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Dude! My Stepmom Is Hot!

Julia Ann remarries in a kinky reality scenario.

Julia Ann is epic in this scene for her official website, Julia Ann Live

Got to be honest, I do love a good reality scene with a kinky twist. The more real it seems the better as it manages to suspend the disbelief of the sub-conscious. What I've found from reviewing porn scenes is that the major players in the industry slowly release content like this so they are able to make a killing financially. It's only in recent years that we've seen the "stepmom" scenario produced emphatically with scenes like "Joslyn's Secret Shower" by Brazzers or the "My Dad's Hot Girlfriend" series. Sometimes when you want to find that special scene you have to browse the websites of porn stars working independently of large companies. Ariella Ferrera and Jodi West do good taboo scenes with a sexy twist, high production values and quality all round. I'm not sure how many hits their websites have but Jodi West is steadily releasing DVDs which are of a high quality.

Enter Mrs. Ann...

Julia drives her stepson's nuts insane.

Another good film maker who's just as good in front of the camera is the legendary Julia Ann. A former contract girl of 49-years-old, she's still ranked 36th in global popularity on the "Free Ones" site. There's just something naturally attractive about her and millions of men can't be wrong. This scene is for her own adult porn site and is entitled, "Dude! My Stepmom is Hot."

Although you can get it from Julia's site, I also managed to find it on the Whore Stepmom website (keyword: reviewed).

Unfortunately, Julia's "stepson" is not credited in the scene, but he does a good job with his acting. Basically, his Dad has re-married and his new wife happens to be Julia Ann. As the scene begins, he's talking to a buddy about how he thinks she might have the hots for him as much as he does for her.

'Special Relationship'

Julia pounces on her new stepson.

They're excellent these type of scenes especially when they're done by a porn star's official website. As kinky as it may sound it makes them feel all the more realistic as if this is a window into this star's life. Julia calls for her new stepson outside his room. He says it's okay to enter and the two converse on the stepson's bed. It appears Julia has moved her new husband and stepson into her home, stating that it helps to have someone fill the "big house." The stepson explains he's very comfortable here and thanks Julia for "putting them up."

Taboo cougar...

Julia strokes her stepson seductively across his chest.

The way the scenes shot to Julia's dress, this scene just looks good. Julia has a mature demeanour which makes it seem more believable. She explains she senses a mutual attraction between them and that perhaps they could have a "special relationship."

It's a big turn on with the reality spin on it and feeds the idea that Julia would do this type of thing with her stepson. I hope she wouldn't, but it makes for good porn anyway. Julia explains he would have to keep it a secret from his dad obviously. The stepson agrees and the two start kissing on the bed. Julia strokes his chest and works down into his sweat pants to work her stepson's shaft. 

Momma got needs...

Julia starts tonguing her stepson in true cougar fashion.

What ensues is a great scene, particularly sexy as Julia slides off her panties to ride her stepson cowgirl. While leaving her dress on she reveals her big pasty backside to the camera. To watch her turn from a squeaky voiced, smiling mother to a scowling, aggressive whore is pretty arousing. I've never liked that tattoo on her ankle, but it doesn't spoil one of the best looking "GILFs" I have ever seen.

Great scene!

Julia lip locking with her stepson.

I personally think you're going to love this scene, it's great acting and hot sex. Julia's body even looks good from the "bullet" position and by the end it'll have you wishing you were cumming over her big 36E tits. I'm going to give this five out of five and recommend you go and watch it right away. This is even better stuff than the contract shoots she did for Wicked, Vivid or Digital Playground.

5 out of 5.

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Dude! My Stepmom Is Hot!
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