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Filmed Myself Banging My Stepmom!

Chantelle Fox is a dirty British mom!

Chantelle Fox will get you off with that 'slum English' accent.

As a general rule, I tend to stay away from porn done in an amateur fashion. Usually because I'm left disappointed with the general quality of the material and the bad camera work. One that comes to mind is the "Family Therapy" series from porn actor Alex Legend. While some scenes are not bad with glamorous porn actresses, some can be a bit weird with poorly shot camera angles. Just using that as an example as Alex does some quality work too, it's just he can be a bit "hit or miss" sometimes. I stumbled across this hidden gem on Clips 4 Sale where people shoot amateur porn and sell the scenes independently. It was completely by accident and stars a British starlet named Chantelle Fox for an amateur company called Sinners World.

Fox Hunting

Chantelle Fox is a tattooed honey from Rugby, United Kingdom.

Chantelle is another performer I haven't heard of but the 27-year-old is particularly entertaining in this scene. The scene is called "Filming Banging My Stepmom to Get Back at Dad" in an uninspired attempt at a title. Yet the content is surprisingly good despite the poor camera work and dull location. Basically the son is annoyed at his dad so decides to get back at him by having sex with a very willing stepmom. Unfortunately, the stepson isn't credited, but he's overshadowed anyway by the performance of Fox. While being slutty is generally scowled upon in society it can make for excellent pornography. No disrespect to Chantelle when I say she is "common as muck," an expression we use in England to describe the working class. It makes for excellent viewing as much of the arousal factor comes from Chantelle's dirty talk. She gloats as she sucks her stepson's cock while his father is away and that she's sick of fucking "the old cunt."

'Grimey Momma'

Chantelle is a treat for the eyes.

I did really enjoy this scene. Chantelle technique for sucking a dick visually is excellent. She nuzzles her face against it while teasing it with her tongue. She's pretty glamorous looking with her big lips and tan too so as she gradually strips through the scene. It's ample viewing. Much of the entertainment comes from her dirty talk as she berates her stepson's father, but once the sex starts it's excellent. When you see her naked body and big 32F tits you will be amazed. She's not exactly quiet while getting fucked either so it's pretty entertaining stuff. By the end you will wish it was you rubbing against her naked tanned body. While glamorous, she has a certain 'grimy' look to her; the Americans would say sleazy. It makes the scene more realistic and for me more entertaining. It shows when you do an amateur scene right it can turn out quite well. One thing that's worth noting though is I wish they had angled the camera better to see Chantelle face during the doggy position. Although they may have done this purposely to make the scene more realistic as a "genuine intimate encounter."

As mentioned before the setting looks a bit dull but I suppose you can't expect glamorous locations for an amateur scene. A bit more dialogue could have been used to set up the fantasy scenario, but Chantelle's dirty talk provides narrative as well. They do more than one scene together and it may be worth having a look at some of the other stuff Sinners in the City provide. I think the guy in the scene is Scott Nails, but the camera work is so off I can't tell.

All in all, it's worth picking it up on Clips 4 Sale if you have the cash. I think it's still available at Whore Stepmom if you just type in the title. I give it three out of five. Good work but still some bad camera angles.

3 out of 5.

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Filmed Myself Banging My Stepmom!
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