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Exhibitionism Makes for a Fun Evening

Naked or Not

It was Friday night and Tom was having guests over for a work dinner. It was going to be his boss and a few other coworkers coming to dinner to discuss some plans for an expansion of the company. His wife Rachel was cooking dinner and getting everything together before everyone was to arrive.

Little did he know that his neighbor was also going to be having guests over and they would be mingling around outside on their back patio. Tom’s backyard was small, and being that they lived in a condo, the patios were split only by a short fence that can be looked over to the other side.

Tom and Rachel know their neighbors well and know their type of lifestyle, but they had no clue that they would be having nudist friends over to their house. This possibly will pose a problem if Tom’s coworkers happen to go outside onto the patio.

They were going to do their best to keep everyone inside and enjoying themselves. Rachel was running around the kitchen making sure everything was cooking and not burning, and that the place settings were correct and set up. She was cooking a roast with all the fixings, and made sure that there would be enough food for everyone to get full on.

The time was counting on when the doorbell rang, and it was Tom’s boss and a couple of his other coworkers. He answered the door and welcomed everyone inside to a drink. Everyone made their way over to the wet bar and helped themselves to finger foods. Rachel was still in the kitchen, but did manage to poke her head out to say hello before disappearing back into the kitchen.

Tom was mingling with everyone and didn’t notice that one of the coworkers had stepped out the patio door to see the bright moon shining. While he was out there having his drink and staring at the moon, one of the guests from next door stepped out onto their patio, and to his coworker’s amazement, the person was completely naked from head to toe.

The coworker just stood there staring at the woman and wondering why she was naked outside. The woman was looking up at the moon like there was no one else out there. She finally turned her head and noticed Tom’s coworker staring at her, so she walked over to the short fence and introduced herself to him.

He was still in awe of her nakedness and fumbled with his words until he could finally mutter the word hello. The woman laughed at him for a minute because of his clumsiness, but then struck up a conversation with him like there was nothing to look at.

She was a beautiful middle-aged woman with a nice body on her. Gravity had not taken control yet, so her breasts were almost perfect to look at, but the coworker began having other thoughts on his mind. While they were talking and getting acquainted, Tom walked outside and found him out there with a naked woman from next door.

Tom apologized to his coworker for his neighbor who was having guests too and that they belonged to a nudist community. This peaked his coworker’s curiosity who wanted to know more about this nudist community. She was more than happy to tell him, but Tom was trying to get him back inside because dinner was being set on the table.

His coworker excused himself to go eat, but informed the woman next door that he would like to know more and hoped that she will be available after his dinner and their short meeting. She agreed to stick around and told him that if she wasn’t outside to come on over and she could introduce him to more people from the community. This made him very happy and he tried to conceal the bulge in his pants while walking back inside Tom’s house.

Rachel was just placing the roast and side dishes on the table and called for everyone to come eat. It didn’t take long before everyone was sitting around the table. Tom began talking about work and quickly threw a quick “thank you for dinner” to his wife.

She replied humbly with “you're very welcome.”

While everyone sat eating and talking shop, his coworker couldn’t help but think about the naked woman next door. He seemed to have rushed through his meal just so that he could get back to her and possibly other naked women next door.

He ate quickly and half paid attention to the work conversation before getting up and wandering back over to the patio door. He made his escape out onto the patio and sat for a few minutes, waiting to see if she would return. It was about 20 minutes later that two women walked outside onto the patio, completely naked and conversing between each other.

Tom’s coworker made a muffled noise that caught their attention and they looked his way, introducing themselves to him and that is when the first woman he met came outside to meet them. She looked at Tom’s coworker and smiled, telling the other two women that this is the man she was speaking to earlier about their nudist community. That drew the attention of the two women towards him as well.

The four of them sat by the short little fence and were telling Tom’s coworker about their community. He seemed very interested, as they were interested in him. He quickly asked them about their sex lives being that they leave nothing to the imagination and walk around nude all the time. The first woman told him they have sex all the time and sometimes with each other.

This peaked his curiosity and then he fumbled the words out about them having sex with people who were not nudist? One of the two told him that they have sex with most anyone willing and that is when she smiled at him. He smiled back and then asked them to model for him like he had a camera and that is exactly what they did for him.

The three women walked around, showing off their bodies, and then became flirtatious with each other before allowing him to touch anything. He was loving every minute of it and kept asking for more. He loved looking at their bodies and the way they showed them off to him. Then Tom stepped outside the door, looking for him, and saw the three naked women flirting around with him. Tom asked him to come back inside so they could finish the meeting.

As his coworker began stepping inside the door, he mentioned that he was going to go ahead and leave, and he would see them at work. Before Tom could say anything, his coworker was already on his way out the front door and closing it behind him.

Tom informed everyone else, including his wife, not to step out onto the patio because of the guests that were visiting next door. They are exhibitionists who live in a nudist community and are visiting our neighbor. After stating that fact, all his coworkers and his boss quickly ended the meeting and thanked Rachel for a beautiful dinner before heading out the front door.

A couple hours later, Tom and Rachel stepped outside for a night cap, thinking that the party next door was over—but to their amazement, there was his boss and one other coworker completely naked having drinks with a couple other people talking about work. Tom reached over and covered Rachel’s eyes, leading her back inside, and they both went straight to bed.

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Exhibitionism Makes for a Fun Evening
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