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Diaries of a Call Girl

Food Is My Fetish, Anal

My phone buzzed, vibrating across the kitchen table. Picking it up, I read the message.

“I have to go,” I yelled over my shoulder as I gathered my dishes from the kitchen table.

Walking to my bedroom, I showered and prepared myself for the evening. Placing the final touches of lipliner, I glided the bright red lipstick flawlessly onto my full, pouty lips. Adjusting my red stockings, I slid my stiletto heels on. I took a moment for one final check in the mirror, sprayed my perfume, and I’m gone.

Pulling up to the valet of the hotel, I climbed out of my Mercedes and handed my keys to the young man who eagerly slid behind the wheel. Stepping onto the marble floor in the lobby of the luxury hotel, I headed straight for the elevators, ignoring the other guests that milled around in their evening attire, not taking time to gawk at the chandeliers that cast their light or the gold that trimmed the moldings. This was one of the most expensive hotels in the city, I had been more than familiar.

Stepping out of the elevator, I heard the doors close behind me. Walking down the wide hallway, I stopped at the last door on the right. Knocking lightly, I waited patiently at the door.

Looking eye to eye, a smile edged its way onto my lips. He was handsome. Walking into the room I took in the view; it was a corner unit, nice!

Turning to my new friend for the evening, I untied my trench coat and let it fall to the floor. Standing in a red cocktail dress that clung tightly to my every curve, I stood, allowing him to look me over. Seeing that I had his approval I followed him into the bedroom. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Food, there were trays and plates of food on every table, dresser, any flat space that would hold something.

“Why don’t you lay down and make yourself comfortable?” he asked, motioning to the bed.

I turned and allowed him to unzip the back of my dress so I could slink out of it. Stretching myself out on the king bed, I let him take in my bright red satin and lace attire.

Placing my arms above my head, offering myself to him. He asked me to close my eyes and I obeyed. I felt something warm and gooey on my stomach. I knew he was smearing something on me. I could hear his breath, the excitement he was feeling. Then I felt his touch on my skin, exploring his boundaries as he licked up whatever he spread on me. Finding the clasp on the front of my bra, he flipped it open, revealing my breasts to him. His hands roamed over my body, something squishing as he squeezed my breasts. Peeking, I realized it was macaroni and cheese. Quirky.

“Feed me the spaghetti,” he said.

Standing on the bed I dangled the noodles, one at a time above him. Making him try and catch the noodles with his mouth as it swayed back and forth. Soon naked, we dabbled in all of the different foods. Smearing Jello on my ass, he rubbed and licked it off with an occasional slap on the buttocks. His finger finding my anus and fumbling until half of it was inside my dark cavity. Or maybe it was a chicken bone?

Realizing he was touching himself at the same time, I thought it might be a good time to suggest taking it further.

“Is it time for dessert?” I asked, winking at him as I wiggled my butt.

“Yeah,” he panted, excitement getting the best of him.

Removing his finger from me he stood to reach for a canister of water and a towel. He began to wash me completely. Encouraging him, I whispered sexual words, grazing his hard shaft with my fingers as I waited to see what else was on the menu. Then I saw the fondue fountain and the wet, runny chocolate. I knew I was to be the item you dipped in the fondue.

In only moments I had chocolate dripping down my body. Teasingly, droplets balanced on my pert nipples. Running down my stomach as I stood on my knees in the middle of the bed, he painted me as he drizzled the chocolate on every inch of me. Giving in to touching and licking me all over like a life-size piece of candy. Pushing me down on my forearms, still on my knees, my ass stuck in the air. I felt him begin to fondle and play with my clit. His tongue licking and probing every crack until settling on my anus again. Each of his hands was placed on a butt cheek as he pulled them apart, spreading me wide open. His finger exploring my anus again, penetrating, then moving in and out, finger fucking my ass. When he became still and paused for a brief moment, I knew what was about to happen and I was ready.

The warm chocolate mixed with oils lubed me up well enough for his hard cock to push itself into my anus. He was going to butt fuck me!

Grabbing the sheets I squirmed under the threshold of pleasure and pain. All of the touching and playing had me ready to accept him. But now, now he was plunging deep inside me, no longer fondling me. I could feel the need to touch myself so I reached down and began to play with my clit.

“This John was going to get me off!” I thought, letting out a squeal about the same time he let himself cum.

“Oh, wow,” I exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah.” He nodded in agreement.

Stepping out of the shower, I put myself back together and walked to the door. Smiling all the while.

“I enjoyed myself,” I confessed. Taking the three thousand dollars from his hand.

“Me too.” He smiled. “That’s why there is an extra thousand in there for you.” Winking as he closed the door behind me.

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