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FaceTime F**k!

A Long Distance Nut

The love of my life, also known as my excellent level P dick works hard and makes great money. He has his own marketing company, has written a few books, and has several investments in the cannabis industry, so he's always traveling around the country. Sometimes when he's off on his long trips where we have to be away from each other for long periods of time and the need to release sexual tensions come along, we often find ourselves texting each other sexual innuendos & pictures. For the most part, erotic words and/or pictures help take off the edge or the need to fuck. Then there are times when pictures and a couple of clever sayings is just not enough.

Sometimes you need a live show!

My level P is always ready for me. Before he video conferences me, he sets up his laptop on the bed facing him so as soon as I answer his call and the video turns on, all I see is his chocolate smile and his thick wood at full attention, just for me. No words from either of us are needed, just devilish smiles across our faces because watching each other cum is not taboo to us, in fact, it's a turn on that leads up to what happens eventually when we get together.

As my level P is staring at me through the screen, my nipples grow harder and my pussy drips in anticipation because she AKA my wetness loves to put on a show for her level P. I start by rubbing my nipples and let out a loud and wanton moan, his smiles grows because he knows that my hands won't stay on my breasts for long...eventually they always make their way down to the wetness.

Spread eagle, the legs for him so he can see his universe, his mouth waters and his dick is prepared to burst, the warming lotion he put on his wood is taking effect as he rubs and strokes it long, making him imagine he's in the wet wet!

Pussy wide open and juices flowing strong as I dip my fingers in and stir so the sounds of thick wetness fills the air. Pre-cum oozes out of his mushroom tip and my mouth waters for a taste of his essence. I pull my fingers out and drip my juices on my clit, the touch from my moistened fingers make my whole body convulse and he could tell that I was close to letting it go. My eyes fully concentrated on his mushroom tip, his dick veins growing as he rubbed it vigorously and our loud moans capped off another stress relieving nut that we both needed. When we're done, I stick my fingers back in my juices then lick my fingers clean. Not only do I love the taste of good pussy, my level P requires it. He loves to watch me lick. What does he do with his essence after our face time sessions? He wipes himself off with my panties. You see, when he travels, he takes several pairs of my already worn underwear with him so that at any time he has a desire to have my scent on his nose he can. Those same underwear are used to clean up his cream and eventually when he gets home, I have sweet souvenirs of our FaceTime escapades.

Face to face and riding that dick
Pussy pulsating around all that thick pulsating wood
Moans and cream is all we could
Release into the air completely wanton & passionate
FaceTime or real time, there's no difference in it
We crave each other no matter where we go
For each other, we'll gladly put on a show!

Check out Kai Storm Books on here and here, subscribe to my YouTube channel & as always leave a tip if I write what you like! YA DIG!

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FaceTime F**k!
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