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Gemini Sex Astrology

Gemini sex astrology is directed largely by their double sided personality and quick witted temperament.

Look up into the night sky and see the stars. To some, they are just tiny specks of light in the atmosphere, to others, they are a guide. Do a collection of constellations determine the events of our lives? The scientific validity of many aspects of astrology has never been proven, yet people still believe in it. Believers ask themselves every day, how their sign will effect their finances, their job, and most importantly, their relationships. According to the stars, certain signs are more sexually compatible with some than others. For Geminis, whose birthday falls between May 20th and June 20th, sex astrology is heavily determined by the two sides of the Twins that represent them. 

Illustration by Zé Otavio

The Man

Gemini is restless, nervous, and always on the move. Not content to live one day at a time, he will try to compress a week or a month into a day, trying to live on several different levels at once.

He can't stand schedules. Don't ask him to have all his meals at set hours, or even to maintain regular hours for going to sleep or waking. He won't be a prisoner to the clock.

Ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind, he is unusually intelligent and has a clever gift of gab. How he loves to talk! He will juggle several topics, keeping them all in the air at the same time.

Many people think he has captured the spirit of youth, with its endless vitality and curiosity, its love of fun, partying, even of movies and TV. He is called the Peter Pan of the Zodiac because he never seems to grow up.

His biggest problem making up his mind. Because he finds it difficult to stick to one course or to pursue anything to a conclusion, he is accused of being fickle and contradictory. Once the main thrust of a challenge has been met, he immediately begins looking for something new and different just over the horizon.

He has difficulty holding on to money. Possessions slip through his grasp. When he has too much money in the bank, he is uncomfortable and tries to discover a reason to rid himself of it. He finds security only in insecurity.

Women are not the most important thing in his life, although he gets more than his share. Often known as a chaser, he is not really oversexed but is simply curious. He loves to sample new wares. At the beginning of an affair he is marvelous—everything a girl could ask for—but his emotional charge is easily spent and soon he will probably need recharging by someone new and different.

His Sexual Technique

The idea rather than the act attracts the Gemini. Not so much the pleasure derived from sexual activity as what psychologists call apperception—the ability to perceive the process of perceiving turns him on. While doing something, he is also satisfying his inquisitiveness as to how it is being done. While reacting, he is studying how he is reacting. He is always both the doer and the spectator.

He prefers sex with the lights on, and one of his favorite stimuli is to have mirrors set up so he can see the action reflected from every angle. One Gemini male correspondent told me that he particularly likes to screen stag movies while copulating. He either emulates the action on the screen or experiments with his partner in an attempt to go beyond the film's scope.

He likes to make love just about anywhere and is glib enough to talk his way into almost any woman's bed. But his performance rating is only fair because he tends to be more interested in satisfying himself and/or his curiosity than taking care of his partner. Not too many women complain, however, even if they sometimes suspect they are mere grist to the mill of his experience. He is more than adequate in the departments of lovemaking that are so often neglected by other males. He tells a woman exactly what she wants to hear, creates a special aura of excitement and romance, and that, more than sheer physical excitement, makes her look forward to a return match.

Warning: Even if Gemini attempts to convince you of his absolute sincerity, don't put too much faith in it. He is a pied piper who will be off to find another victim to follow his winning tune. His sincerity is "real"—but only in the sense that he means what he says when he says it.

Illustration by Michael Sanderson

His Sexual Hang-ups

He is intrigued by gadgets. He will experiment with hard-on pills, penis extenders, sprays to deaden nerves and delay ejaculation, and so-called orgy oils.

Because he is pulled in two directions (the sign of the Twins, remember?), he has a tendency toward bisexuality. Some—while retaining their heterosexual status—become cross dressers, satisfying duality of desire by wearing a woman's clothes and makeup.

His quest for more and more unusual forms of gratification inclines him toward violent forms of sadism in which a clearly delineated master and slave relationship always exists. Male Geminis are strongly attracted to prostitutes of the cheapest kind, who will do anything to satisfy a customer's bizarre taste for experiment. You can be sure Dr. Jekyll was a Gemini. The celebrated alter ego of his nature, Mr. Hyde, the curiosity exemplified in his far-out scientific experiments, and his violent and degrading treatment of his lower-class mistress are all classic instances of the twin sign.

