "big time..."

Holly really is a treat for the eyes.

Holly has had some incredible roles in her career; most notably on The Wonder Years in her teens where she played Fred Savage's love interest in the episode 'The Summer Song" back in 1989. It didn't stop there as she had roles in "My Two Dads," "Beauty and the Beast" and "Matlock." Although she wasn't the main character in any of those episodes that's a pretty impressive resume making one wonder why she didn't hit the big time. Her roles were not restricted to television either as she was in film as well. Her filmography includes Pump Up the Volume, Other Men's Wives (1996) and Gia.

Holly is probably most noted for her role in soft-core film series Emanuelle 2000 where she played the title role. Soft-core tends to be a lot more tasteful than its hardcore counterpart with serious acting and erotic story lines. Holly followed this up with other soft-core film roles for example Bedtime Stories which wasn't a bad series either. Despite her entering the adult industry Holly has managed to secure the occasional mainstream role; back in 2001 she played a teacher in the film Pretty Cool.

Double Teamed by Two Big Guys

Holly is about to have her way with two big men.

There's still some negative press linked with the Arizona glamour-puss as she was confirmed as one of nine of Tiger Wood's mistresses. The legendary golfer must have reduced his iron to a pile of rust by now and the amount of women he's cheated with behind his wife's back. I shouldn't judge and my criticism probably comes more out of envy than anything else but the guy seriously needs to be more discrete. Holly supposedly had sex with him at his bachelor party, but confirms she never slept with him while he was married. Trust me, I doubt it's going to be Tiger's last hole in one. I'm just hoping one of these porn stars come out and say he's "below par."

"The Home Affair..."

Her husband's friend likes what he sees.

One can only hope, but in the meantime Holly looks incredible in this scene. It was part of a film release by Blue Bird called Home Affairs 2 but is available on its own on Adult DVD Empire.

It's actually pretty reasonably priced to at $2.99 although I did manage to pick it up for free at Whore Stepmom.

During the scene Holly and her husband have invited their pal round to watch a movie. The big guy is a bit rattled as it seems a bit inappropriate for a standard invite round somebody's house. The film they are watching is a porno and while he does normally enjoy this type of thing he looks really uncomfortable.

"Other Men's Wives..."

Holly seduces her husband's friend.

He enquires to his friend, "Do you normally watch this type of thing in your spare time?"

His friend confirms, "Yeah don't you like it?"

"Yeah. I love it in fact." Yet he still looks uncomfortable not knowing what the couple are up to.

Holly's husband leaves them for a minute giving the Arizona sexpot time to jump on his friend. She seductively asks while running her hand down his leg, "So you're enjoying the movie?"

"Yes, it is very good, what are you doing?" He replies in his foreign accent and starts to panic as Holly begins kissing him.

"Don't worry about it." Holly replies continuing to get to grips with the big guy.

"Your husband is a good friend of mine, what if he finds out?" He retorts.

"He doesn't care, he likes it." Holly replies; the situation becoming clear to her husbands friend.

What follows is one really hot, sweaty, dirty scene that most will really enjoy. Holly's husband re-enters and begins to watch his friend gobble on Holly's tits. She purrs with delight, getting both the guys over to give them a blowjob. The big guys are not credited unfortunately but do really well in the performing and the acting part of the footage. You can be quick to forget Holly's acting credentials as she slobbers all over their balls getting saliva all over her face. It's great action and topped only when the guys bend her over. Another good part is when they have her in the cowgirl position smacking her backside. While this is going on, she demands the other guy grabs her tits which really appears to get her off. I've got to give this five out five, it's pure filth with someone who used to be in mainstream acting and solid performing from all involved. If you haven't already, get it watch and enjoy the decadent satisfaction.

5 out of 5

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He Likes to Watch...
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