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Eat This and That!

Foreplay is an important part of sex. Don't forego it.

"I've never had to pretend to be having sex with somebody. I'm like the queen of the foreplay dissolve," Julia Roberts once said. The Pretty Woman was talking about her onscreen persona (at least we hope!) but there does seem to be some hesitation when it comes to foreplay, and there shouldn't be. Foreplay can be one of the, if not the, best part of sex. Here are some ways to have fun with your partner, no penetration required.

Do it anywhere.

There's a story that I found out an ex tells about me. We had been dating for a few months at this point, and it was his birthday. We had a few drinks and danced around the bar. During this, I started to grope him through his jeans. He sobered up enough to drive back to his house, and I gave him road head. It was the first time he experienced that, and the sex afterward was phenomenal. When my friend repeated the story to me, complete with the commentary, I remembered it right away.

What made the sex so hot? First of all, road head is something that most every man loves to get. Exploring the reasons why is a whole other article, so for now, let's just say it combines a love of cars and blow jobs. There's a bit of public sex involved, which adds some danger (try explaining to a cop why your head is in the lap of a driver). Road head is not for everyone but starting on the couch or in the bathroom can lead to some interesting and hot sex.

Ice Ice, Baby

Ever rubbed an ice cube over your nipple or across your guy's shaft? The sensation of these actions is erotic and sends the body into orgasm overdrive. So I hear. Also, if you suck on an ice cube and then take him into your mouth, that will drive him crazy. He will bust his nut super fast. Again, that's what I hear. Try it.

On the flip side, isn't there something comforting about being wrapped in your guy's arms as his fingers slip below and begin to pleasure you? It may be more difficult for gay couples, but it can and has been done. Flip over and make out with your dude, allowing his hands easy access to your ass. Orgasmville, here you cum.

Dance Without a Pole

I had a friend who wanted my booty more than life itself. He was a self-proclaimed straight guy. One who had been single for many years and there was no girl on the horizon for him. We were hanging out one night, and he complained about being horny and wanting to go to the strip but he was honoring his plans with me; plus he had no money. Jokingly, I offered to give him a lap dance. He agreed right away (big surprise since he wanted the ass). After a little strip tease, I sat on his lap and began to grind as if I were going to ride that dick. He came after just a few minutes and held me close all night.

One of the sexiest and naughtiest things that you can do with your guy is to give him a lap dance. Straight dudes—I know there are like two of you who read my stuff—you can do the same for your girl. Not only is it a turn on but it can lead to a role-playing situation, which—let's be honest—is always hot. Plus the way you move your body in dance can be correlated to how good you are in bed. And yes, that is something that can be proven.

Touch of Your Hand

There is a lot of ink about oral sex, and yes, tongue action is hot. Another action that is hot is mutual masturbation. Pop in a porn or a similarly themed movie and don't be afraid to touch yourself in front of your partner. If they join in, great; if not, why not give them a hand (or finger)?

There were two roommates, one straight and one gay. Not exactly friends but friendly enough that after a few drinks they would talk about sex. Both were fresh out of relationships and not looking for anything serious. One night as the conversation got particularly steamy, the gay roommate suggested they watch a porn together. The straight agreed, very fast. He had one already queued up. As the movie played, both began to play with themselves and slowly moved together on the couch. The gay one gave his buddy head while being fingered. After the climax of the film and their own sexy scenario, they agreed to do it again. And they did many times. It was more than mutual attraction; porn lowers the inhibitions of people in the same way that alcohol does.

Why are you still reading this and not acting out one of these tips with your partner? Go have some foreplay and let us know how it went! 

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