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Dark Side: Chapter One

Bad Relationship

Heavy footsteps stomped up the stairs and loud laughter had awakened her. It was a familiar laugh, so she smiled. His laugh never bothered her because she loved Joseph so. She also heard other familiar voices and laughter of Ray, Cecil and Jacob. They had better keep it down once they get once they get inside, thought Sarah.

It had been a busy evening at the diner...a shift of four to midnight. She had busted her ass that day with nothing to show for it. It was thankless work. The customers were not what kept her there; the hustle and bustle, the smells of the kitchen. Tonight was a dud. Tomorrow would be better.

She listened as the keys clumsily fought to find the key hole, along with innuendos and laughter. The lock finally squeaked open; loud voices, belches entered the room. Her husband asked if they wanted another beer. The answer was unanimous of course. As if they really needed another one. At this point, she was sure that the vile alcohol was dripping from their pores. The stench was palpable. After the perpetual cracks of metal and the long swigs, there was more talking. Their voices were even louder because she had forgotten to close the door to their bedroom. She was too exhausted to get up. Sarah was sure that she could sleep through the slurs and warbliness of drunken men.

Sarah was just about to drift off again when she heard Ray say, "She looked like she was going to smother you with those titties!"

Then Jacob said, "Yeah Joseph, the way she was humping you, it's no wonder you didn't cum through your jeans."

"Who says he didn't. She put her mouth around his jeans next," chimed in Cecil.

“Yes, it was awesome to be with someone who had some talent when it has to do with my cock,” Joseph concluded. More laurels of laughter exploded.

“Why are you even with Sarah,” asked Ray.

“I like the control I have over her. She will do anything that I ask. She has food on the table as soon as I come home even after a hellacious shift at the diner. If she tries to argue with me about anything, all I have to do is raise my hand to her and she immediately shuts her fat face. As you can see by the way of this house, it stays clean too. I just love a woman who can clean, it turns me on. I just fuck her from behind though, so I can’t see her giggling everywhere. I didn’t tell you this but I saw that stripper before. She was doing some shopping in Baby Dolls in the mall. I talked to her and she gave me her number,” bragged Joseph.

“Wow Joseph, a sweet piece of ass and a mother you can fuck too. You have got it made!” marveled Ray.

“I gotta go take a piss,” Jacob said. He didn’t bother to close the door while he was doing his now unconcealed business. “Ah shit,” he exclaimed.

“What happened,” asked Joseph.

“I pissed on your bathroom rug. I don’t think I made it into the pot,” Jacob said. He didn’t. There was a giant puddle. It was so large that it covered the entirety of the small half bathroom floor, soaking through the rug hugging the toilet and the one by the sink.

“Don’t worry about it bro, Sarah will clean it up when she gets up,“ said Joseph.

“How am I supposed to get out of here, there is piss everywhere,” exclaimed Jacob.

“Just walk on through it, dumb ass. Like I said, Sarah will clean it up, even if she has to do it on her hands and knees.” When he said knees, he had a large toothy grin. He was even getting a semi-hard on. He began to realize now how much he had it made.

Jacob trudged on through his piss on the floor, creating a tiny wave so that it was not only on the floor in the bathroom but was seeping onto the carpet leading into the living room. He never argued with Joseph. Jacob thought that Joseph pretty much knew best and everything he did would come out just fine.

“Hey when you are done with Sarah, can I have her? I would sure like a crack at that ass,” inquired Cecil.

“Hell, Cecil I will just rent her out to you for fifty dollars a day. You can have a good fuck and she will clean your house,” beamed Joseph.

“Are you serious?” Cecil asked bewildered.

“I am as serious as a heart attack. I want that bathroom cleaned up first. Trixie was coming over after Sarah starts her shift at the diner. I don’t want a queen walking in squalor. I might as well get her out of the house early so Trix can come on over. I just love weekends.”

“Done!” exclaimed Cecil.

“I want a piece of that action,” Ray said.

