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Family Sharing Plan

A new trend in relationships is beginning to emerge: Sleeping with significant other's family members!

A mother sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend or the daughter sleeping with the mother's husband has long been a staple of soap operas. And thus, after quite a few of those successful storylines ignited the public's imagination with these familial tales, porn producers decided that there was a goldmine in them. Scenes featuring non-related relatives became a phenomenon garnering hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views for every clip. Suddenly, sleeping with your stepdad was cool. It was a fetish. It was something to aspire to.

Now it is so prevalent in our culture that people will write to advice columnists seeking counsel on the matter. One man wrote to The Guardian's Pamela Stephenson Connolly and explained his situation. He had fallen in love with this woman, even planned on proposing to her. Then he met her family and realized that he had fucked her father, which would make for interesting Thanksgiving dinners and a wild bachelor party. Would he have slept with his female companion's father if he had known about the familial ties?

Maybe. A quick look at the Whisper app indicates that family ties are not a deterrent for some people. In fact, according to one poster, it helps aid in finding threesome partners. According to what this poster said, he and his boyfriend were fooling around thinking that no one was home. The boyfriend's father caught them and joined in on the fun. From that point on, the father and son allegedly shared the bottom. It sounds like the plot from one of the porn movies mentioned above, but yet, it also seems to hold some truth. People who commented on it either shared disbelief or said that they had similar run-ins with their partner's parents.

One of those commenters shared their own story. His boyfriend had gone to work, and the narrator (for lack of a better word) went to take a shower and walked in on his bf's father jerking off. Instead of easing out embarrassed, he went to town on his father-in-law's cock. After some oral fun, they went for full penetration in the bed that the DILF shared with his wife. The affair has continued since that day, and according to the narrator, there are times when his ass "is filled with cum from father and son. So hot."

What makes this fetish "so hot?" It's a question that begs for an answer, but there doesn't seem to be one. It could be argued there is a certain level of taboo that makes these affairs seem so much more erotic than they really are. Another argument could be made that all sense of decency has gone out the window with the rise of dating apps. The fault with the dating app argument is that it relies on the reason for decency being the lack of technology and taking away personal accountability. There's also people are more open to a sliding scale of sexuality than ever before. There's a fallacy in this argument as well, that being more open to sleep with someone of any gender or gender identity makes one forget about monogamy. And that is frankly not true.

It should be noted that all of the examples noted were from the point of view of the younger person. By and large, the younger generations are far more open about their sexual conquests—the more taboo, the better it seems. There is certainly a degree of competition among certain segments of the demographics to have the dirtiest or most taboo story possible. Maybe it's just easier to go to a family dinner to find the next fuck than it is to hit up Tinder.

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Family Sharing Plan
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