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'Feral II'

Get ready for 'Feral II' from MissaX...

Megan Rain & Adriana offer you 'All their love.'

MissaX are quite good in that they offer a unique alternative to most other porn sites focusing on alternative fetishes. I have to admit to enjoying their Ctrl Alt Del Stepmom series with industry mainstays such as Natasha Nice & Sarah Vandella. From an overall perspective, I do enjoy their stuff and their production values seem pretty high too.  This was all true, until I watched a scene entitled Feral II  with Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to porn and try to respect what other people like sexually. What initially attracted me to this scene was the fact that Adriana Chechik was in there. Stunningly glamorous, Chechik has been in some of the nastiest scenes on Earth but this didn't deter. Her scenes for MissaX had mostly been quite tasteful and entertaining for the most part. That was all about to change when I start watching this scene; it begins with Meghan Rain typing to some type of society about Feral human beings. It seems set in a society where some human beings are feral and are being cruelly hunted in winter. Meghan is writing to a society for the ethical treatment of feral human beings and informing them she's "rescued" a feral woman. It's great acting with good camera work and cutting but it's just totally bizarre. As Meghan is typing, there's shots of Adriana naked in a cage chewing on the bars. She's obviously the feral human being who has been caught and from here out it just gets weirder.   

'Save the Ferals!'

Megan Rain's acting is brilliant.

Once Meghan's letter gives you an overview of the situation society is in, the films cuts to Meghan introducing her "feral" pet to husband Jay Smooth. What pains me is the acting is Oscar worthy; Meghan is convincing as a sentimental protector of ferals as much as Adriana is as feral human being. Jay Smooth is horrified as Meghan shows him Adriana grunting and snarling in the nude. I'm still surprised I left the scene on as long as I did but at this point Meghan's asking Jay whether they can keep her. It's as if she's some type of dog they found as Meghan states they should at least keep her until hunting season is over. What makes me uncomfortable is it's shot so well that you could mistake it for an actual film and not a porn flick. Adriana goes for Jay, pulling down his pants and aggressively sucking his cock and balls. Meghan strangely finds this hilarious talking to Adriana like she's a dog and stating how "cute she is."

While she's doing that on screen I'm sat silently questioning my life choices and why I'm still watching this weird "bongo flick."

Once they've managed to separate her from Jay's crotch, the feral then decides to piss on the floor. Adriana gets scolded by Meghan as a dog would and I'm no longer watching this as porn film feeling physically sick. 

Art... Maybe?

Adriana caged as a rescued 'feral.'

After Meghan's cleaned up Adriana's mess, the feral sets upon her, stripping her and groping her bits. Jay thinks this is hilarious and at this point Meghan is regretting taking Adriana in. It was just too weird for me and at this point I turned it off because it was freaking me out. The worst part of this review is I can't actually say it was a bad porn flick because the acting, camerawork, and setting were quite good. It's just the fact of how weird the concept is that made it a bad scene for me. I've watched some of MissaX's other stuff and while some of it you could say have dark themes, it's at least watchable. This, after she pissed on the floor, just was too strange for me. I'm not sure if it has something to do with "water sports" and personally I don't want to find out. I'm going to give this 2 out of 5. If you really want to watch it, go to "MissaX" and enjoy. The only saving factor for me was the good acting; I'm presuming there's an audience out there for this type of thing.

2 out of 5.

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