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Constant Distraction—Part 5

Tittie Tuesday Post #5

Having many assets in life can get into a lot of trouble, having few but grand assets can be just as dangerous.


I couldn't stop thinking about it the entire ride home, this had to be one of the worst dates I've ever been on, and I've been on quite a few bad ones recently. I'm not letting my sister set me up anymore that's for sure. I swear it wouldn't stop replaying in my head as we drove back to my house.


"I don't believe in higher education." He said it so nonchalantly as he ate from his plate like an uncivilized pig, there's a difference between being a messy eater and a rude eater, Will is the latter.

"Can I ask why exactly?" I asked without skipping a beat, I had an unfazed facade the entire date, it had become a slight defense mechanism lately.

"My older brother, he had big dreams. Went to school to get an education so he could then get a better job..." He stops eating for a moment to lock eyes with me, "Now he's drowning in debt and can barely feed himself." I knew I didn't know the circumstances for this man's brother, but I couldn't help thinking it was a sorry excuse to completely stop believing in educating yourself more. I was honestly more disappointed than anything. Up until now Will had been quite attractive, had even managed to make my panties dampen a bit with a few comments. He's a strong man with an even stronger personality and at first, I found it drew me in, now it just made me want to leave.

"Oh well... I'm sorry to hear that." I didn't know what else to say at the time, he had been informed I'm a professor, at least I thought he had been and he still said this. I mean I get if you have strong opinions, but at least wait to share them until I have more of a reason to stay than just some nice biceps. He didn't really respond to me just grumbled and kept eating.

The rest of dinner he had most spoken about himself and his family, well greedily eating. Once he was sated I convinced him to not get dessert and leave.


Now in the car, I couldn't believe I had arranged my whole week to make this date happen tonight. I was still slightly horny and my frustration didn't seem to extinguish any feelings.

"We're here." He announces as well pull up to the curb near my house, the street and porch lights around the only thing illuminating the area.

"Oh, great!" I say a little too enthused, "I guess I should be going then." I say quickly, with a faux smile, it falls quickly as I hear his car turn off. This idiot doesn't really think he's getting laid... He comes around to my side of the car, opening the door for me and offering his hand to help me out. I smile at him again and can feel it coming out as a slight grimace. I take his hand, drop the smile and step out of the car. He smiles widely at me, but then he's not looking at me, he's staring through me. I frown and furrow my brows at him, turning around and looking over the car door, in the direction he'd been looking. There's a person hunched over, a young man with blonde shaggy hair... "Noah?" I call out in question.

"What are you doing?! We don't know who that is or what's wrong with them!" Will kind of whisper—yells at me as I walk away from him, toward the figure on the pavement. I crouch down and can see that it is, in fact, Noah and he is barely conscious.

"Noah? What the hell are you doing out here?" He didn't answer me, just kind of mumbled and groaned, "Noah, are you okay?" He still doesn't answer me, "Will help me get him into my house."

"What are you talking about?" He had hesitantly come over to me after a few moments and now looked at me like I'm crazy.

"I said help me get him into my house, this is one of my students, and as you said we don't know what's wrong with them. We should take him inside and I should contact someone." He still looks at me like I'm nuts but then huffs.

"Fine." He crouches down and lifts the young man, leaning him on one of his sides, I sort of help him as he carries him up the path to my house. I unlock the door and he takes him into the living room, dropping him onto the couch.

"Great! Thank you, I'll see you later." I say quickly as I kneel beside Noah, placing the back of one of my hands on his forehead.

"What? See you later?" Will says almost in disbelief. I look up at him with my bros furrowed once again, this time in frustration. I stand and walk towards him.

"Yes see you later. I now have an incapacitated person on my couch that I need to take care of and make sure isn't dying. You can either stay and help me or leave, and since you don't seem so inclined to help, I suggest you leave. Especially if you ever want to see me again." I tacked that on at the end because I really just wanted him to leave my house.

"Al-alright." He turns and walks out of the living room into the hall, I follow him. He stops in the door and turns back to me.

"Leave Will or you'll be blocked on my phone by the morning." He nods once and turns walking out the door and down the path defeated, I shut the door behind him and sighed softly. Now to work...

