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Evil Aunt Steals Boyfriend

Tyler Faith in a Kinky Scenario for Bang Bros

Naughty, promiscuous Tyler steals her niece's boyfriend.

In all honesty, I haven't seen much Bang Bros stuff and the scenes I did see I didn't particularly like. They seemed to lack a bit of acting and some scene were a bit too raw for me. Luckily as of late they seem to be going in more of the direction of Brazzers and Naughty America. With better production values comes better scenes which is what this scene with Tyler Faith falls into. Got to admit, what drew me to this scene was Tyler Faith as I'm a bit of a fan. I liked her in 'Seduced by a Cougar, My First Sex Teacher and Desperate Housewives.'

Vintage is better...

Two large reasons why you like your girlfriend's aunt.

My only disappointment with Tyler is that we don't see her more often in scenes. On top of being a successful pornstar she has her own production company 'Team Tyler Productions.' 

Tyler is also currently engaged to her business partner, KSEX Radio's Program Director, Wankus. Quite a contrast to her last engagement to former professional boxing champion Vinny Pazienza. The two met while Tyler was a dancer and were set to be married but Paz couldn't stop seeing other women. I'm also a big fan of Vinny Pazienza but not in the same way as Tyler Faith. It appears Tyler has had quite a roller coaster life but continues to make great scenes like the one above.

Knockout couple?

Tyler likes someone good with their hands.

I managed to pick up this scene on but it's available at Bang Bros in the 'MILF Soup' section.

This scene is great and it plays on an insecurity young girls have when they bring their boyfriend to meet an attractive sibling. It's also a fantasy many of the boyfriends have out there when they meet their girlfriends sibling who's a MILF. Unfortunately the girlfriend and boyfriend in this scene are not credited but they both do a good job acting. As the scene begins the girlfriend is lecturing her boyfriend in the car about her Aunt and that he better not get any ideas. This is cut in between shots of Tyler masturbating on her bed. It's a good fantasy and gets better once the boyfriend finally meets Tyler. The girlfriend introduces them and the boyfriend is captivated. When the girlfriend tries to lead him upstairs she has to tug on his arm for him to release Tyler's handshake. Tyler grins to herself in a sexy way as if to say 'I'm going to have fun with you.'

In hot water!

The boyfriend needs to be dragged away from Aunt Tyler!

The boyfriend is sat relaxing downstairs when Tyler comes through in her pink dressing gown. The curvy 34D-23-33 minx is literally falling out of it giving her niece's boyfriend of view of the assets. She goes out to sunbathe leaving her niece's boyfriend is awe. The girlfriend shouts to let him know she's going in the shower and this gives the guy his sneaky chance.

Good ride and then a bad ride...

The boyfriend gets his new truck trashed for playing away.

The boyfriend sneaks out getting close to Tyler who welcomes his advances. Tyler plays the 'cocky' MILF very well and it always leads up to some good sex. She plays down the massage she's receiving as 'It's just a massage.'

While saying this she moves her niece's boyfriend's hands down to her tits and says 'Now this would be wrong.'

The two start getting it on and the boyfriend lays back as Tyler pulls down his boxer shorts for a blowjob. Visually she gives a great blowjob and knows how to look at the camera while doing. It's not long before Tyler is in the reverse cowgirl position with just her bikini top on working that cock.

Bad Aunt Indeed

Tyler in some promotional shots for Bang Bros.

The girlfriend finishes in the shower to hear noises coming from the pool area. She peers out the window to see her Aunt's bare ass bouncing up and down on her boyfriend's cock. Infuriated, she doesn't confront the two, but instead goes outside and trashes her boyfriend's truck with spray paint. The sex continues as the boyfriend bends over Tyler to give her the orgasm she craves. It's erotic stuff and probably one of Tyler Faith's best scenes. I won't spoil the rest of it for you but it's definitely worth a watch. I give it 5 out of 5; the best Bang Bros scene I've watched with high production values and great sex.

5 out of 5.

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Evil Aunt Steals Boyfriend
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