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DDLG/Age Play vs Pedophilia and Incest

Know the difference.

I get frustrated when people don't know the difference because incest and pedophilia are so far from DDLG and age play. Pedophilia is where people have a sexual attraction to minors or little kids. Incest is when you're attracted to or do sexual stuff with people that are related to you by blood. DDLG or any related dynamic is a pure thing that people get into for many reasons. My Dom said that he's into DDLG because he needs to be needed, not because he's attracted to little kids or his family. He also loves to protect me and be there for me. Most caretakers feel the same way. They crave this feeling of being needed and to nurture. Caregivers have a desire that is stronger than most people to do these things. DDLG or age play also isn't about molestation fantasy or anything similar. DDLG is about love, respect, taking care of each other and nurturing the little. It makes sense to those who realize what these types of dynamics are really about.

Most age players who regress do it because they need stress relief or there was some sort of trauma in their life. They also need to release real world cares or worries. Some littles may have parental issues and that's probably why they are into DDLG but this isn't a fantasy of being with that parent or anyone in a parental role. It's more like they're trying to work through the issues or regain a pure childhood experience. Every little is different and their reasons are unique to them. They also desire rules and structure.

A lot of people who identify as a little, middle, or baby aren't sexual in their little state or space. Some people think that DDLG is sexual; for a select few it might be. The sexual littles may be why people compare DDLG to pedophilia or incest. In all honesty, I have not talked to other littles or caregivers that are sexual in little space, during regression, or age play time. I believe that the people like that are rare. I also doubt that there are any people who are sexual in little space. Do I have sex or do sexual things? Yes but not while age playing or in regression. It's creepy to me to do that. Little space may be more vulnerable than sex for some people.

Any dynamic in the realm of DDLG is one where one partner acts younger than they really are and the other is the caregiver. The one who acts younger (the little/ middle/ baby) has a thing called "little space" where they regress to their little age. Most people are non-sexual in their little space. They may be this way because it seems wrong to them and the caregiver usually doesn't want to take advantage of their partner when they are in a vulnerable state. Little space is a very vulnerable thing to even tell people about. You never know what people will say about the lifestyle so you have to be careful about who you tell. It's hard to know who you can trust with this information. I have been hurt by several people when I came clean about how I choose to regress and age play.

People may ask if it's not sexual why is it in the BDSM realm and why are the guys called doms? It's because it's a form of power exchange. The little is giving the caregiver the power to punish and set rules. Doms in other dynamics do the same things so that's why DDLG is a part of BDSM and why daddy doms are considered doms.

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DDLG/Age Play vs Pedophilia and Incest
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