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Diary Of A Life For Rent

Episode 1 - Introduction

Welcome to 'Diary of a life for rent'.

'Diary of a life for rent' is a fictional erotic/romantic blog which not only follows the life of Katie but also those closest to her. Throughout the story, Katie and her friends will have to face many issues such as dating, safe sex, new love, infidelity, heartache, and much more.



After yet another soul-crushing heartbreak, free spirit Katie moves back to her home town ready to start her life over. With a fresh attitude and new rules in place in an attempt to guard her heart, Katie takes on a no-nonsense approach to her relationships with men and refuses to embark on any new relationships. It isn't long after moving back that Katie begins a non-commitment relationship with the local handyman Vincent. All seemed to be going well for a while but when Vincent proposes that they take their relationship to the next level, she calls things off with him. With Katie being single again and back on the market, things take an interesting turn when she begins a new job working in an estate agency in the city. This is where Katie meets the one and only, David DiMarco. As Katie and David get closer, David introduces Katie into a whole new world that she would never have dreamed of in her wildest fantasies.

Despite her experience and confidence, even Katie knows that David's fantasies go above and beyond anything she has ever experienced before. Can she keep her life complication free as she had hoped? The deeper she delves into his world, she feels more lost than ever. How far will she be willing to let things go?

Overpowering and seductive, Diary of a Life For Rent is a must read blog that you won't be able to put down.



This was it, my worst fear had come to life. Just when I thought I'd seen how far down the rabbit hole goes, a whole new depth appears, only this time it was hell. There I was bent over the table, wearing nothing but a blindfold, a ball gag, and the rope being used to bind my wrists behind my back. I tried not to give my tormentor the satisfaction of letting out a scream but with every crack of the leather whip on my now very tender behind, I couldn't help but flinch. Each strike was worse than the last and as the sharp pain deepened through to my very soul I could feel a tear running down my face. When I thought of all those times I had previously been in a similar position, I realised what a fool I had been. Those times I didn't mind but I have to wonder what I was thinking to allow myself to be involved in such a world. I thought this would be fun and games, something to open my eyes and give me a new perspective on life. It was never meant to come this far. I always understood that I may have been the submissive in this arrangement but the bottom line was that I was always in control. That's one important part of the sub/dom relationship that people don't always seem to understand. Though the dom may be the one influencing the actions to assert his or her control, they can only do what the sub agrees with in advance. That's one of the aspects I loved most about this place, it was all about communication and agreeing with what we felt comfortable with. At any point of my choosing, if I felt uncomfortable, then all I had to do was say the word and it would all be over. Not now though, even if I could, I knew that screaming my safe word would be no use, not tonight. No rules were being followed here, for the first time since entering this wonderland of fetishes and excitement, this night of pain was not consensual but in fact part of a sick and twisted punishment being forced upon me. I had hoped I would have been stronger. I always imagined that if I were ever faced with a situation like this, then I would be able to hold my own, fight off my attacker but no, this was not the case. Despite always having visioned myself as a strong confident woman who cowers to no one, here I am bending to the will of another. The truth is this is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and deep down I feel I've had it coming for a while. All I can do is accept my fate and pray that it doesn't get worse. With my tormentor screaming at me I try my best to keep calm. That's when I heard the footsteps coming down the hallway. I tried to squirm and break free and scream for help but my tormentor only held me down tighter. I couldn't bear the pain, I just wanted to be free from this nightmare. I had no idea what to expect next. Was this person coming down the hall a friend or foe? Were they coming to help torture me more or set me free? Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, the door opened. 


Fay-Marie Digby is a freelance fiction writer, sharing her love for writing through her fictional alter ego, Katie. Katie has appeared as her leading lady many times over the years, most recently in her blog called Diary of a life for rent.

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