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Feed Your Sexual Appetite​

Adding food to sex is a recipe for a hotter sex life.

Chris Evans in Not Another Teen Movie 

If that picture doesn't make you hungry for a hung—er—Sundae, then there needs to be another discussion had about the fluidity of sexual attraction. Just in case you weren't aware, when Chris Evans turns around in the movie, there is a banana in his bum. If that isn't homoeroticism at it's finest, then what is? All of this leads us to think about what foods are an excellent addition to sex. 


Photo by Kyaw Tun on Unsplash

Not only are strawberries healthy but they are a good way to make lovemaking even sweeter. Dip one into some whipped cream and then feed it to your lover and watch as the hormones begin racing. It happens almost every time. It's also a favorite seduction technique of some guys. Why is that?

Lips wrapped around a thick object with white stuff on the end of it. It's a perfect metaphor for oral sex. It's almost like a subliminal message saying "suck my dick." The tart taste is offset with the sweetness of the whipped cream, and once again both parties are ready to get right to the main event. Squeezing some of the juice on your lover's body and licking it off is a good use for them as well. Be creative...

Whipped Cream

This is a classic for a good reason, it's easy to lick off, and there is little stickiness after. It's also sweet enough that if you're blowing a man and he cums, it won't be as salty. Since it can be bought in an aerosol can, there is very little mess or cleanup involved in using it.

Spray a little on your lover's nipples and nether regions, and use your tongue to lap it up. Men love putting their tongue to use and showing off their skills, and the recipient is happy that foreplay is being had and probably feeling pretty good. It's sex with benefits. Who doesn't like the way that sounds?

Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate syrup. The classic food for sex. Whoever thought of adding the sweet treat to one of the most fun adult activities is a genius and should have gone down in the history books (pun fully intended). Spread the chocolate over your lover and go to town with your tongue. It's really as simple as that. There have been compliments that the best blow jobs have come from pouring chocolate syrup over the dick and letting a partner go to town. 

Conversely, some of the best eating (ass or vagina) has come from having chocolate syrup poured over the area. There is something universal about chocolate that almost everyone loves it and wants to enjoy it. Chocolate is also the most versatile of the foods and can be used in different combinations.  


While there is nothing sexy about eating oysters, the last effects are guaranteed to lead to a fun time in bed. For those that aren't aware, oysters act as an aphrodisiac, which substantially boosts hormones and makes people want to fuck. That's clearly a simplified explanation, but a deeper one isn't really necessary. Or is it?

Casanova claimed to eat 50 oysters a day and that it made him horny. Scientists were skeptical at first until studies actually showed that there were unknown chemicals in oysters that actually made testosterone levels rise. With the male hormone rising, it usually pushes blood to the dick and the need to spread the seed rises.

There are certainly more foods that can be used to add flavor to your sex life, but these are the most commonly used. Maybe some use ice cream or as one guy suggested on a dating app, canned cheese (that date did not happen, the horror of someone eating canned cheese was too much). Whatever foods that are used, can we all agree that is one lucky banana in Chris Evan's bum?

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Feed Your Sexual Appetite​
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