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Black Erotica

She came through the front door and tossed her keys in the direction of the hallway table.

“Babe, I’m home!”

She picked up the mail and briefly flipped through the envelopes. Nothing major there, just bills and coupons from the local grocery store. She sighed and placed them next to the keys.


She walked into the dim living room and glanced around. He wasn’t there so she turned to head for the kitchen. As she did so, she had to catch herself as something on the floor caused her to slip slightly. She looked down and was surprised to see a trail of rose petals leading down the hall. She followed them tentatively until she reached the staircase leading upstairs… and smiled.

Candles lined the stairwell, one on each side of each stair, and the rose petals were also there, setting a path to…

She knew there was only one way to find out. She ascended the stairs, following the trail where the petals ended just outside the closed Master bathroom door. There was a heart shaped envelope taped to the door. She tugged it free and opened it.

“I want you to undress, put on your towel, and then come back and open this door. The towel is on your desk in your office,” it read.

She smiled again to herself and headed for her office. Just as promised, there was a neatly folded towel on her desk. She removed her coat and draped it across her desk chair. Then she began to undress, placing her clothes in a neat pile on the floor. She wrapped herself up in the towel and headed back to the bathroom. She pushed the door open and was surprised once again. There were more candles placed in various spaces and two wine filled glasses sitting on a short table. Her husband was standing beside the bubble filled bathtub with a towel wrapped around his waist, holding a covered silver tray as if he were a rich man’s butler. His dark skin was in stark contrast to the crisp white towel, just as hers was.

“Well there you are,” he said playfully.

“Here I am,” she said. “When did you do all of this? I thought you were at work.”

“Shh,” he placed a finger against his full lips. “We aren’t here to talk about work.”

She considered briefly asking why, but decided against it. Plus she was quite interested in what he had on the silver tray. Her eyes must have given her inquisitiveness away because he removed the top and placed it on the wine table. Turning back to her, he produced a tray with fresh cut strawberries and a small bowl of melted chocolate. He walked over to her seductively.

“Hold this,” he said.

She took the offered tray from him questioningly.

“Turn around,” he said softly.

She did so. As she completed her turn, he rubbed something silky against her right cheek, then the left.

“I'm going to use this a few times tonight,” he spoke. “But first I am going to blindfold you with it. Okay”

“Okay,” she whispered.

And he did so. It was not too tight, just enough so she couldn’t see a thing. Then he took her by the shoulders, turned her to face him and took the tray from her.

Suddenly, music came from somewhere. It was Cassandra Wilson singing "Until," one of her favorite songs.

Then something soft and sweet touched her lips. Her tongue licked at it and she found it was the chocolate sauce.

“More?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

It seemed to take him forever and just when she was growing a bit impatient, he painted more of the sauce across her lips. Her tongue darted out and she licked both her top and bottom lips, enjoying the sweet confection.

“Open your mouth,” he said softly into her ear.

She obeyed and when she did, he teased her further with one of the strawberries coated in the chocolate.

“Eat this,” he said.

She bit down and the chocolate mingled with the juiciness of the ripe strawberry awakened her desires. Juice from the berry dripped down and landed on her breast. She gasped as his mouth found the moisture on the top of her half exposed breast and he sucked it away. She could feel her nipples hardening beneath the towel at his touch and her clit began to throb slightly.

“More?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said throatily.

A moment later, another of the strawberries found her lips and she opened her mouth to bite it. Just before she did, he pulled it just out of her reach. But the chocolate was there. She licked that away and smiled.

“Such a tease,” she laughed.

Then it was back against her mouth. He painted her lips again using the berry as a brush and she shivered slightly in pleasure. Slowly she opened her mouth to receive the fruit and this time he allowed her to have it. The juice didn’t escape this time. She licked every drop away as well as the warm, mingled chocolate sauce.

Then she felt him move away from her. Moments later, she heard the lid to the tray connect with the tray itself, then he was back at her side. He placed one hand at the nape of her neck and slid it up beneath her locs. That was what he called his favorite spot on her body. She doubted it, but that was his admission so she went with it. His strong hand held her head and one of the glasses was placed against her mouth.

“Drink this,” he said.

She tiled her head back against his hand and sipped at the wine he offered her.

“Don’t swallow,” he ordered.

She didn’t, but held the cool liquid in her mouth as he moved away from her again. When he returned this time, he took her face in his hands.

“Share with me,” he said.

He kissed her then, gently parting her lips with his tongue until the wine was shared between the both of them, each of them simultaneously sharing the actual wine as well as the wine of the kiss. She could feel herself getting wet as he drew her close to his muscled body. His hand loosened the blindfold and it fell away. He placed that on the table before turning back to her. He reached out and removed her towel as well, his eyes doing their natural dance as he gazed upon her nakedness. He had been the same way the first time he undressed her after having asked her to wait until their wedding night to allow him to “unwrap her” as he had put it. And here he was seven years later, still amazed at the sight of her.