I go back to Noah in the living room and check his pockets for a phone. No luck. I don't know any of his friends and I can't exactly ask one of his classmates to come to get him and take care of him. He would probably be safer with me anyways. He's kind of sweating and doesn't seem like he can really wake up. I can't tell exactly what's wrong since he had seemed fine the last time I saw him. I would just have to wait and see if he wakes up. Throwing a thin blanket over him, I go to my room to change into more comfortable clothes.


After taking a shower and changing into a pajama short set I go to my office to do some homework and go over some finished coursework from my classes. A few hours of work and I hear loud banging coming from the front of the house. Rushing out to the living room, I find Noah on the floor and half awake. I come over to him slowly and crouch beside him.

"Hey... Noah, you okay? Can you tell me what's wrong with you?" I ask softly, trying to be nice, not sure how he is going to respond to me.

"I-I don't remember... I was at a party with a friend. Now I'm here... where ever here is." He kind of chuckles but then just yelps when he slips as I help him up, we eventually get him back onto the couch where he sighs heavily and lets his head rest back.

"You're at my house." I say, matter a fact, "I was on my way home from a date when I found you unconscious on the sidewalk."

"Oh... Wow... Okay, I'm sorry." He apologizes, rubbing his face with his hands and then staring at me sleepily.

"It's alright really, the date was already a bust. If anything you helped get me out of interacting with the guy much longer." I laugh softly, feeling awkward talking to him like this. I had just rejected him a few days ago and now he's sitting in my living room... I usually didn't let students even know my address, let alone come in, but obviously, tonight is a bit different.

"Oh, well, good thing then I guess. Sorry still." He says looking a little guilty but still very tired.

"Why don't we get you something to eat?" I offer, not knowing what else to really do.

"I-I don't think I can eat anything right now. If I could get a ride home though that would be nice." He tries to stand and almost falls over again, I go to try and catch him but he just stumbles.

"I don't think that's going to happen. I don't know any of your friends and I thought about contacting them earlier but you don't have a phone, I tried to find one on you earlier. I'd also really prefer if fewer students knew where I lived. I think I should take you to the hospital actually, neither of us knows what's wrong with you. Even if we did have one of your friends come get you, I don't think they would know how to take care of you." I could tell I was rambling and making this a bit of a one-sided argument, but I honestly am just freaking out about the strangely sick kid on my couch.

"I can't afford to go to the hospital... I think I was just roofied anyways so it's really not that big a deal, we just have to wait for it to wear off." He says this all very uncaring and his head swings onto the back of the couch again.

"Not a big deal! You were unconscious in front of my house!" I snap at him, this kid really is stupid.

"Yeah and now I'm not, I'm in your loving care." He leans up and flashes a cheeky grin at me. I huff and stomp to the kitchen going to make him the snack I had originally offered. Opening the fridge and angrily trying to find something to eat, as I shut the door I see him walking into the room, "Listen, I'm just... I'm being honest when I say I can't afford a hospital visit over this, and you obviously don't want to deal with me leaving or someone else coming, so you have to take care of me. I really still feel on the verge of passing out and I got dizzy again just walking over here." I look at him and realize the predicament I've gotten myself into.

"A-alright... I'll take care of you... The bathroom is down the hall, second door on the right. Go take your shower well I make you something light to eat and drink." He smiles and sticks his hand out toward me a little too eagerly.

"Great! Then we agree to play nice." He says teasingly, trying to get me to shake hands with him. I shake my head and turn to look in the pantry.

"Go take the shower before I change my mind and send you to bed without it." His smile drops, as well as his hand, then he turns and walks out of the room, down the hall.

"Yes, mother..." I swear I heard him mutter as he leaves, I shiver at the comment, it made me feel strange... I go into the pantry, looking at crackers and boxed meals trying to make a decision my mind drifts. Why had that comment bothered me so much? Was it because he had asked me out? Or because of our age gap?... Or maybe because the way he had walked into the kitchen was kind of... sexy, all groggy and stretching. His shirt had ridden up some... I can feel the heat on my face and it draws me back to reality, grabbing a box of crackers and embarrassingly rushing out of the pantry, I go back to the fridge, slightly trying to hide. When I hear loud banging again, this was louder than Noah had been falling off the couch. I rush down the hall to the bathroom where the noise had come from.

"Noooah?..." I pause and wait for his response, "Are you okay?" I hear a groan, well at least he's alive.



