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Dirty Cousin Takes Over!

Megan does the dirty on cousin's boyfriend...

Megan prowling her cousin's bedroom for Blake, her cousin's boyfriend.

This really was an excellent pornographic series and I'm going to have to research to see if they did anymore good scenes. The "Backstabbing Sluts" series is borderline taboo at times, but doesn't cross that line, which makes it even more appealing. As is the case above when Ann Todd's boyfriend Blake cheats on her with her cousin Megan in a kinky scenario. The scene is well performed and I was actually able to find the names of all actors and actresses. I managed to watch the scene on Whorestepmom, but it is widely available. A video search on a search engine will bring many results if you wish to find it.

Waking your cousin's boyfriend up...

Ann Todd is frustrated as she can't seem to wake him up and she has to be at work.

Though I was able to find the names of these performers, I did find it difficult to find any information about them. At the very least I managed to find out all three are pornstars from Canada, but not much else. I do recognise Megan from a taboo website called "Mother-Daughter Fuck!"

On the website, Megan and her real life mother would double-team various studs in true taboo fashion. Luckily, they didn't participate in incest (thank fuck), but it did push the boundaries of taste as a real life mother and daughter sucked a guy's dick together.

Some things are better left not filmed...

Megan gets ready to pounce on Blake's cock.

This scene is pure quality. Ann not being able to wake her boyfriend is joined in her bedroom by the delicious Megan who plays her cousin. Megan has that "just woken up" look, complete with those pajama bottoms us men like to pull down. Ann rudely gripes to Megan, telling her to get him up as she has to get to work. In a touch of irony Megan replies "It's a good job you're my favourite cousin."

Nice little touches like this make the scene that much hotter as it starts to heat up. Megan attempts to wake Blake who seems stone dead, in that he refuses to move. Megan being the sly she devil decides to have a peak at his cock. It's been a long time since she had an intimate encounter. What makes the scene more believable is Ann Todd is a "larger lady" and Megan is a petite little minx. It works at making the viewer suspend their disbelief and it overall allows it to appear more real. The scene plays on the fantasy of "morning sex" too which is pretty erotic. I know plenty of guys who would love to get hot and sweaty on a morning with a hottie like Megan. While Blake is unconscious, Megan pulls back the cover to reveal his huge shaft. She's amazed at the size of it and starts sucking away while looking at the camera. It's a good shot, eventually waking Blake who panics at the sight of his girlfriend's cousin giving him a blowjob. Megan explains she hasn't had sex in a while since she's been traveling, but Blake is still reluctant. He eventually has to "give in" as he can't resist Megan with her tits out and no pants on. Although, as she continues, he expresses feeling guilty for what he is doing. That said, as soon as he's got Megan in the doggy position bareback—that guilt goes out the window. Megan relishes banging her cousin's boyfriend, scowling at the camera and talking dirty. It's class stuff and watching her big enhanced tits bounce was cool, too. On some online forums, I found that some fans didn't like how Megan broke the "fourth wall," speaking to the camera, which is a bit understandable. Still, the scene was worth a watch. Megan is pure filth, bound to give the biggest prude an erection. I'm going to give this scene four out of five for good acting, sex, but the fantasy was ruined a bit for fans when Megan started speaking to the camera.

4 out of 5

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Dirty Cousin Takes Over!
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