Dirty Little Liar

The Story of How I Kept Cheating on My Boyfriend for Two Years

Sex is what makes the world go round. Without sex, there'd be no way to repopulate. I mean, how many times have you had sex just because you were bored? I would have sex all the time if I could. 

When I was 15 years old, I snuck out of my house for the first time ever just to lose my virginity to a guy who I've always been obsessed over. I'm not talking about crazy stalking obsession, no, I'm talking about thinking about them all time, even when you're not even with them. So, yes, I lost my virginity in a bathroom with the shower on so his friends that were spending the night wouldn't hear the action. Let's move on to where I have my boyfriend Jesse three months later. 

I really like Jesse. Jesse is not the guy I lost my virginity to. It was Ricky. At the time, I am in New Mexico for the summer while Jesse and Ricky are back in San Antonio. Ricky was my friend all of freshman year. Before he had the idea of taking my virginity, he had a girlfriend, who he broke up with just to fuck me. Now, Jesse keeps asking questions about Ricky and I.

 "Did y'all ever mess around?"

"Was y'alls friendship more than just the friend part?" 

Of course, me being me, I lied. I told him that Ricky just knew me so well and he was just a really great friend. Two weeks before summer is over, I go back home to San Antonio. Ricky keeps calling me, asking when we'll hangout again. Ricky has this type of affect on me. He's seriously not even better looking than Jesse, but there was something about him that made me smile and gave me butterflies. I would talk to him all day while Jesse was working. I liked Ricky but told him to keep quiet about the taking my virginity until school started. Of course, guys being guys, he opened his mouth about it. He told his friends that he felt bad because he was friends with Jesse. One of Jesse's friends overheard this conversation that went on in the boys locker room. He tells Jesse and the problems begin.  

Long story short: Jesse tells me not to talk to Ricky ever again. I really like Jesse at the time, so I listen. Ricky is texting and calling and I just won't answer. Sophomore year starts and I'm back to school with my new boyfriend, Jesse. I see Ricky in the halls sometimes, but I just look down. Now, this went on all of sophomore year. Once sophomore year ended, things got a little heated. I receive a text in June at maybe 12 AM? It's Ricky. 


I know I shouldn't reply, but it's been 11 months with Jesse and I'm getting bored, so I reply back to Ricky. For some reason, I text him all of June and most of July. 

July 22nd is the day Jesse and I first got together. I'm on the phone with him and we're talking about how fun tomorrow is gonna be since it's our one year anniversary. Ricky was texting me the whole day about how tonight should be the night we fuck once again. It's 10 PM on a summer night and I tell Jesse I'm exhausted and just wanna sleep. 

"Okay baby, good night my princess, can't wait til tomorrow." 

I hang up and instantly call Ricky. 

"So what's the deal, you'll pick me up and we'll go to your place?" 

It's now 12:30 AM. Technically it's my one year anniversary with Jesse. I'm outside of my house waiting for Ricky to show up. Now, I have no idea what affect this dude has on me, but I need him to want me all the time. We get to his house and we fuck. I had sex with Jesse a few times since we got together but it just was never satisfying. While I'm letting Ricky fuck me it's too good. The way he pounds my pussy and rubs my clit. God, it was just amazing sex. I know what you're thinking: What a total slut cheating on her boyfriend on their one year anniversary. Well, I didn't care. I fucked Ricky and I fucked him again and again. 

It is now my junior year in high school. I'm still with Jesse and I'm still fucking Ricky on the side. I have a job at the mall down the street from my school. So everyday after school, when Ricky wants to fuck, I tell my boss I'll be running late because I had to stay for tutoring. I tell Jesse, who has a car now and drops me off at work, that I need to be there at four thirty instead of five. School ended at four, so Jesse would drop me off right away. Instead of going to work, I would walk to the other side of the mall and wait for Ricky to pick me up. Let me tell you. I did this from September until May. Ricky and I would fuck almost every single day after school. Usually Wednesdays and Fridays. Our sex was just so fucking great. When it was during school hours, and if I saw Ricky while I was walking with Jesse, I'd take a quick glance at him and would always see a smirk on his face. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Jesse! I mean, he really didn't deserve it because he was such a great boyfriend! It's just that Ricky was sooo great at sex. All the time I was fucking Ricky made me appreciate and love Jesse more than ever. Did Jesse ever find out? Yes, he did. His reaction was just as expected. He wanted to fight Ricky. Ricky didn't want any problems. I convinced Jesse to stay with me and he did. We're currently three years strong. 

What about Ricky? Did I ever develop feelings for him? Did he ever develop feelings for me? Yes, and yes. I really wanted to break up with Jesse at one point and see how it would work out with Ricky. Ricky and I only knew one relationship: The fuck each other and keep quiet. Hell, my senior year, I fucked him a couple more times. Not only was I still with Jesse, Ricky also had a girlfriend named Alexis, who was one of my younger sister's best friends. 

Wow, what a terrible person I am. No. I'm not terrible. I just couldn't ignore my temptations. No other guy had the balls to have a little affair with me, except Ricky. Ricky and I had history, too. Our friendship freshman year was amazing. He knew me more than anyone...more than Jesse. Currently, I am 18. Six months out of high school. Still with Jesse. Still working at the same store at the mall. I will admit, I'm a little heavier than I was in high school. Recently, I've seen Ricky working at a cap store next door to the store I work. No, we aren't messing around at the moment, but I would sure love to. We'll see what happens then. 

Thank you for reading! 

I hope you enjoyed my little story of my love life. 

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