I could hear her calling outside the door, but I was almost too embarrassed to respond.

"Yeah..." I slowly sit up on the floor of the shower, "I'm okay... Um, could you come in and help me up though?" I pause and swear I can hear a soft gasp from behind the door, "I slipped and hit my head, I don't think I can get up on my own without falling again."

"Umm....." She pauses for what seems like an eternity.

"Please, Professor Harte, I wouldn't ask if I didn't think I would just end up hurting myself worse." I was almost begging at this point, could this woman not understand this is a bit of an emergency? She was trying to get me to go to the hospital earlier, what happened to that attitude?

"Okay... Yeah, okay." I hear the bathroom door open, looking over I see her walk in with a hand over her eyes.

"Are-Are you really that nervous to see me naked?" I ask, furrowing my brows at her, had she never seen a man naked before? In class, she seemed so calm and collected, very serious at times. Now she looks like a teenage girl too scared to see a cock.

"No! I... I'm just trying to make sure you don't get the wrong idea!" She protests, her hands coming down in annoyed fists at her side as she glares at me with an angry look, she looked beautiful even when she was upset. Fiery green eyes, long wavy auburn hair, sweet little heart-shaped face with a button nose and rosy pout, beautiful body even in her PJs, I was so happy I got to see her like this, but so irritated she would make such a strange assumption.

"Get the wrong idea?" My eyebrows wouldn't un-furrow as my confusion with this woman continued.

"Yeah! You asked me out, now I don't want you to get some naughty idea!" She argues, crossing her arms in defense, her breasts getting pushed up slightly. I could see the slightest amount of beautiful, pale cleavage.

"Yes, because I would get some dirty idea, well I'm hurt and naked on the floor." I shake my head at her and can see the embarrassed blush on her cheeks, "Will you just help me up, and with rinsing this soap out of my hair? I just want to get out now, without shampoo in my eyes." I say annoyed with laying on the wet tiles.

"F-Fine!" She stomps over to me, opening the shower door, she looks at me inside and realizes she's not sure how to help me up without getting wet, "Why did tonight have to turn into such an ordeal?" She mutters as she steps towards me, she detaches the shower head and crouches down beside me, "Tilt your head back if you don't want soap in your face so badly." She says stern and emotionless. I give her an annoyed look but do as she says, tilting my head back. She takes the shower head and begins rinsing off my hair.

"Sorry, I'm such a pain," I muttered back at her. I can't see it but I can hear her gasp quietly.

"Are you kidding me right now? Don't try and turn this around and make me feel bad!" She raises her voice at me and sprays my entire head, drowning me for a moment and then standing before stomping out of the shower, "You have been being a pain, a pain in my ass!"

"Are you kidding me!" I wipe off my face, trying to get the water out of my eyes and stand with difficulty, still a bit dizzy, "You just tried to say I'm just using this as a ploy to get in your pants somehow! How is that even fair? You knew I was unbalanced and dizzy before I came in here! I put shampoo in my hair, it made the shower floor slick and I fell. Of course, the first thing I think is, oh use this to get in Professor's bed!" I shout back at her and can see her shrinking back from her original aggressive stance. I manage to get to my feet leaning against the wall.

"I-Listen I'm sorry I just..." I cut her off quickly.

"Yeah, you better be sorry, I haven't done shit tonight but get drugged," I say thoroughly done with the evening.

"I-I'm sorry." She turns and rushes out of the room quickly. Shit... I wait a moment and turn the shower off. Getting out, I dry off and wrap in my towel, not knowing what else to do. We both had been a little stupid, but I knew I would need to face her and talk to her. Walking down the hall and into the living room, I don't find her. Not in the kitchen either, turning back down the hall where the bathroom had been, I find an empty office and then another, closed door. I knock softly but no one answers, going to open the door, the handle turns with ease. I push the door open slowly and call out.

"Hello?" There's soft music playing and suddenly I see Professor Harte come out of another back room, she pulls off her wet top and starts taking off her pants. I clear my throat loudly and she yelps in shock, turning to look at me she covers her bra-clad chest with her hands.

"Noah!" She shouts, "What are you doing?"

