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Hands Free Sex

Look, No Hands

At this stage I have spent longer thinking up jokey titles for oral sex based stories rather than content, so please bear with me. There will be other parts of the body included but the theme is what you can do during foreplay or sex without hands or full sex either. It can be a challenge to try and get your partner to climax like this or at least to get very close. When you’re a male trying this on your female partner there are plenty of places to explore and to focus on. All women have more than the one g spot, more than most men think; in fact, they have more than some women realize. These spots and more besides can give an orgasm alone if approached right. I think there are 9g-spots, if anyone wants to check.

Most of this piece will be based around what works with my girlfriend now, with possible references to the past. She is much younger then me and previous relationships haven’t involved her body being properly explored. I think she has found spots she didn’t know she had or didn’t release were so sensitive. So, the simplest thing to do is start at the top and work down.

Her ears are a good place to start; they are very sensitive if treated right. A gentle lick and nibble to the fleshy bits around the base are best. Nibbles round the edges also have an effect. This tends to get her into the mood rather then get her to climax. Nibbling her neck and shoulders works well if the exact spots are found. We try and avoid leaving marks and love bites on her neck though I did accidentally once. This was before our workmates knew we were together so needed some quick excuses. She does like bites lower on her back, her bottom and her breasts, and will even check in the mirror to see how well I have done.

Her breasts aren’t as sensitive as some, so makes it more of a challenge to get a reaction. Licking, sucking and gentle nibbling of her nipples tend to get the best results. When hands are allowed the results can be better but this is a hands-free story. If careful, a few love bites are popular, her breast flesh can be sensitive so bites can be good if right but painful if done wrong.

Her bottom is one of her best features and is a fun area to play with. Chewing and biting is good for both of us. Working around the area can be fun as you can get close to the pussy area and tease. She likes to check if the love bites have left decent marks, I try to aim for equal on each cheek if possible. All areas mentioned, if used together, can get some women to orgasm. I knew someone where just working on her breasts and nipples was enough. Though to complete the orgasm, you need to reach the pussy. For me, getting there last is fine, I enjoy the journey there. It's often done in the order I used for this story.

I love performing oral sex with my girlfriend; also, if doing well I can look up and see her expression change. When her head tips back and eyes close I know things are working.

I enjoy it more when she’s shaved but either way doesn’t matter to me. She is very sensitive on her inner thighs but the main area is her pussy. This can be all the way from top to bottom but clitoris and inside her work best. A lick or nibble of her clitoris can get her nearly there but licking deep inside her is normally needed. If she is lying on her back and arches her back and lifts her bottom to make access easier then I know orgasm is close. Similarly, when she grabs my head or her thighs close then I know its time or she’s orgasming.

There are other areas that will work with some people, such as feet, but this is a no-go area for me with my girlfriend. Although we have been having sex and performing sex acts for a year, we are still finding new things to do and new ways to do other things. If they work we keep to them, if not we change or adapt. The things I mention above can take her to orgasm or can get her ready for sex. We are quite happy to bring each other to orgasm separately by hand and mouth, though we usually prefer to end with sex.

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England based carer, live with girlfriend. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there too

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