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Echo the Escort: ‘He Bop’ (Pt. 4)

*Contains Graphic Sex Scenes and Language*


I received a call from Noah at 4 AM informing me he wasn’t booking anyone for one whole week because Cypher, a "Versatile" (meaning he loves to Bottom and Top) had just quit.

Whenever an Escort quits abruptly it screws up everyone’s schedule and causes Noah and his team to re-edit the site.

I don’t remember having anyone booked for the week so this rude call interrupting my sleep was unnecessary.

“I just wanted to let you know. So catch up on any unnecessary sleep or maybe hang out with friends. Either way just rest.”

“Um, that’s exactly what I was doing before you rudely interrupted me!” I thought to myself not wanting to risk the chance of being fired. So I swallowed my anger like it was apple sauce and I replied, “No it’s fine, I was up anyways. Thanks for the heads up.”

“Of course. No problem.”

I hung up the phone and placed it back on its charging dock located on my nearby dresser. I jumped back in bed shivering at the chills that ran through my body as I threw the white and black quilt over myself, covering every inch of my limbs that were exposed to the cold temperature. A moan escaped my mouth as the warmth of the quilt protected and shielded my body from the cold.

Great! Now I was fully awake with no ambitions to go back to sleep. I needed to though. I haven’t had a decent goodnight sleep since I started working for Noah. That was mainly because we didn’t have a set schedule like an office job. Our time of employment varied with clients. Some of us get three hours of sleep, others get four hours of sleep, or the real ambitious guys get only one hour of sleep.

I looked up at the ceiling of my bedroom trying to think of ways to go back to sleep.

My imagination began to run wild and usually when that happens one to two things would take place. Either I would begin writing a few poems in my "Book of Poetry," a composition of various poems I never had the balls to publish.

Or I’d jerk off.

Right now, I needed to sleep and my mind was starting to imagine Matteo Romero, or how the porn industry knew him, La Cima Dominicana—which means "The Dominican Top."

He is a Dominican adult actor, I had the pleasure of meeting a few times during various galas or banquets Somin threw years ago.

He worked for Bullhung Studios, a porn studio that caters to bisexual actors in the industry. Every time Matteo and I chatted he would seemingly always flirt with me but that was his shtick. Men like him yearned to be wanted by gay men. You see it all the time on social media.

A guy posts a picture of himself in his underwear posing all sexy with a caption like, “Just got a haircut, ugh I look ugly!” all so they could get validation from other gay men. They get off to the validation because it boosts their egos and because they love being the fantasy of others.

Matteo, to me, was that guy. He flirted with me in hopes that I would drop to my knees and worship his 11.9 inched uncut Dominican cock—I haven’t seen it in person but I’ve watched the videos he starred in.

It was always about sex with those guys. They don’t want meaningful relationships, they only want to fuck a desperate and lonely Bottom so they can feel like God in that Bottom’s eyes.

I don’t trust God, he and I have a love-hate relationship which stems back to when those Peter and Mary kicked me out the house.

As much as I wanted to shake the image, Matteo was in my head. Not because we recently chatted because we have not seen each other since last year when we went to an event on Fire Island.

I was just horny and needed some relief. I needed to go back to sleep—that was the excuse I used as I felt my boxer briefs tighten.

Pulling the quilt off me, I rubbed my hard cock gripping it through my underwear imagining Matteo rubbing it. In my mind Matteo was telling me how he yearned for me since we first met, that every woman and man costar he was fucking on film was all me in his head.

I told him, “Matteo don’t say that out loud because then it would be real.”

“I don’t give a fuck.” He whispered in my right ear before he nibbled on my earlobe.

I pulled my underwear down freeing my hard cock. It stood erect knowing exactly what I was going to do. I wrapped my right hand around the thick base and slowly began to pull my foreskin up and down, up and down.

Slowly I went up and slowly I went down.

In my mind, Matteo flipped me over on my stomach, ripped my sweatpants off and began to eat my ass. I whined his name shivering as his wet tongue forced itself inside of me. I looked over my shoulder at him smirking as he said, “Can I keep you?”

I nodded and told him “Yes! Papi, you can keep me.”

Imagining his growl as his hands squeezed my ass cheeks as if they were grapefruits, sent me almost over the edge. I could feel his sharp teeth biting my right ass cheek and then my left. I whimpered and moaned his name out letting him know it didn’t hurt, but it felt so fucking good!

He pulled away; his full lips covered with saliva and said, “Say you want me inside you.”

“I-I want you inside of me”

My body shivered and my hand was now wet from pre-cum as I quickened my pace a little, I continued the motion, up and down, up and down!

I could feel him inside of me. It didn’t hurt, my body felt like one with his. He thrusted his hips going deeper and I pushed myself on him. I loved his cock inside of me and he loved being inside me.

“You love my dick, baby?” He asked holding my waist as he held me in the doggy style position.

“I love your dick in me, papi.”

“Whose ass is this?” He asked spanking my right ass cheek causing it to jiggle.

“Yours!” I cried out bouncing on his cock faster.

Up and down!

Up and down!

“Whose cock is this?” I asked gripping the sheets of my bed so it gave me enough support to take him deeper in me.

“Yours baby! This cock is only yours!”

Up and down!

Up and down!

Up and—

“Aghhhhhhh!” I shouted feeling my soul escape my body as my warm creamy load shot in the air. This orgasm wasn’t like anything I have ever felt before. It was strong, relaxing and soul stealing.

After a few drops of cum rained on my chest, I felt my spirit return to my body.

Panting and smiling I licked my lips opening my eyes.

I released my cock watching as it began to go soft and I let out a sigh of relief.

I grabbed a nearby shirt from the floor, wiped myself clean from the mess I made and threw the cum soaked shirt into the hamper which was only a few inches away from my bed.

I’ve never shot so much cum before.

I didn’t have any regrets about using the image of Matteo to help me jerk off. I’m sure if I told him about it he would laugh. He was a vain man… a very sexy, thoughtful-ass eating-cock giving vain man.

Now I could finally go back to sleep and if I was awoken again, I could just imagine myself in a three way with Ryan Reynolds and John Cena.

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Edwin Betancourt
Edwin Betancourt

Edwin is a published writer, author & poet from the Bronx NY. He has been writing since the age of 14 and hasn't stopped since. His dream is to write television shows or movies telling stories that people in all walks of life can enjoy.

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Echo the Escort: ‘He Bop’ (Pt. 4)
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