Don't Fall

Being Young and Out of Love: Part 5

Prior to seeing Hershey again, we texted for about two weeks. He was still getting acquainted with his new place and I was giving him the space to do that. However, when we were encroaching on that third week, I figured he wasn't going to be the one to make the first move and invite me over, so I asked when he was going to do just that. We quickly made plans for early the following week. 

A few days before, I was to hop on the 20-minute bus to his place, he asked me about my intentions, and for those who have read my previous entries, I did as I do and just turned the question back on him over answering it myself. There was a pretty long pause before he texted me back saying that he wasn't really all that interested in dating anyone, period. 

I later found out that he hasn't dated anyone in three years and that's his plan for the rest of his life. Forever as free as a bird.... or footloose and fancy-free... or whatever makes him feel more manly.

Basically, what I'm getting at was I had finally found a guy who seemed to not be an asshole and didn't want to shack up and shackle down. This was good, this was very good.

So, I head over to his place and we hug when he comes down to grab me, which was a little weird and was a moment that has never been repeated which makes it weirder. Then we spent about an hour pretending like I hadn't come over just to hook up or something and chatted about random things. Then finally, he leans over, we start kissing and then we proceed to the bedroom. 

This happened a couple times that night where we would sit watching YouTube videos like this was all we intended to do, start making out, head to the bedroom. After our second go, it was getting late and we were cuddled up on the couch, with me starting to fall asleep in his arms and the question of my plans comes up. 

So, I sit up and say that I should probably head out if I'm going to catch my bus and head home for a semi-reasonable hour. He had other plans... Me staying night, with the obvious intention of wanting sex in the morning. And my lazy ass, not really wanting to get on a bus and transit home, agrees.

Now, he has to leave his house at around 6:30 AM, which means we are waking up prior to 6 and putting a timer on our sex session... Which is just suuuuper sexy, am I right? No, I'm not. The sex was good but rushed and was over before I could reeeeally enjoy myself. Leaving me hanging as he runs to shower and then ushers me out of the house. Which was fine and expected and he actually was kind enough to drive me halfway home as it was on his way to work.

And that was that. Then the worrying set in. You see because we are being casual we aren't being exclusive, meaning that he is or will be having sex with other girls. Fine, whatever, except he kind of didn't use a condom two of the three times we had sex and like, maybe, I should have stopped that and not let it be an afterthought the next morning especially after making such a big deal about condoms with Harley Davidson but... I'm dumb okay?

I texted him later that day asking about when we were going see each other again and his reply is "Are we still casual or....?"

The realization came that I was going to have to lay down my guidelines, again probably should have been the first thing I did but... Anyways, I quickly ask him if he had any intention or want to be anything more than casual. He replies no, that he still wants to be casual to which I say, "Then we good."

When we meet up the next week it's the same as before. He comes down and grabs me (we don't hug, I just say hi and walk inside). We go upstairs, we pretend we aren't just going to fuck then start making out. This is when I lay down the law, cause really what a better time than when he is "ready go," if ya know what I'm saying.

If you are gonna have sex with other ladies, go for it, but you are going have to use a condom with me because I'm not about that STI life.

I am not a booty call. I like plans and order, this allows me to organize my life. Just because I want to make a plan for the following week doesn't mean I want to be your one and only.

Branching off of number 2, if I wanted sex once a month, I would get a boyfriend. So be prepared to make plans with me often.

He agrees to them all, making a comment of how sad the concept of sex once a month with a partner was, but buddy, it happens. Then we proceed to have sex without a condom... cause in his words, "I'm not having sex with other girls right now."


Later that night I ask him if he has any guidelines or boundaries that he wants me to follow. Home-slice replies "Don't fall for me."

I bus to your place. We have sex twice in the evening. We have sex once at 6 fucking am. Then you drop me off on the side of the road for me to walk the rest of the way home. I'm not complaining BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO FALL FOR?

Not to mention when the third time we see each other rolls around, and he pulls out a condom. What's to fall for? But that's a longer story for another day.



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