Does Size Matter?

Chipping Away at Male Sexual Insecurities

Below Average doesn't mean you can't have great sex.

Recently, while pursuing through Facebook, I came across several articles focused mainly on the size of a man's penis; namely what constitutes as the average size.  

One article claimed that average sits between 6 and 8 inches. I simply must cry bullshit on this. Throughout my twenty years of sexual activity, I have only seen, outside of porn, one penis over 6 inches. One! How can this article claim that 8 inches registers as average?  

In my experience, anything between four-and-a-half and six inches is average. Now, a particular article was not an official study, it was a poll on a rather narrow age group. This didn't sit too well with me; it appeared rather biased. Polls and surveys are often used to express opinions. So, from what I gathered, this article was only based off of opinion. Therefore, 6 to 8 inches cannot be the true average size for a man's penis.  

Even if you are a man who falls below what I have experienced to be the more appropriate total, there is no reason to believe you cannot have fantastic sex or provide fantastic sex to your partner. It's all a matter of having an open mind, a little patience, and some creativity.

There are numerous positions which can help amplify the sexual experience for both parties, some which may only work best for a smaller penis. The number one go-to position for deep penetration is "doggy-style." If you happen to have a penis that is 5 inches or smaller, this is a position which can help keep you from slipping out and places your unit closer to a woman's "G-spot," which is located only a couple inches beyond the vaginal opening. 

There are ways to modify this position to suit your individual size. Begin by having your partner on all fours, in the traditional manner, but instead of placing her weight on her palms, have your partner bear the weight on her forearms. This places the rump higher, therefore making her "G-spot" easier to access. It is important that she arches her back, pushing her rear end upward. Again, this places the "G-spot" in a more accessible place.  

The key to making this position work best for men with smaller penises is to avoid the "in-out" motion. Both parties will need to move at the same rate, colliding into one another; think of clapping hands, both palms must meet in the middle. By doing this, you will lessen the chance of slipping out. It also helps to keep your partner's thighs tightly together, this shortens the vaginal passage and aids in deeper penetration. Another benefit of this position is the man's, or woman's, ability to have full access to the clitoris. By stimulating a woman's clitoris, the pleasure can be amplified.  

Another tip is to get down and dirty with props. No, I'm not talking about dildos, though bringing in toys during foreplay will help ensure your partner achieves full climax several times over. There are several wedge-like products on the market, but they can get pricey, which can aid in comfort when trying new positions. As wonderful as some of these products can be, pillows can be equally as helpful.  

Stack the pillows atop one another and, kneeling in front of the stacks, have your partner lean forward over the pillows.  Have your partner press her thighs tightly together as she would during "doggy" and place your thighs on the outside of hers. This position is aptly named "The Magic Mountain," as it can make the "doggy" position more comfortable.

Other traditional positions, such as "Reverse Cowgirl," the man on the bottom and the woman on top with her rear facing him, and "Girl on Top," are fantastic for clitoral stimulation, which increases the intensity of the female orgasm. There are some slight variations for these two positions. Avoid the traditional "in-out" motion, instead opting for a swivel or firm grinding motion against his pelvis.  This is a tried and true position no matter the penis size.

One personal favorite, whether he be big or small, is the "Splitting Bamboo" position. For this position, have her lay on her back, lifting in leg up to rest on your shoulder and placing her other thigh between yours in a straddle. The lifting of her leg will place your penis in the prime position to rub against not only her "G-spot" but also providing clitoral stimulation.  The higher she can lift her leg, the deeper the penetration. Keep in mind though, do not force her leg higher than she is comfortable with.  

Another variation of this position is called "The Butterfly." Rather than placing a single leg up, have her place both legs up and rested against your shoulders. Place either a purchased wedge or pillows beneath her rear, tilting her pelvis upward; you can even reach beneath and lift her rear as well. As always, be sure her thighs are pressed tightly together to shorten the vaginal passageway, therefore providing deeper penetration.

Finally, though not the least, is another personal favorite of mine, is "The Eagle." Have her lay on her back with both legs raised skyward and spread as far apart as her comfort levels allow. This works best when you hold onto her knees or ankles, giving yourself added support. "The Eagle" is a prime position for varying your speed and thrusts with the more traditional "in-out" motion.  For smaller penises, it is important to keep the thrusts short. Another great thing is that her clitoris is fully exposed for either her or yourself to simulate, adding to the pleasure.  

This is a position which can be varied quite a bit. Instead of her rear laying flat against the sheets, raise it upward and place your knees beneath her allowing her body to rest against your thighs. Her thighs can either be spread wide or placed tightly together. If her thighs are together, be sure to press down on them, placing her in a sort of fetal position, as you enter.  

Each of these positions can be altered to suit both partners comfort levels, which can be increased through yoga stretches to increase flexibility, and make smaller penises irrelevant.  Even a man of smaller size can provide his partner with earth shaking orgasms, leaving her wanting more and your confidence higher.  

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