The Woman

She is a delightful conversationalist, witty, provocative, and charming. She makes friends easily but is not usually interested in longterm, more demanding relationships.

While Gemini appears to be warm-blooded and passionately receptive, her mood can change with startling abruptness, particularly if a man comes on too strong. She wants to establish her own rate of progress, and woe betide the lover who tries to speed matters to a hasty climax. She can turn on enough refrigeration to chill the ardor in any man's veins.

She demands mental compatibility in a sexual partner, and will not be relegated to an inferior position. As a result, she tends to make a better career woman than house wife. However, she can, if she chooses, do both jobs well. If she's forced to do both, she will quickly rebel.

She is constantly changing and rearranging, redecorating, or looking for a new place to live, trying new foods, new fad diets, new amusements, she is never quite content with the way things are. When not working on herself and her immediate surroundings, she will be working on her lover, trying to improve him. This may help to explain why so many attractive Gemini women remain single. But there is nothing she can do about this trait, so her man must learn to put up with it. Change is part of her life pattern: the one thing she can't change

She likes luxury and will try hard to attain it. To this end she is willing to use her sex appeal. Because she is so detached emotionally, it's easy for her to use sex as a weapon. And she has all the charm and imagination needed to make the weapon work for her complete sexual fulfillment.

In her relations with men, she often will play what appears to be a heartless game. But even her most abused love is usually willing to forgive and forget. The question is whether she'll take him back. After all, where else can he find a woman who makes his life half as interesting?

Illustration by Zhou Rong

Her Sexual Technique

She needs no special setting or locale for lovemaking. The backseat of a car at the local drive-in movie or even a balcony seat in the local movie theater are perfectly adequate. Her main requirement is a lover who knows how to take enough time. She won't be rushed. In fact, unless you're sure of your technique, don't take her to a movie at all. She may become much more interested in the movie than in you!

She is often the aggressor. Men are usually grateful for her overt and explicit advances. Take a Gemini woman boating on the lake, and she may quickly indicate that she'd prefer you to put your own oar in. Take her on a picnic for two, and she may bring along a nice cuddly blanket and a pillow. After all, there's no sense in letting all that atmosphere go to waste!

As with men born under this sign, it is not a need for sex or even the pleasurable sensations derived from it that provides the motivation. She is simply curious and eager to have varied experiences And she is never embarrassed by her behavior because she never adheres to any standard but her own.

Her Sexual Hangups

She is always seeking more satisfaction from sex. Impelled by her restless imagination and her endless curiosity, she has intercourse more frequently than women born under other signs and tries various kinds of far-out experimentation. She is frequently bisexual (that duality again!) and, in love affairs with members of her own sex, prefers alternating between the male and female roles.

In making love with a male partner, she is inclined toward the sadistic. She will practice such delights as squeezing a man's testicles while copulating, leaving him torn between exquisite pain and exquisite pleasure. In her search for ultimate ecstasy, she is also drawn to fetishes. The full range of fetishes is her range, but she is more physically than emotionally excited by them. Curiosity, not real kinkiness, is the name of her game.

Illustration by Bleaq

Gemini's Erogenous Zones

The hands and arms are especially sensitive areas. Gemini women are responsive to hand kissers, Gemini men like to have their fingers sucked slowly, one at a time.

For either sex, try running your hand lightly over Gemini's arm. Barely touching the skin will raise goose bumps almost as if the nerve endings were trying to touch you back. The accidental caress of fingertips on a hand can send shivers of delight up their spines. Kissing on the inside of their arms is a special treat. For an interesting (and provocative) variation, move your lips and tongue lightly from the elbow to the armpit. You can practically sense the signals of desire flashing.