“I want her after Ray,” said Jacob.

“Sold.” confirmed Joseph.

Sarah couldn't move. She felt paralyzed, wide-eyed. She felt like an elephant was laying on top of her, forbidding any movement. She listened as they raped her with their words. She listened to them tear through her until there was nothing left of her as a human being.

Then Joseph yelled, "Oh fuck, the bedroom door is open!"

“Ah bro, she is passed out. She had a four to midnight shift." said Cecil with drunken concoctions of reassurance.

She hears footsteps coming in the direction of the bedroom. Sarah was facing the door and closed her eyes to try to look natural from what he could see of her. Sarah could feel him watching her, making sure she was still asleep. With her eyes closed, she realized that tears had welled up. They were spilling fourth, pooling on to her pillow. It was a good thing that it was dark in there. An even better thing that emotions were felt and not seen, otherwise she would have lit up the room with brilliant colors of rage, rejection and a new-found insecurity.

The door may have slowly creaked shut, but her heart was cut wide open. She turned to the other side of her pillow and whaled into her pillow. At that moment, she mourned. She mourned for the person she once was. She missed the liveliness of her soul. She seemed to herself just a shell of the person that was in her body now. She mourned for her marriage and all of the longings that it could have been, but were not. Sarah had her face pushed up against her pillow so much that she thought she was going to suffocate or drowned herself in her own tears.

Her brain was reeling. He had never mentioned having the desire to go to a place like that. But why would he...he would have gone anyway. It was all starting to come together. The four to midnight shifts that she was taking on the weekends, money missing from her tips that she had made the night before.

Sarah felt like her flaws were detaching from her body, telling her one at a time what was wrong with her; that she wasn't enough. He was supposed to love and protect her. Now here he was selling her off as a slave and a whore. Honestly, a whore would have had more dignity then she did. They can at least choose who they can sleep with.

Sarah stopped crying just in time. She dried her eyes silently laying there in slight stupor, facing the door again. She knows that if she lays here all night, exhaustion will take hold. An endless sleep and she will be woken up, and shipped like a package to be with one of his drunken buddies. All was quiet in the living room. Drunken swine must have passed out. Sarah decides to make her escape, but before she can even rise, she hears footsteps coming toward the bedroom. The door opens. Joseph saunters toward the bed in the darkness. His large chiseled body falls to the bed, jarring her from the impact, his arm slowly making its way across her breasts. He begins to fondle her nipple through her silk camisole with his right hand.

“I will not tie you up,” his tone gruff in her ear. “You will lay here still and take it. There will be no noise and no movement, otherwise I will punish you. It will not be pleasant. Now speak," he commanded, his breath fast and warm.

Sarah had experienced his punishments before. It all involved being tied up and gagged in some form or fashion. He would take her over his knee to spank her mercilessly with a wooden paddle. Many times the spanking would be so brutal that skin would break leaving bloody welts to form. After that, he would have anal sex with her and tie her to the bed leaving her to lie in her own pain and blood. Right now was not the time to fight. She had to submit to save her life.

"Yes master," she says struggling to keep her voice calm.

"Good. Now hold still," he says, his voice thick with a maniacal softness.

She could feel his erection hard against her butt as he violated her nipples. He removes his hand from her breast, traveling to the inside of her underwear. He goes directly for the clit to start the madness of her body to defy nature. In her mind she says, Oh God, don’t move! She tightens her thighs and pelvis so she can resist the agony of his circular, manipulative touch. Even after all that she has heard, the sensations are hypnotic. Steadily and silently, she sucks in her breath so the room will remain silent of her moans. She can feel her clit swelling into its orb like structure. Sarah does not want to give him any of her physical essence, but her body rebels. She can feel herself getting wet. She knows that she is just about to reach climax. Sarah struggles not to give in to inevitable pleasure. For an instant, she is transported into a euphoric haze. She is helpless in his strong arms. Sarah cums in spite of herself. Her world is now spinning as she falls into what is supposed to be the glow after such events.

