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F**ked in the Sex Club


Entering the club for the first time was surreal. I was dizzy with anticipation and arousal. The idea of visiting a sex club was daunting. I was usually shy, the quiet girl that no one took a second look at in the outside world.

The black lace that hugged my breasts and skimmed the tops of my thighs felt soft against my pale skin. I had picked the sexiest underwear I owned. I was ready to be fucked.

My hair fell in loose blonde curls down to my nipples, which were hard from the cold night air as I entered the reception area. A pretty brunette studied my ID thoroughly before waving me on into the club.

One hand skimmed the rail as I slowly descended the stairs into the bar area. I suppressed a gasp as I took in the sight that greeted me. Women sat at the bar naked. Their breasts looked soft and touchable.

The music was a deep, throbbing beat. Leather seating was arranged around the room, with poles and a cage on the dance floor.

I watched a couple on one of the many sofas. The disco lights seemed to graze their skin. The blonde in a red bra was gently lowering herself onto her partner's cock. He watched her face, making eye contact as she rode him, his hands grazing the soft curves of her arse.

I had never watched other people have sex before, not in real life. I looked around and noticed I wasn’t the only person watching the show they were kindly putting on for us.

Slowly, my hips swinging to the beat of the music, the lace babydoll I was wearing floating gently against my stomach, I approached the bar.

Ordering myself a drink, I quickly found myself talking to two men. The conversation started innocently enough to begin with. Their names were Harry and Dan. I discovered they were friends and then we moved on to what we were here for. Like me, they wanted to play.

They took me down a corridor just off the bar area. There were several doors down this corridor, some of them open, some closed. Mirrors lined the ceilings, allowing you glances into each room.

The corridor was loud with women’s moans and giggles, ecstasy filled the air, and I found myself high on sexual energy.

We went into the biggest room. The huge bed was covered in plastic. My new friends asked me what I wanted.

“I want you both to fuck me,” I whispered. Broad smiles lit Harry and Dan’s faces. Filled with confidence, I added “I want you to treat me like a whore.”

Dan chuckled. “What if you don’t want to do something?” he asked.

“I’ll just tell you to stop,” I replied. 

They nodded in understanding. Consent was hugely respected in these clubs.

Harry pushed me onto my back. Slowly unbuttoning his white shirt revealed bronze, tanned skin. He was slim and toned and I watched excitedly.

Dan slipped my thong from around my hips. He did this slowly, being sure to touch me as he did so. Harry knelt by my head, holding my wrists down on the bed.

“You’re already so wet,” Dan whispered greedily as he pushed my legs apart. I gasped.

He wasn’t going to be gentle with me.

He pushed his fingers inside me roughly, fucking me with his hand, making me moan and scream. He got harder and faster, forcing another finger into my tight pussy. My breathing was ragged.

“Are you going to come for me, whore?” Harry demanded, still pinning me to the bed, preventing me from writhing. My nails bit into his skin where he gripped me and I gripped him back.

I noticed an audience gathering at the door, watching them fuck me, seeing them both play with my body. It only added to my ecstasy.

I whimpered as I fell over the edge, my body spasming as I came on Dan’s fingers.

As my breathing slowed and the room came back into focus. Harry’s wicked smile was the first thing my eyes landed on.

“My turn,” He whispered.


Harry’s trousers were around his ankles in an instant. His cock was hard and ready. The condom slid on easily and then he was lifting me into his lap.

My back against his chest, he slid me down on his cock. The head of it was tight inside me at first. I gasped as he pushed harder until my body accepted him.

Sliding up and down on Harry’s cock, my boobs bounced and it wasn’t long before Dan, who was also naked, knelt in front of me to grab them.

Sandwiched between the two naked men, riding one and rubbing my hand up and down the other, I felt my body stiffen again. My second orgasm was explosive, and Harry came with me, the sensation of me coming pushing him over the edge.

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F**ked in the Sex Club
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