He took her hand, led her to the bathtub, and helped her in. Once she was seated, he removed his towel, climbed in behind her, and she leaned back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and she sighed contentedly. In the background, Clair Marlo was crooning “Universal Love.” Her husband relaxed his arms and cupped her full breasts in his hands, kneading and massaging them. At times his splayed palms caressed her hardened nipples and she found herself moaning slightly. Behind her, she could feel his manhood against her back, hard and thick and ready for her attention. She tried to turn to face him but he restrained her.

“There’ll be time for that later. I have more to share with you first.”

He reached for a cloth and the bottle of body wash he knew she loved most. He squeezed a generous amount onto the cloth and stood up. With his free hand, he helped her to her feet as well. Taking the soapy cloth, he began to gently wash her back, starting at her shoulders. When he was just above her rounded butt, he turned her to face him and used the cloth to wash, first her neck, then traveling down her chest he lathered up her breasts. He lingered there a bit. This is what she thought he really liked, not the nape of her neck. She smiled to herself concerning that. He continued down her body, washing everything before using a separate cloth so he could rinse her off. The water cascaded down her body and the soap melded with the bubbles in the tub. When he was done, he helped her out of the tub and dried her off head to toe. Then he took a dry towel from beneath the wine table and wrapped her in it. Once he had dried off himself, he led her out of the bathroom and down the hall to their bedroom.

He opened the door and she found he was not lying. He had much more in store for her. There were long silk scarves tied to all four bedposts and several scented oils on the nightstand. He tapped her on the shoulder and when she glanced at him, he produced the same blindfold he had used in the bathroom. She turned away understandingly and he tied it over her eyes again, gentle as ever. Then he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Placing her on it face down, he restrained first one arm, then the second. Then he moved to the foot of the bed and restrained her ankles with the silk scarves there.

She listened as he moved around the bed, all of her available senses heightened as she waited for what he had planned. He didn’t keep her waiting long.

Donna Lewis began singing “Silence” as she felt his oiled hands on her shoulders. He massaged her starting there with firm hands, easing the tension she didn’t realize she’d been holding. He then moved up her arm, all the way to her hand, her fingers, and back again. Then up the other arm, again the fingers, and back again to her shoulders, where he did something she always enjoyed. He pressed down on her shoulder blades in opposing concentric circles, loosening up all of the muscles there. He used this same technique as he traveled down her back, all the way to her butt. Once there, he simply used his strong hands to grab each cheek and squeeze. She giggled.

“You like that big ass, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” he laughed.

He continued his attentions down the backs of her thighs, across her shapely calves and then her feet. He even massaged between her toes before gently rotating each foot. Then his played hands softly traveled back up her body to her shoulders where he let them sit. She felt the warmth and knew he was feeling her energy, blending his own with hers.

Once their heartbeats were in unison, he loosened her restraints and turned her onto her back before tying her arms and legs again.

In the past, he would repeat his massage techniques now which is what she expected, but instead she felt him above her right before he kissed her. Their mouths engaged each other and tongues explored each other. She sucked on his lips and he sucked on hers, alternating as if they were trying to one up each other. She could feel his hard dick against her leg and she thought her was ready to enter her most secret place, but instead, he kissed downward until he was at her breasts. He took first one, then the other into his hot mouth. She had no idea which he would choose next due to the darn blindfold and he was driving her crazy. She wanted to touch him but couldn’t, so she arched her back in an attempt to be closer to him.

He continued kissing down her dark brown body, his hands caressing her sides as if holding her in place so he could feast. And then he was in her garden doing just that. His lips and tongue were very familiar with her clit and he knew how to make her cum quickly. She thought this time would be no different, but he knew her body’s reactions far too well. When she was close to climax, he stopped. She moaned with pleasure, her legs shaking.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed. “Don’t stop now!”

He didn’t say a word in response and she thought he’d gone somehow.

But then there he was again, kissing her inner thighs, leading up to her incredibly wet pussy. When his mouth touched her again, her hips swiveled as she grinded into his face, reaching for her orgasm. Her darling husband reached beneath her, gripped her butt cheeks and let her use his mouth for her pleasure. This time, he didn’t stop as she exploded in orgasm. She called out his name as her body shook uncontrollably, her wet pussy painting his mouth and chin. He stayed still until her climax subsided and her breathing returned to normal. Only then did he move up her body to remove the blindfold.

Her eyes met his incredulously.

“Baby, that was so good! We need to do this more often.”

He smiled that winning smile of his.

“I can’t show you all my tricks at once. I want many more years to pleasure you in ways you cannot imagine.”

She looked down between his legs at the thick dick standing at attention.

“Well, Babe, I can think of at least one way I want you to pleasure me. Now why don’t you untie me and come give me what I want.”

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