"Sorry, I knocked and tried to call out before but you didn't answer..." I pause, my eyes slowly glazing over her body, it was just a nice looking as I imagined. Her beautiful collarbones, perfect plump tits, full curved waist that leads down into her gorgeous hips. I knew she would notice I was looking and probably get upset, so I speak before she can, "Can I get some clothes, mine aren't exactly dirty but you did find me on the sidewalk."

"Oh... Yeah of course." She pulls her shirt back on quick and I lose my nice view of those wonderful, soft, lace covered globes. Once she's pulled it on she goes over to her dresser and pulls out a small stack of clothes, "They're from an ex, so I don't know if they'll fit you. But it's the best I have." I step over and go to take the clothes from her.

"Thank you, I appreciate it," I say softly, our hands touching. She pulls away sharply and I just shake my head, turning and walking back to the bathroom to get dressed. Before I can get out the door, she speaks.

"Wait!" She calls out, I turn back to look at her. She walks to me quickly and suddenly kisses me. It doesn't process at first, but I kiss her back quickly the moment I realize what's going on. She pulls away suddenly, "I shouldn't do this, you're still not okay."

"If I lay down I should be fine," I say cheekily with a chuckle.

"No, Noah this isn't okay, it would be like taking advantage of you and I already rejected you. It would just be confusing," She starts rambling.

"Well... What do you want? Do you want to go on date and have a boyfriend?" I slowly start stepping towards her, she begins stepping back toward the bed, "Or do you want me..." Her legs hit the back of the bed. "To fuck you?" I can see her lip quiver slightly, somehow I had managed to make my stern Professor nervous.

"I-I..." She hesitates for a moment, " I want you to fuck me." She says honestly, her cheeks blushing as the words leave her lips.

"Then that's not confusing at all." I drop the clothes with an audible noise and drop my towel along with them. I step the final few inches to her and kiss her again, my hands playing with the hem of her shirt, “Can I take this off?” I look at her beautiful emerald eyes, she bites her lip and nods her head slowly. We pull away for a moment and I pull the cloth off. My hands instantly fondling her lace covered breasts, her hands press onto my back and I start kissing her again as we fall onto the bed.

My hands trail down her stomach and undo her pants, she wiggles them off and the only thing between us now is her underwear. My kisses move across her cheek, down her jaw and to her neck, where I suck and nip the soft flesh as she moans beside me. My hands move around to her back, unclasping her bra and pulling it off. I'm hiding how excited I am to see her breasts bare, but my hands don't waste time, going to fondle her nipples.

“Mm-Noah...” She calls out my name, and it’s the sweetest sound I’ve heard in a long time. Laying on my side, with her on her back, my hand trails down her stomach as I finally look down at her beautiful mounds. My mouth leaning down and latching onto her nipple, "T-that feels good..." I don't answer her, my hand moving lower, down her waist and into her panties.

"Is this alright?" I mutter against her skin and peek up at her.

"Yes, you can call me Abigail by the way... I don't want you to call me Professor in bed." I chuckle at her sudden thought process, moving back up to kiss her lips. I pull away and look into her eyes.

"You always try to focus too hard in bed?" I ask with a smirk, she hits my chest softly. She purses her lips at me.

"No... I just..." I laugh and kiss her again.

"Will you just relax? It's not like I expect anything of you. I'm honestly still trying to figure out if I actually died earlier and this is heaven..." She looks at me with wide, shocked eyes before a small smile cracks on her face. She leans forward and kisses me, I feel her grind into my hand. Making my fingers slide across her clit and down to her opening. I moan against her lips, surprised and aroused by the feeling of her wet, pussy.

"With the way you've been looking at me in class, if you were dead, you wouldn't be in heaven." She says in a low, seductive tone, before she had seemed nervous and like she was over thinking... Now she's more than assured of herself, this woman is really throwing me for a loop. I grin at her comment, pressing my forehead against her's, I kiss her again, wanting to imprint the feeling of her lips in my brain. The hand down her pants moves back across her hip and up her side, around to her back and down to her ass.

"I may not have earned my entrance to paradise, but your body is the closest thing I will get to heaven on earth." My hands continue to caress over her skin, softly massage the supple flesh and feeling the dips of her curves. She bursts into laughter and I'm once again left confused.

"I have to say that's one of the most poetic lines anyone has ever used." She says continuing to laugh, I look at her a little frustrated.

