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Dick Pic Etiquette

Before you send a picture of your junk, here are some things to think about.

“Can you believe he sent me this?” Girls will often ask, thrusting their phone in the faces of their gay friends. Most of the time it is a picture of a man’s penis. More often than not, the man sending the intimate picture has not even asked the lady on a date yet or worse they just started talking. Before you send the next dick pic, read these rules, they’ll help! 

Date First

This seems counterintuitive in the hookup generation, but ask for a date before you send a nude. This will show that you have at least a passing interest in the recipient as a person and not as someone who will be a hump and dump. Be honest about your intentions at the same time, if all you want is to fuck, tell them. They could want the same thing or maybe they want a relationship. Either way, don’t send a dick pic without doing that.

Don’t Get Mad

More times than I can count, I’ve had a straight guy friend upset because he sent a dick pic and got no response from a girl. Just because you send a pic of yourself naked, does not mean a girl (or anyone) is required to respond. Sometimes they are being kind by not answering the message.

Not Every Cock Is Great

This will be hard to hear, but your dick may not be the greatest of all. Sometimes the one receiving the picture will think that it’s just average or may not like it. Just as with everything to do with dating there are preferences. Also, remember just because you like a lady (or gentleman) does not mean that they are required to reciprocate that feeling. If you choose to send your cock to someone, they are not required to answer or like it.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

I’m shocked that I wrote those words too. There is nothing more disappointing than thinking the guy you’re about to hook up with has a big dick, only to find out that it was a mirage. If you’re confident enough to take a picture of it, don’t try to fool man-lovers about the size. If we’re willing to have sex with you, the decision has already been made before we saw it. There are ways we can determine how big a guy’s dick is, so the trick just makes you look insecure and like a liar. Even a small dick can get the job done if it knows how to move the ocean.

Face It

Same with the size of a dick not mattering, neither does the size of your body. Take this into consideration; you want to see the body of the person you’re sending a dick pic to, they want to see your face. One time I had a guy try to pass Colin Farrell’s cock off as his own. I knew who’s it was because of a project (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it). When confronted he sent me another dick pic but refused to send a face or body pic with it. Why? It wasn’t his. Don’t be that dude. If you’ve gotten to this point and have a willing recipient of a dick pic, show them your body, show your face. Be proud and remember they think you’re sexy enough to see your stuff, let them see it all.

Never send an unsolicited dick pic to anyone. In a lot of areas that is now considered to be harassment and can end your career. Nobody wants that. Most of us want to see sexy men being sexy, and nothing is sexier than respect. 

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Dick Pic Etiquette
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