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How It Feels at the Receiving End

Before explaining why we men like it, I'll cite Wikipedia: "Fellatio (also known as fellation, and in slang as blowjob, BJ, giving head, or sucking off) is an oral sex act involving the use of the mouth or throat, which is usually performed by a person on the penis of another person. If performed on oneself, the act is called autofellatio."

Now, is there any man alive that doesn't like it? That's the question that came to my mind before writing this article. My answer would be, no there isn't. If there is, he must be psychologically or physically damaged. Just thinking of her lips grasping my dick gives me an erection, and let alone when I'm actually receiving it. When those soft, full lips envelop my dick I feel like I'm in seventh heaven, like I'm floating somewhere above the skies.

We men love it because our partners can pleasure us just by giving head or it can be like a preparation for incoming vaginal or anal sex.

Of course, our partners have so many options when they give us BJ. I'll cite Wikipedia again: "licking, sucking, kissing or otherwise playing with the tongue and lips. Fellatio may also include the oral stimulation of the scrotum, whether licking, sucking, or taking the entire scrotum into the mouth."

I'm not so sure about taking the entire scrotum into the mouth, but what gives me an intense pleasure is when my better half uses one hand to gently squeeze my balls while giving me head. Also, I enjoy when she firmly grasps my dick at the root with her other hand and strokes it, while her mouth does the rest of the magic. Combination of blowjob and handjob is what does the trick with most men, in my humble opinion.

I like it when she changes rhythm, starting with a slow and deep suck, and gradually going for quick and more shallow sucks, giving her attention to the head itself. Sometimes, when she begins, she allows me to press her head down, but only until she starts to feel the gag reflex. Then she taps my thigh couple of times as a sign that I must stop with my selfish pushing for a deep throat. It feels so good but I know and I have the discipline to think about the safety of my partner first.

What is also extremely pleasurable is her gently squeezing the head and blowing the air inside my dick hole. If you haven't tried that one, I warmly recommend that you talk your partner into it. You'll get a firmer erection because of it.

Personally, I love to give warning to my lady that I'll cum soon, as a show of courtesy, but I'm secretly hoping that she'll ignore it and let me eject my semen into her heavenly beautiful mouth. My second favorite thing is to cum on her face, when she closes her lips and eyes and aims just above her upper lip and underneath the nose, secretly hoping that she won't receive it on her eyes or hair.

Wikipedia gives us some data on the taste and odor of the semen. I quote: "It may be that 'few women praise the taste' of semen. However, as with breast milk, the taste of semen may be altered by diet. There are anecdotal reports that higher red meat and dairy intake may increase its generally salty taste. Asparagus has been noted to cause bitterness, while parsley, celery, cinnamon, and many kinds of fruit (especially tropical) are noted to sweeten it."

Eat fruit before receiving a fellatio. That's the moral of the story. :)

Of course, I tend to give the Devil his due, so in preparation for this "cum event," I always do my best going down on her. Giving an extra effort to satisfy that gaping wet pussy of hers. Licking that clitoris like there's no tomorrow. All that because I know I'll get the maximum out of reciprocity. My third favorite thing is cumming on her tits. She doesn't mind that at all, claims it's her favorite spot, hahaha.

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