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First Date

Even the mundane can hold surprises.

He's on yet another first date. It's been nice enough though a bit mundane. She's pretty, sweet, polite, conversation flowed but if he is honest with himself, there isn't that much sexual chemistry. As the date is finishing up, he's pondering who to call from his contacts for a decent fuck.

They politely thank each other for a nice afternoon, she then turns to him and asks if he has any other plans. She's going shopping and doesn't mind having some company if he wants to come along. Well, he hasn't really got anything else planned so he decides to join her.

Thy're both walking and chatting and he doesn't really pay any mind to where they are heading, he's just following her lead. It's only as they step into the warmth of the shop that he looks up and realises that they've entered a lingerie shop. He feels a little embarrassed as he wasn't expecting that and now he's stood in the middle of the shop not knowing where to look or what to do!

She's chosen a few different lingerie items and asks if he's coming. He follows her downstairs to the changing area. They walk past loads of free changing rooms until she picks one at the back. She steps in and lets him know she won't be long. So he just waits outside. His embarrassment has dissipated a little and he feels a stirring in his groin as he imagines what she looks like in her new lingerie. A minute or so later she pokes her head out and asks if he can assist her with fastening the bra.

He steps inside the changing room, she is facing the mirror. He begins to fasten the clasp but his fingers slip as he feels his cock harden. He looks up at the mirror, her eyes are smouldering with lust and in that moment he decides to hell with it. He slips his hands under the bra around to her breasts. She gasps as he pulls on her nipples. He bends his head down and begins to kiss her soft shoulders, making his way up to her neck, all the time continuing to knead and squeeze her nipples. His cock is now so hard and it's straining against his jeans, dying to be unleashed. He removes one hand from her bra, and lifts up her skirt. She protests 'no' halfheartedly as he whispers 'shhh' in her ear.

Moving her knickers to the side, his fingers slide right inside her, she is so wet right now, and as he probes her deeper she moans and pushes back on his fingers. She is totally ready. He unzips his jeans, releases his thick, hard cock, positions her against the wall and slowly sinks it into her. He takes his time so she can feel it's full length and so that he can enjoy the warm, juicy tightness of her fresh pussy. Taking it slow to start off with he then turns her around so he's holding her, legs wrapped around his waist, fucking her hard and deep so that she'll have his cock imprinted as an everlasting memory. As she cums, he presses his lips on top of hers, burying her orgasm inside of him as he explodes inside of her...