Joseph knows what has just happened with her. He felt her body reflex, ever so slightly against his. Since she is beyond exhausted he gains the opportunity to strip her of her panties, shifting her onto her stomach, then her knees. He grips her by the hips as he plunges himself into her hard; each time like he owns her. After he is done, he lets her body fall to the bed and he falls asleep. Sarah did not want to be near him, but she sure as hell was not going to sleep with the pigs. Sarah lay there begrudgingly. As she did, she began to smell the odors that were emitting from his body. Beer, of course was one of the culprits, but there was something else... Putrid raspberry body spray. It had seemed familiar, but Sarah just thought it was part of her dreams. This evidently was not a dream. Sarah wanted to cry, but there was nothing left. She shifted herself into the fetal position, hugging her knees into her belly. The fibers in the sheets felt raw, itchy and unnatural. The bed itself was taking on a different shape, as if it was rejecting her. Under her body, the round coils pressed into her side. Different rhythms of snoring had enveloped the apartment. If she stayed where she was, Sarah would be unlawfully familiarized with each one of them. To them, she was just a powerless container to spew their sexual urges.

Even though her body was shaken, Sarah got up and turned on the walk in closet light and closed the door. She found the first pair of pants she saw and a shirt. She dressed hurriedly. She put on socks and the first pair of shoes that she saw, then turned out the light. Quietly, she opened the closet door to walk to her dresser to get the car keys, purse and hair brush. Her hand was shaking as she grabbed these three things. Her knocked over a small vase. She froze as she heard Joseph’s voice.

"What are you doing," he asked his voice thick with sleep.

"I was just getting a drink," she said, her voice hallow.

"Okay, Trixie," Joseph said in a sleepy daze.

At him calling her that, she made a face. The sound of that name left a bad taste in her mouth. As she waited for him to get lost in slumber, she wondered if he did the same things that they once did. She wandered if he would use the same gadgets, feathers and floggers. The same oils that accompanied the memories along with the actions. It had been a long time since she had thought about those days. In all honesty, she missed them and was going to miss them. It seemed that as she put on weight, the harsher he had become. Now, it had become more of a chore to him to love her the way she had needed. At least, she wasn’t blind anymore. Even in the dark, her eyes hurt from all of the reality that flooded into them.

Sarah put her brush in her purse. She gripped her keys as she walked through the darkened bedroom, into the living room. Beer infused urine filled her nostrils as she walked by the half bathroom. Bile filled her throat as she gagged with an empty stomach. She could feel inertia settle in as sweat pooled on her forehead. Her body buckled, threatening to reveal her ticket out of here. Despite that, she didn’t lose her keys. Instead, she dug them into her palm. The pain clearing her head as if it was her rite of passage. So she pressed on, pass the drunken bastards that lay sprawled eagle on her new furniture. She opened the front door and walked out.

Sarah hurried down the stairs. Although she was taking them down two at a time, it was still not fast enough. She was scared that at any minute, her husband would catch up to her, chain her to God knows what and for how long. He might even leave her half-dead this time after he had his fun. Sarah made it to the bottom stair and ran down the sidewalk that leads to the pitch black alley pavement between the apartment buildings. She hated that the light that was attached to one of the buildings had burned out. It was that time of year, when the tree off to the side dropped seeds that were the size of a golf ball. Last year she tripped on one of them and busted her knee pretty good. She could not afford such a failure. Sarah briskly walked through the alley. The parking lot was full. She ran to her car as fast as her legs would carry her. Getting into the car was easy. As she sat there, with the key in the ignition, she knew this would be the last time she would see her home; along with all of the good and bad memories. This was the last time she hoped she would see Joseph, although she was still mixed up about that. He was all she had known. He had kept her that way. He told her that he was the only one that she could trust. At work, he told her not to get too close to anyone, that she was solely his. That made her scared because she had once made eye contact with a guy at a restaurant. The man had smiled at her. Joseph saw the whole thing. When they got home, he had punished her. In turn, she remained rather obscure around other people.

