I was already wet when his tongue darted inside me.

photo by Sharon Mccutcheon on unsplash

I don't even know how it happened. I mean I know how, it was just totally unexpected for my lifestyle. Unlike today where it seems everything is accepted, the era of the forbidden would have been frowned on in my social circle. All these years later and I still smile and blush when I remember.

I am not a prude, but my life has always deemed me to be a proper lady. From the time I was born, I have had a certain stature in life I was to uphold. Except for my one secret I have always behaved and done as expected.

If you haven't guessed yet, I was born into wealth. I have never had the misfortune to worry about money. A blessing I am well aware of, but due to that, I have to be careful about sharing this without telling you who I am. I am now an old woman, my wonderful husband of thirty-five years has passed on already. I believe I too will pass soon and that is probably why I am taking this road down memory lane.

The day started like all the others. That specific morning I never thought that I would encumber on such a life-changing event. I was young and had yet to marry and have children. I sometimes volunteered at this shelter for the homeless. I have always had so much, when so many had so little, it did my heart good to help out and kept me humble. The shelter is where I met him, the forbidden man I can't seem to forget.

He wasn't one of the homeless, but a volunteer like myself. I believe fate happens for reasons we will never understand. He used to ask me all the time if I believed in fate. It seems that fate had planned this affair all along.

To not give away our identities, I will call him Brad. I had been working with Brad for some time. Never knowing he was watching me so closely. He was tall and dark skinned, like the sun had touched him with a natural tan. Brad had long dark hair, he kept up in a ponytail under his cap. He was built with a muscular body. I am getting damp now just thinking about his perfect body atop me. His long hair cascading down the sides of his beautiful face as he plunged deep inside me.

I don't care why this happened, I don't care that it ended after two months of forbidden rituals. I will never forget Brad. I recall holding his hair tightly in my grip when he went down on me. He would eat me until I was so spent I couldn't even tremble anymore. He had the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. They always looked deep into mine as our bodies entwined. I believe he could see into my very soul. 

I may have come from wealth, but the days I volunteered I stayed at a small townhouse near the shelter instead of the long journey home. That first night he met up with me after the shelter was closing for the night. He asked me if he could walk me home. I never had any visitors there, but I was feeling a little carefree at the prospect of company. He was gorgeous and I was quite flattered that this fine specimen of a man wanted to spend time with me and I agreed.

He walked me home as he talked about his life. It seemed natural to invite him inside. We talked, had a light snack and talked some more. He excused himself to use my restroom. Time passed and I got curious and went to check on him. My heart seemed to stop when I entered my room. He was standing there in nothing but the body God had given him. I must have gasped, he just smiled and asked what had taken me so long.

I stood there like a statue as he walked towards me. I still stood there as he unclothed me ever so slowly. He was so gentle with his hands as began to undress me. I swear I was close to orgasmic peaks each time he touched me. As he slid off my blouse his fingers brushed against my nipples already hard and wanting release from the confines of my bra. He unsnapped my bra and held my breasts in his hands. He then took his thumbs and rubbed my nipples alternating between touching and sucking.

His tongue was like magic as it sucked and teased my nipples. I arched back moaning as he lowered himself even more. Never taking his mouth off of me he managed to slip my pants off until they fell to the floor on their own accord. He lifted me, wearing nothing but my nakedness, onto my bed. He never took his eyes or hands off of me. My mind was a misty haze as he kissed me from my belly down to my womanhood. He spread my legs as I gripped onto his hair for dear life.  

His tongue teased me as I've never been teased before. Moving his tongue roughly, yet perfectly over my clitoris over and over again. He darted his tongue in between my folds into my slippery wetness. Time stood still, I couldn't wait any longer, I lifted his head pulling him up. His eyes looked foggy with the same passion I was feeling. 

He entered me with one quick thrust and we rocked with passion. I laughed aloud calling his name, he flipped me like an acrobat entering me from behind. This wild and crazy lovemaking turned me into an animal. We sucked and licked and fucked long into the night. 

Exhausting ourselves we slumbered deeply. I woke up first and looked at him. His dark hair covered my pillows, he looked even more angelic asleep. He must have felt my eyes on him because his mouth turned into a smile as he pulled me to him. He was so strong, I felt so weightless with the way he moved me with such ease. I straddled him, his cock already hard and waiting for me. 

That night turned into an unspoken routine for us. We would meet at the shelter, at my request we kept this our relationship to ourselves. After hours at the shelter, he would walk with me. Sometimes just through the streets, with the light of the moon guiding our way. We always ended up at my place. He was everything to me those two months.

Brad had an amazing voice and would sing to me as I sat in awe watching him. We talked of our dreams and our passions in life. Regardless of what we did together, it always ended with amazing sex.  Still to this day, I can lay in bed and with just the memories reach orgasm. Yes, he was that amazing. There was nothing it seemed he could not do. 

That isn't true though, he could cause my heart to break. He came into my life with such unexpectedness and left my life the same way. I ended my service at the shelter, returned home to my family and continued on with my role in life. I never knew what became of him.

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