"I'm being honest, not trying to give you some line. After you said no to a date I thought there was no possibility of me seeing you naked. It's a privilege to get to view the image I've been imagining for months." I say this looking at her very seriously, watching the humor from her face drop.

"Oh... I..." She pauses for a moment looking away before her hands caress over my arms and down my sides, "I've never had someone say that..." I feel her hand press against my forearm, pushing me onto my back, she climbs onto my lap straddling me with a pouty look, "I'm sorry for laughing... most men don't put any real effort in and just want to sleep with me." I laugh at that comment.

"This doesn't seem like me putting in real effort," I say with a little thrust, her eyes shut quickly and she moans out loudly.

"I-No it doesn't, but no man has ever said its a privilege before..." She says with a bright blush on her cheeks. My grin drops and I look up at her seriously.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, from the moment I saw you, I never wanted to look at another woman the same. I went out tonight trying to find someone to take my mind of you... But I didn't want to, I want to go home and sulk, then see you in class on Monday." I sigh, knowing I had probably admitted to much, "To think I wouldn't be here if I hadn't gone out though." I feel a weak, self-deprecating smile crack on my face.

"I'm glad you're here." She leans down, her arms wrapping under my neck, and kisses me again. Grinding into my cock as she kind of lays on me. She pulls away for a moment, "Now screw me already." Tell me no more. Rolling her onto her back again, my fingers loop into the waist of her panties, pulling them down. She kicks them off and I situate on top of her, sort of between her legs. Our lips battle for a few moments longer, before she leaves hot, wet kisses down my jaw and neck. I grasp her legs in my hands, she kind of wraps them around me as my cock softly rubs and presses against, "Please put it in Noah." She begs softly, God she knew exactly what to tell me and when. I move my hips and then press my cock against her entrance, the tight muscles resisting for a moment before stretching around my length. I gasp from the feeling of how hot and wet her canal is.

"God... you feel s-so much better than... than I imagined." It's almost hard to speak, her cunt squeezing me like a vice and heating me like an oven. I slowly start to thrust back and forth, enjoying the soft moans it brings from her lips.

"You-you can go harder, Noah..." She whimpers out the words, I can feel her fingers splayed against my back and grasping me. I follow her instruction, pounding a bit harder into her taut muscles.

"J-just let me know if I'm hurting you or anything," I tell her, honestly a bit afraid and just wanting the night to go right.

"N-Noah." I feel her hand grasp my arm, pushing me kind of and I stop moving to look at her confused, "Is this your first time?" She looks at me with a worried look on her face.

"Would you be mad if I said yes?..." I don't know how she had pinned me so easily.

"No! Of course, I wouldn't be mad, just... It'd be nice to know..." She says almost with a kind tone, something I had never really heard from her until today.

"Yes," I admit, closing my eyes, not wanting to see her reaction.

"Okay, we'll just take it slow and I'll let you know if anything happens." She says her hands massaging and caressing my shoulders, she was being surprisingly understanding and nice. I had always been afraid whomever I was with, that they would laugh... Just because most people say I'm kind of old to be a virgin.

"Alright." After I speak she captures my lips in a wet, rough kiss. Her hips weakly thrusting up at me, that brings one of my heads back into the game. My fears almost instantly melt away as she begins to move. My hands move to either side of her shoulders, using the new positioning for leverage to thrust into her with more vigor, her wails, and mews of joy spurring me on. Her hands move up to fondle her jiggling breasts and I can't help but enjoy the add show as she teases herself, "You're so fucking gorgeous." I moan out and thrust harder into her.

"Ohhh... shit you feel so big..." That was an ego boost if there ever was one.

"God I feel close already, you're just so hot and wet." I could feel my cock throbbing as her pussy tried to practically milk me of cum.

"Pull out and cum on my tits." She moans out loudly, my movements come to a halt and she whines in frustration.

"What did you just say?" I ask between soft pants.

"You don't have a condom on and I know you really like them... so, cum on my tits, you can even titty fuck me if you like." She offers up, with sleepy eyes and flushed face, I could tell she was happy but...

"You have climaxed yet though." I retaliate.

