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Gangster Son Satisfies Stepmom

Marco Rivera & Ariella Ferrera Get down and Dirty!

Ariella Ferrera is a mature hottie!

People who read my articles will know I quite like the "Bang My Stepmom" series as they do some fairly good stuff. Most have decent acting and hot sex to match providing alternative entertainment to the mainstream porn. This particular scene starring Ariella Ferrera & Marco Rivera is no exception and is a good tale of erotic adultery. 

Latino Heat!

It's late in the afternoon and Ariella's stepson is still in bed.

Like most of their scenes at "Bang My Stepmom" this one starts with an interview. Marco Rivera is the stepson in this particular tale and he is a very good actor. He has cool confidence in front of the camera you don't often see and I'm surprised I haven't seen him more often in porn scenes. He explains he was jailed along with his father for some "shady dealings."

Marco has actually been let off the hook and released but before he left his father told him to take care of the house. The house also happens to come with the beautiful Ariella Ferrera; his father's wife. He explains to the camera that his new stepmom is a really nice lady who takes care of him.

Return of the Mack...

Ariella gets Marco "up" to "try some jeans on."

Naughty might be the more appropriate word as it appears Ariella has been doing more than making him sandwiches. Marco reveals the pair have sex on a regular basis and Ariella takes "good care" of him there too. It's a good play on a maternal fantasy; the hot, sexy older women taking care of the younger dude. The interview comes to Ariella who has came to confess to the camera. She's pretty naughty in that she's suppose to feel guilty but she isn't; grinning at the camera and admitting she shouldn't be smiling. She admits the stepson she's "inherited" is really hot and that she has needs that have not been fulfilled. She's not a bad actress and I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed any of her stuff before this.

Take off your pants!

Ariella is having trouble getting Marco out of bed.

After the introduction interviews it cuts to the scene where Ariella is waking up her new stepson. She gently wakes up seductively stroking his back and telling him it's late in the day. She asks him if he had a rough night and he confirms this saying it was "bad" at the tables. I think he's referring to gambling tables rather than waiting tables but this isn't made clear.

Up Close and Personal

Ariella affectionately strokes Marco's neck as he tries on his Dad's pants.

Ariella has to force Marco up as he doesn't appear to be moving so she removes his duvet from over him. She's brought some of his Dad's jeans for him to try on. He's pretty reluctant but stands up with a pillow to get it over with. Ariella is all over him, touching him while he tries the pants on. She notices he enjoyed the sandwich she made him which is placed on the side table.

Hands on Stepmom

Some promotional shots for 'Bang My Stepmom.'

Marco does a good job acting here, as you could really believe he's avoiding sleeping with his stepmom. Ariella is just as good as the hungry cougar chasing him and the chemistry seems to work for what is a really good scene. Marco thinks Ariella will be satisfied with him trying on the jeans but it appears she wants to take them off as well. Marco is reluctant and tries to stop her and she turns it round on him stating "Don't you trust me?"

Wake up Call

Ariella gets her man.

Marco displays some good acting here, really trying to resist her as the older woman paws all over him. It's good stuff and Ariella turns it round on him again saying "Aren't I pretty enough for you?"

Marco not wanting to offend her says "Yes of course you are but you're my Dad's woman."

Ariella retorts that she has needs and so does Marco who is trying to resist but eventually has to relent as Ariella pushes him back on to the bed. Ariella does some great scenes and you can hear her get excited just from giving Marco a blowjob. She sound like the type of woman who probably enjoys sex a little too much. It's good for porn but it'd be bad for a serious relationship. She looks great here, her pussy is nicely trimmed too. Marco gets his hands on the Colombian honey's gigantic tits and gives them a suck. Ariella's measurements stand at 34DD-25-34 and look great on film as she works the cowgirl position. Marco seems to keep up with her and the acting doesn't stop with Ariella as she says Marco is "much bigger than his dad."

Ariella seems to enjoy herself as she keeps going back to suck Marco's dick after the blowjob part is done.

Keeping It in the Family?

It's a great sex scene.

Overall it's a great sex scene, good use of angles and positions with two competent performers.  It's probably one of the best "Bang My Stepmom" scenes which you can see at the official website but I also found it for free at Ariella Ferrera and Marco are both really good in this and I intend to review some more of Ariella's stuff soon. I give this 5 out of 5; I couldn't find a problem with it.

5 out of 5.

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Gangster Son Satisfies Stepmom
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