All of the bad memories were taking over. Fear was sweeping through her like a storm in the desert. Sarah felt hot and shaky, taking the key out of the ignition. She could just go in, do as she was told, and everything would be alright. His face appeared in her thoughts. He had a way of looking at her that made her tremble. His eyes would turn glassy and cold, a crease in his fore head would appear and a hint of a smile would form on his lips. That is when there would be the most brutal of punishments. He never did anything to any body parts that would show, but there were scars that the world had never seen. There were deep scars that the world would never be able to heal. She pulled on the handle to open it, feeling defeated. She was just about to put her foot on the concrete. A Siberian husky and its owner were two feet away from her. As she stepped out with one foot, the husky barked and jumped towards her simultaneously. Sarah quickly put her foot back in and slammed the car door. The owner tried to calm the husky down, but was inconsolable. Both humans made eye contact; Sarah wide eyed and the owner of the dog giving her an apologetic look. This was enough to jolt her back into reality. Her life was not okay. Everything leading up to this was not okay. What was happening to her was not okay. She had to get out of this insane asylum, away from him. Sarah had to get away from all that she knew. Silently, she thanked the dog, put the key back into the ignition, steadily got out of the parking lot and sped off down the road.

After she was miles away, it grew hot inside the car. Rolling down the windows was the best option to save gas. The air was brisk, but it had felt good on her sweaty body, like jumping into cold spring water in mid July. As she drove, the stars sparkled like minute white diamonds with a hint of color to them. Above her was an interstellar masterpiece that was leading her in the right path. This filled her with joy. Along with joy was sleep deprivation. A giggle bubbled up from her throat. It began into a laugh. Then the laugh grew into uncontrollable cackles that no man could tame as she drove down the road.

Sarah had crossed two towns before she finally decided to stop for the night. There was a vacancy at a Motel 6. She entered the lobby, looking very much in shambles. Her hair was wild because of the wind and eyes heavy with needed sleep. The clerk peered at her as if she had more than two arms.

"Can I help you?" the overnight front desk person asked in a bewildered tone.

"Yes, I need a room for a couple of days," replied Sarah.

"Alright, that will be $85 even," said the clerk

Sarah handed her the cash. It was all of her tip money, but if it bought her a couple days of peace, it was worth it. The clerk handed her the room 15 key.

"The room is located at the front of the building on the right," directed the clerk

Sarah grew pale. Being easily spotted was the last thing that she wanted.

"Is there another room farther from the front that you could give me?" Sarah asked wistfully.

The clerk stared at her quizzically, but decided not to speak. Instead, she looked at her computer. There was room 96C that was available. It was in the very back of the last building. Relieved, Sarah took the key and made her way to the outside of the building and back to her car. After driving past the second building, she found the third one in the back. Sarah parked her car and got out. As soon as she found the room, she walked in and locked the door behind her. Sarah didn’t bother to turn the light on or pull back the blanket on the bed. She laid down collapsing into the pillow. Her last thoughts before she drifted off were of how they met. He walked into the classroom like he owned it with each step he took. He had the bad boy look. Faded blue jeans fit in all of the right places, a black t-shirt that hugged six pack abs, and ice blue eyes that pierced your soul. His cheek bones high, delectable full lips, and jet-black hair that was slicked back like a greaser in a 50s movie, but he pulled it off even in modern times. She would later find out that Joseph had come from a private school but could no longer attend because his father had gotten caught with embezzlement with company petty cash. His parents couldn’t afford for him to attend his regular education, so they sent him to where she was attending. It was just a run of the mill high school, nothing spectacular really. Now that he was there, Sarah knew that it was not going to be the same. You could hear a pin drop as the teacher gave Joseph’s introduction. The words were going above Sarah’s head because she was mesmerized by his sheer appearance and the staggering aura with which he presented. So was every girl there. That was no surprise. He could have had anyone that he laid his radar on. Sarah figured that she would never reach his. She was pretty, but in a plain Polly Anna sort of way. Yet somehow she did. She was more than a blip and he was looking for more than someone to merely date. Every girl there through themselves at him like female cats in heat. He would have none of them. He crushed every heart there, with a bored stare, as if their voice was on mute. Then he would simply walk off, leaving them in wakes of shock.

