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Curse of Selena!

A Brief Biography of Porn Legend Selena Steele

Selena in Her Prime

It's hard to define what legendary is to someone without first defining the craft to which they are legendary at. The dictionary describes a legend as 'an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.' Whether or not the person described means that criteria is up to the 'eye of the beholder.'

It can be measured by financial success, the adoration of fans or a number of other factors. In this day and age, pornstars can have just as many fans as NFL footballers or movie stars, so we do find popular performers having sex in front of the camera. One such performer is Selena Steele; a Californian hottie who just seems to get better with age. Born in January 17th, 1961, Selena is currently 57 years old and looks to have stopped doing movies for the time being.

Work the Camera...

Selena for Naughty America

Selena had a rough upbringing as her father was an alcoholic who repeatedly 'put her down' and told her she was ugly. This had a lot of negative effects emotionally on Selena and she states it may be why she got into the business to prove she wasn't ugly. Selena started her career as an exotic dancer but made adult movies from 1988 to 1995. She returned in 2001 after working as a computer programmer for someone she previously dated. When 2001 hit, she was more into the older MILF category, but it didn't make her any less popular. Her first porn film was The Cameleon (1989) where she starred alongside Tori Wells, Victoria Paris, and Peter North. It's the only film where Selena has natural breasts as she had an enhancement done which made her a busty 36D. Her curves are 36D-24-35 and even as a mature porn actress Selena is still a hottie!

Better with Age

Selena poses for some shots for Naughty America.

I'm quite into older women so you'll have to forgive me when I say that some get better with age. As glamorous as Selena looked in her 'heyday' I do prefer the more mature Selena Steele. When interviewed for Pornstar Data Selena credits The Chameleon as her first adult film. She classified this as her first film despite the fact she did a couple of 'tits and ass' films before this movie.  If you log into the 'Internet Movie Database' her first film is stated  as Hate to See You Go (1988.)

In this movie, she has her breast implants showing it was filmed after The Chameleon but was released first. Selena's most iconic role was in Curse of the Catwoman (1991) where she starred alongside Tom Byron, Patricia Kennedy, Raven, and Racquel Darrian. She made a fair number of films between 1988 and 1996 before taking a break from it all. When Selena wasn't making movies she was 'feature dancing,' this was around 1993 to 2001. All the way up until 2008, she was still actually feature dancing. Selena actually trained as a gymnast and ballet in her younger years. This is probably where the talent for dancing stems from, although it has given her back trouble. In an interview for her fan club, she mentions it gave her trouble in the 'doggy' position when shooting. Selena's comeback in 2001 saw her shoot quite a few films for porn company Naughty America. Personally, I thought this was some of her best work as a 'MILF.'

The scenes she did were for Diary of a MILF, My First Sex Teacher and My Friends Hot Mom which are available at

Selena is known for her large breasts, but she's also known for her hairy bush as well. This was just as apparent in her classic movies as it is for her mature movies too. Selena claims not to have sex much in her private life and states this for the reason she has intense orgasms on set. She's not fussed on anal sex in her private life either but she does film anal scenes. As far as the ideal partner she tends to lean toward powerful men and previously dated a millionaire while working in the 'Insurance Industry.'

So, gentlemen, it looks like you're going to have to make a bit of coin to tame this porn legend. Don't worry though, you can always catch her own screen in one of her movies.

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Curse of Selena!
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