"Then change that and I'll let you live out a fantasy." She says between soft pants of her own. Without much more thought I pull out of her and slide down some. Coming eye level with her wet and now slightly puffy cunt. I lean forward and my tongue slips out to swipe against her clit. Enjoying the feeling and taste its only moments before my hands are on her ass cheeks, pressing her to my face as my tongue delves into her entrance. I eat her sweetness greedily, lapping, sucking and nibbling the tender flesh as I brought her closer and closer to the edge. My nose presses against her clit as I thrust my tongue inside of her, the moment making her cry out with every thrust.

"Please... Please, Noah, I'm so close. I need more. Bite me, finger me... do something... I want to cum so badly! I want to cum on your tongue and feel you drink from me!" As I said before, this woman seemed to know exactly what to tell me. I decided to take two of her suggestions, swiftly inserting a finger inside of her and gently biting on her clit, not enough to hurt but to give a stinging sensation. I hear several loud moans and high pitch whimpers as her thighs clamp around my head, the muscles squeezing my already blood drained brain. I moan low against her and do just as she asked, suck and lapping at her cunt in an attempt to get every drop of her. She quivers from the aftershocks I send through her, her hands gently trying to push my head away, though it was caught between her still tensed thighs.

"Hon, I can't move with your legs wrapped around me." Slowly her thighs release me and I pull away, moving up to cuddle her.

"Sorry..." She mutters, looking bashful.

"Why are you apologizing? That was amazing!" I say with a grin.

"Because you were caught." She says softly.

"It's alright, I could be caught between your beautiful legs all day," I say then caress the tops of her love handles.

"Let me take care of you now." Her hand brushes my still hardened cock, I groan from the feeling of her soft touch.

"A-Alright." I sit up and look at her, not exactly sure what to do.

"Get in my desk chair it will be easier." She points over to a simple, black, wheeled office chair. I stand and walk over to it. Wheeling it closer to the bed I sit down and watch her, excited for the next event. She walks over to me and kneels down, taking a breast in either hand she presses them around my dick. I moan at the squishy, soft feeling.

"That feels... different..." I moan out the words.

"Different good?" She asks, obviously more focused now that she had orgasmed.

"Yes, very good." I nod my head quickly. She begins moving her boobs up and down on my cock, the plushy flesh sliding around it and engulfing my prick over and over again.

"Maybe if we..." She seems to mutter something to herself, releasing her breasts, she stands again. Walking over to the bedside table, she opens the drawer and pulls out a bottle with clear liquid. Opening it and pouring it all over her chest, I couldn't help but groan at the sight. She was so close to another fantasy I had thought about... Oiling up her tits.

She comes back over to me, kneeling once again, she presses her now lube covered globes around my throbbing, red dick. Whimpering like a dog, I couldn't believe the feeling of her warm, slick tits on me. She starts sliding them up and down faster on my prick. Pressing her hands together a bit harder, "You like that Noah, you naughty boy. You've been thinking about my boobs a lot, haven't you? You think I haven't seen your boner in class?" Her hands press harder and she moves each breast up and down my cock individually, making the rubbing feel slightly different. I couldn't believe she was doing this right now... How did she know I liked dirty talk?... That I had dreamed of her doing it.

"Yes, I've been such a bad boy." I groan out, my head falling back as I try to focus on not having a heart attack. I was just on verge of climax, but I couldn't reach it.

"Well, bad boys get punished, they get told what to do, and if they want to be good they listen. You want to be good?" She asks me with her usual stern voice. I couldn't help but nod, "Then cum all over my tits Noah, cum all over them like I know you've fantasized. These big, soft, breasts around your cock." That was all I needed, her voice, with her touch. I feel the knot in my stomach release as streams of cum cover her, making her tits truly creamy. I look down at her, panting harder than before.

"A-All of that was amazing." I stutter out.

"I'm glad you think so... come to bed, we'll talk in the morning." She grabs a towel, sort of cleans us both off and then we crawl into her plush queen-sized bed. Cuddling up together, I was surprised she wanted to be so clingy with me, "You really turned my night around Noah... Thanks." She says this softly as she lays her head on my chest.

"I could say the same to you..." I pause and think for a moment, "But I'd rather say thanks for giving me a chance." Her arm wraps over me and she cuddles up close. It only takes moments before I hear her slowed breathing. I fall asleep with a grin on my lips and a girl on my arm...

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Constant Distraction—Part 5
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