Finding the Best Sex Positions


My girlfriend and I have discovered that writing about sex and our sex lives seems to be the most popular subject in this site, therefore here’s some more. As she's writing a detailed breakdown of her favourite sex positions, I decided to write my version. I had heard of almost none of hers, then read her piece and found we had done almost all of them. My problem was not knowing the names of the positions. This is often because we don’t plan very far, we tend to see where we are when it’s time to go from foreplay to full sex. In fact, that doesn’t always happen as the foreplay leads to masturbation and that’s where we climax.

Our personal favorites don’t always work for the other person as well, so we tend to change them around often during the same sex session. In fact, when we had sex earlier today, the position was one she loved but I found hard work, but today it was great for us both. After showering together, we went to the bedroom to dry off. She sat naked on my lap while I combed her hair. I reached around her to slowly play with her. This got her excited, so she turned to sit on my lap facing me. I lay flat and she crawled higher up me for a kiss. As I was excited, I tried to fuck her from underneath her, lifting my pelvis and legs for a better angle. She loves it but I end up with cramp usually, but this time it worked for us both.

The one that works best for me is one that can develop naturally as you cuddle together. It can end up in two ways as I lay behind her: either having sex from behind as we lie on our sides or, if she decides to lay flat, it changes. I stay on my side and lift her legs and enter her while lifting her legs up. Although it’s not always comfortable to have her legs raised towards her chest it seems to help the sensation of the sex. I think she doesn’t like it as much because of the leg lifting and lack of deep penetration. I like it as it's less complicated, so less different things to focus on.

I am a lot bigger than her in height and weight, so there are some sex positions that either can’t work or are very difficult. The traditional missionary position is almost impossible as she physically can’t open her legs wide enough for me to get between them. So, variations on doggy style appeal to her more and are physically easier for her. Our height difference makes this a bit more complicated, though, so it can be awkward, though it's brilliant when it works.

After experimenting, we find me standing by the bed as she positions herself on the edge is usually best. If we get all angles right as well as the rhythm, she can climax in what seems like seconds. This is true, in fact, for both of us; the wrong position can mean little feeling or success, the right one, though, can be explosive. If only one of us does climax during the penetration, we then masturbate the other one to climax or, if I have tired her out, I give myself a hand and climax on her.

There are a couple of positions we have bumped in to by accident that have been known to work for both of us. For one, she was lying face down naked, I was massaging her back for her. I ended up naked while doing this and decided to give her a surprise with something else to rub her back. As I slid myself up and down her back we both got excited. Angles were with us as she raised her hips slightly and I managed to enter her, and we both climaxed quite quickly. I suppose it was doggy style, but she was lying face down the whole time.

Even though I am much older than her, I am learning more from her and I am experiencing much more. We will hopefully keep learning together and will find plenty more positions to try.


England based carer, live with girlfriend. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there too

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Finding the Best Sex Positions