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The Story of How I Got into FinDom

I get asked the same question every time, I let people know that I am a Domme. “Oh that is different, how did you get into that?”

Half the time I forget, because you don’t just wake up and decide that you are going to be a dominant. So here is my story for all the curious cats out there.

I have always been the dominant type, my mother used to tell me that I was always bossing people around when I was younger, and my school reports always said I was the leader. Well duhhhh!

It was my first year of university and when I was officially introduced into Financial Domination aka FinDom.

Going to my lectures were a drag (I mean, nobody really enjoys them), so usually I would be walking in with my resting bitch face, not really acknowledging anybody and finding a seat furthest from the front and under the radar from any random questions my lecturer might pose to me. This was basically my daily routine for a while.

Until one day, a guy came up to me and said that the way I walked past him made him feel weak, and if it was okay if he gave me a tribute to always barge past him everyday and call him an idiot.

I remember my exact response was, “you what freak?!” and he was like, yeah just like that… I love it, that is so sexy. I laughed and walked away, and called my friend to tell her about what just happened.

So two days later, back in the same dreaded lecture hall, I sat in my usual seat, right at the back in the right hand corner. Then in front of me sat the weirdo from the other day, I knew something was odd, because he never sits there. Then he slid me an envelope which had £50 in it and left a note saying "thank you my Princess.” Confused, I wrote back to him asking what the money was for, and he responded that it was for the humiliation session we had the other day, where I called him a freak and walked off laughing.

It was at this point I knew that my dominant character and behavior was turning him on, and weirdly to me at the time I was kind of turned on by his weak behavior towards me and the tribute. From that point, I spent lectures teasing him, humiliation him; by dropping his papers, and calling him names and every week I would receive an envelope which contained tribute.

Things progressed when he asked to worship my body, and control his finances and food. I researched into it, because I knew I absolutely loved doing what I was doing, taking his money and making him feel so pathetic really made me feel horny and excited.

So I started going to his weekly food trips, and putting nothing in his basket but canned tuna and dog food, this is all that he was allowed to eat unless I said otherwise. In the same trip, we would do my food shopping, and I would pick up large steaks and endless bottles of wine and champagne. We would go back to my house, where he would run me a bath, paint my nails, and beg to moisturise my body. I would walk around in sexy lingerie and he would be following me around on all fours like a lost puppy. I would watch television, using him as a foot stool and he would write my essays and type up my class notes for me.

I mean who would not enjoy this lifestyle?

I joined a findom community, and since then I have never looked back!

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