The Approach to Gemini

The key word is imagination. Take him or her to that really exceptional party where many celebrities are guests, or where brilliant conversation or fun games abound. If all else fails, try a masquerade party. The ingenuity required to create a really striking costume will intrigue Gemini.

Don't pass up daytime events such as art museums—especially private showings—afternoon concerts or library exhibits. Gemini is an intellectual. Remember that boredom is the enemy. Wining and dining Gemini is never enough. The place you choose should be a new or unusual place.

It's always best to keep Geminis guessing. Try a date in which he or she won't know where you're going until you get there. And make sure it isn't too disappointing when you do.

Let Gemini do the talking. They are spontaneous self-starters, and all you have to be is a good listener. Wear them out by listening, and they'll talk themselves into falling in love with you!

How to it Break Off

Discuss controversial subjects. Gemini hates quarrels. And while you're about it, don't let Gemini get a word in edgewise.

Tell your problems, in exhaustive detail. Gemini finds other people's problems depressing.

Be impatient and temperamental. They can't stand it. When you make love, do it in the same way, even in the same place. Don't change any of the preliminaries. And by all means, talk about it at length afterward.

Take the dark view of everything. Gemini is a supreme optimist. Let them know that no matter how bad you think today is, tomorrow will get worse.

Restrict their freedom of movement. In fact, invent reasons for staying home night after night. Insist on help with the housework, particularly the dullest chores. Have your most boring friends over for the most inane evening you can endure. When the last guest leaves, Gemini will be leaving too and won't return.

Illustration by Gémeaux


Gemini and Aries: Both are bright and enthusiastic and love variety. Aries give Gemini the firm direction it needs. Aries is stimulated rather than irritated by Gemini. An excellent match with great potential.

Gemini and Taurus: Jealous Taurus can't take flirtatious Gemini. Sexually, Taurus is too dull. Gemini, in turn, cannot give Taurus the security this sign needs. An unhappy, short-lived affair.

Gemini and Gemini: A lot of fun while it lasts, but they are following a direct route to chaos. In the very rare instances where they do make a go of it, however, they're the most interesting couple you know.

Gemini and Cancer: Danger ahead for this pair. Gemini plays at life, while Cancer is more serious and sensitive. Cancer seeks praise and reassurance, while Gemini can be too cruelly frank.

Gemini and Leo: Big-hearted, generous Leo is silly putty in the hands of Gemini—but loves it! Gemini is versatile and clever and Leo will carry the workload. Odds on for a successful relationship.

Gemini and Virgo: A disaster. Virgo considers Gemini scatterbrained and immature. Gemini considers Virgo a stick-in the-mud and a bore. Star-crossed.

Gemini and Libra: Attractive, interesting people do not always have long, stable romances. If Libra can convince Gemini to watch the pocketbook, they have a better chance.

Gemini and Scorpio: Sexually compatible, but Scorpio tends to pull the reins too tight on Gemini, who needs more tolerance and understanding. Possessive Scorpio and fickle Gemini need exceptional understanding to make a go of it.

Gemini and Sagittarius: Both are restless, changeable, and worried about the future. Both trust too much to luck. This pairing has many weak points, but their sharing is a source of strength.

Gemini and Capricorn: Gemini is impulsive, impatient, and freedom-loving. Capricorn worries about the job, money, and a career. A workable union between these two opposites is a true proof that love can conquer all.

Gemini and Aquarius: Sensitive Gemini can appreciate the dreams of Aquarius. Unpredictability and variety will attend this relationship. The trip may not always be smooth, but it can be exciting.

Gemini and Pisces: They are better at thinking up schemes than carrying them out. There can be real affection between the two, but the eventual insecurity probably ruins the relationship. Risky at best.

Recommended Reading

Delve deeper into the sexual needs, wants, and habits of Gemini or explore the sexual astrology of other signs with Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes by Stella Starsky & Quinn Cox.

Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes by Stella Starsky & Quinn Cox

Sextrology uses modern astrology to provide readers with insight that will help them locate their perfect sexual matches. With an original, sexy, and smart approach to astrological identities, this book candidly explores sexual relationships from an astrological perspective.

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