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He Blocked Them

Falling Apart Every Time

Photo by Walid Riachy from Pexels

He blocked them. They got their period 3 days ago and it was none of his business to know regardless of their affiliation with each other (though they should have told him anyway). He blocked them. 


Honestly, they knew he was using them, mainly because he deliberately disclosed to their face that having a threesome and sleeping with two women was on his bucket list the very last time that they saw him. They knew that he knew it was wrong as well because he was always saying "I've never been with another woman or cheated on {name}. That is, until you." They could never tell if he was trying to convince them or himself. 


He grabbed them from behind and carried them from the front living room back to his bedroom. Dropping them on the bed, he started removing his shirt and said: "start undressing bitch." Doing as they were told, he grabbed their hips and positioned them in front of him on the bed. "Get on your hands and knees, raise that ass," he said as he pulled their ass towards him. Thrusting in and out so fast that they almost couldn't breathe, he wrapped his hand around their neck, so they couldn't. He went faster, then grabbed their ponytail, and said: "You're my little whore, aren't you?" Their head tilted so far back that they couldn't answer, he struck their ass with the back of his hand so hard that they buckled forward. He came all over their back, got dressed, and left to go smoke. Feeling empty inside, they collapsed onto the bed and took a few breaths. 


It started as a threesome. They went over, stayed for dinner, and they were their dessert. Almost like a present or a gift for her. She was willing to try it just as much as he. They ate her out, while he attempted to finger them, but they weren't really feeling up for that at that moment in time. They're known for making themselves hard to get to, unintentionally. Possibly due to the fear of commitment that they have. The couple was high during the whole experience, so when they started to laugh nervously, he took it as if they were laughing at his inability to satisfy his own woman. It definitely did not help that she moaned louder while they ate her out, rather than when he was. The couple started to have a quarrel and then left the room. While they gathered my belongings, they thought about how awkward it was, given her previous affiliation with them.

Once the couple apologized that night, they found it rather hard to escape the situation smoothly. They just simply stated that they were going to "get out of here," and the responses they received were way less than engaging. Despite the first experience, they tried this type of threesome again at a later date, with the same outcome. After a certain time, it was only him and them, which they were completely against, as they were expecting her to arrive at some point. Though, she never did. Therefore, in their head, they accidentally became his mistress. They stopped showing up because of this because each and every time they expected her arrival and each and every time they were once again let down. 

They fell apart on that bed, each and every time it happened. Each and every "You're my little whore, aren't you?" tore them apart on the inside, despite the amount of pleasure he was delivering to that part of them that craved it. They're not his whore, They're the person that he sees when she isn't home, while he is supposed to be out searching for a job. She's his fiance, and they know better, and maybe that's why they kept going back because even though on the inside they knew she may not even show up, they felt like they should be punished and that's just what he did. Every time. 

He blocked them and they was used. How they respond is simple.

They don't. 

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He Blocked Them
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