Sarah dreamed of Joseph. It was high school all over again. Everyone was faded out except him, her and some other guy. He walked up to her with his devilish smile with his hand extended. Sarah’s hand slowly goes up for him to take it. All the while, the other guy has a look of warning in his eyes. As if he is silently pleading with her not to take his hand. She cannot help herself. She is a moth drawn to the light. All goes dark for a split second. She is back at their apartment. A barrage of scenes of being tied up, whipped with that wooden paddle, being gagged, raped, then left to bleed out.

Sarah woke up cold and shaking. It must have been evening of the next day. She looked at the clock beside her and sure enough, it was four PM. She propped herself up on the pillows and pulled the comforter up from the end of the bed. She wrapped it around herself in a cocoon shape to warm herself. The dreams were so real. Her wrists and ankles burned like she had just been tied up. Her butt stung as if she was just whipped and her body was sore like she had just been ravaged.

After warming herself she decided to take a shower. She opened the cabinet doors to see if there were some bigger towels. Right beside the towels, there was a bathroom scale. She picked it up. Carved into it were the words fat ass, porker, and her favorite, tubby cunt. She laughed, although it really wasn’t funny. She took off her clothes, except her underwear and decided get on it to see which she thought she was. The scale had jumped from 120lbs to 145lbs. Definitely tubby cunt. She put the scale back in the cabinet and stared at herself in the long bathroom mirror hanging on the door. Sarah stared at her face. It was wider than it had used to be. She remembered how angular her cheek bones had been, her sharp jaw line that had now had little shape to it. She could even see a ghost of another chin taking shape. Next, she looked at her arms and how naturally sculpted they used to be. Next, came her waist. She had never had a six-pack but she had always been thin...up until now. What was left in its place was a foreign bulge that was engulfing her like some alien invasion.

Sarah sat on the toilet, dismayed and disappointed in herself. The rage was coming back. Thoughts of revenge started to flow through her mind. She thought about losing the twenty-five pounds, following her husband to the strip club, get a job there and slice the bitch's throat with her wedding ring that she would somehow get carved into a hook. She thought about going back to the apartment to slowly poison Joseph with coffee grounds because he was allergic to it, or, at least give him massive diarrhea and very bad stomach cramps that nearly doubled him over. She sighed. She needed to start thinking more rationally because there was no way she could pull off the color orange.

Instead, Sarah decided that she would love herself. She would tell herself that she was enough, that she was worthy until it became her armor that no thing could pierce through it. She also decided that she was beautiful and that she would make herself the best that she could be. Sarah decided that she was going to do her make up because it made her feel pretty while she was a work in progress. This was her time. All of those plans made her feel better than she had felt in a long time. She had began to feel a healing warmth come over her, sweeping away all of the pain and all of the ugliness that that she encountered yesterday.

In her mind and heart Sarah began to feel all of the little black footprints of last night’s lashing tiptoe into them, yet still felt the warm happy feeling resonating in her belly like an unborn baby. Sarah focused on that until she felt it all through her. She spoke new found words to help wield her new armor so that those footprints scurried off; at least for now. They were sure to come back with dozens more soldiers so that she might be consumed. Sarah had never really been a fighter. All of her life she had been an agreeable, passive, even submissive girl. She had taken many hits from him since they had been together. Not just physical ones, but, the ones that really mattered deep down; ones that somehow seemed to define her in some way. Her inner strength was her resilience to keep going no matter what. Everyone had a breaking point though. Her internal resilience was beginning to crack. In many ways she could feel it. The cracks were hot, the inside about to explode into something she might not heal from. That is what really scared her the most.

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