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Constant Distraction

Titty Tuesday Post #1

I may have a problem honestly. But I'd rather give into my urges and die a happy man than always wonder what may have happened.

My parents just always thought I had ADHD when in all actuality I had a completely different problem on my hands. I always kinda got upset about it. Mainly because I was another misdiagnosed kid, I never had ADHD. I just kinda had an obsession... It started when I was about eight: My mom had taken me to the grocery store with her, and on our trip she had made a stop by the meat counter. I was sitting in the cart, and, as she was making her choices, there was a clerk stocking pre-packaged meats in a case, I had a good view of the woman and when she turned to grab more packages off the rack beside her I was distracted by a completely different rack. She was quite a busty woman, I couldn’t break my attention from her until my mom came back to move the cart. The first thing out of my mouth was, "Mommy way are that ladies boobs so big?" I was young, naive, and my mother was the only other chest I had paid any attention to. I was curious and confused. How could she handle having a chest like that? Is it because she had more kids than my mom? Or did she do something to make them that way? It didn’t take me long to realize that my questions and curiosity were wrong. My mother had scolded me and pushed me off in our cart away from the woman, telling me to not be so rude.

As I grew up, my naivety was soon left behind, and I got answers to my questions just as fast.. I had a pretty average childhood, and for most of my life had kept my little obsession under wraps. But when I was in high school, I slipped up. I would say that I had grown into a pretty smart guy. I got average or better grades most of the time, and I had a lot of hobbies I enjoyed. I had also learned where and how to find porn over the years. I thought I had managed to learn how to cover my tracks as well but one day my parents were waiting for me when I came home.

"Noah we need to talk." My father spoke as I slowly walked into the dining room. I had gone to look for them when I got home and found them in here instead of the living room, where they would normally be watching TV waiting to have dinner.

"What's going on?" Nerves were jumping through my body; I may have kept my cool on the outside, but inside I felt like I had every type of bug trying to get out of me or crawl all over me. This usually never happened in my family; I was a good kid and if we did have issues this wasn't the way they went about taking care of them.

"We were having some technical work done around the house, re-routing cables... Wi-Fi... anyways..." My dad paused for a moment as he spoke, he looked disappointed. "When we were checking that everything was set up properly, I noticed a file on your computer. It was hidden somehow and encrypted. I asked the technician why there might be something like that, and he said there were a lot of reasons but if I wanted to know what the file was I would have to take it to a shop to get the computer checked out..."

"William you're rambling... Noah, listen we just want to know why you have all that porn on your computer." My mom interrupted him and cut to the chase. The bugs stopped, everything stopped. I couldn't think, even of an excuse, I just couldn't think. "We're just worried, sweetheart. That file was quite large and I know it might not seem like a relevant problem to someone your age honey... but..." She stuttered as if trying to figure out what to say. "This just seems like a problem. I get that you're a growing boy going through puberty, but there's a difference between curiosity and addiction."

"What your mom is trying to say Noah," dad seemed to finally come to grips again. "Is that we think you might need some help, or to at least talk to someone about these feelings." That made my nerves come back. He had barely given me the talk when I hit double digits, and mom wouldn't even watch a show with me if there was a girl in a bikini. I couldn't talk to someone about this. 

"I... I don't want to talk to anyone about it. I'm fine, I'm taking care of it. I don't need help." They made me feel like I was crazy.

"This isn't taking care of it Noah!" My mom's voice rose some.

"It's not like I'm out groping girls, or just fucking around! I'm fine mom! I don't have an addiction!" I yelled at her. I just felt so judged. I get that it's not the most normal thing in the world, but that doesn't mean I need to go see some doctor or something. I did the normal teenage thing and ran up to my room to hide. Things were rocky after that, and my parents never looked at me the same. I moved out right after high school and started going to college. My secret was easily kept, and I've been living a happy life. I only have another year of school and then I'm on my way to bigger and brighter things... And that's where my problem begins. I don't know if I'm going to manage to pass my chemistry lab this year. My teacher is new to the school. And let's just say my first day in class has already been an indicator that I'm going to have some problems.


I walked into class all ready for the new semester. I was on the high of life. I only had three more semesters after this, and I could start focusing my efforts on bigger things. I had managed to get almost all my books second-hand this time around, and I didn’t have any morning classes, so I was having a pretty good time. And then she walked through the door.

“Good afternoon, class. Glad to see such a large turn out for the first day. We’re gonna see who’s still sticking around at the end of the week. My name is Professor Harte.” She wrote her name in big swoop font on the whiteboard. “Now let’s get straight to the point, some of you are here because you enjoy the hands-on experience of chemistry. Some of you just need to get a lab credit.” She finally turned to face the class, her hands on her hips, lab coat fitted to her waist, lilac button-up hugging her as well. She paired it all with black dress pants and a delicious rack. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I was in deep trouble... “But I expect all of you to pay attention the entire time you’re here, however long that may be. I’m not going to be repeating myself over and over. I have a lot planned for the semester. We have a lot of work ahead of us, which means there’s no time for me to be repeating things.” She gave us all a pointed look. God, how the hell am I supposed to pass this class now, it’s easy to focus when she’s talking about the class in general, but once we get into subject-based work I’m absolutely screwed. “If you need help I expect you to go to your fellow students as a resource first. Not to sound like a hard ass, but I also have a lot going on outside of class: I’m also working on my next degree. If you really absolutely need my help then I expect you to come to me though as well. I don’t want any of you to fail just because you were too scared to ask a question. I just ask that you use my time wisely if you get it.” This was going to be so difficult. Her no-time-for-your-shit attitude was honestly turning me on a little too. But I could barely keep my partner in crime under wraps with Professor Harte’s perfect globes on display. I’d only ever gotten a boner in class once before, and it was one of those ones that just happen. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks hoping nobody would notice the problem I was having.

“Let's jump straight into it then.” She grabbed a stack of papers and began passing them out. “Here is the syllabus for the semester. I’ve put a calendar on there with everything well be doing every day and...” I lost track of what she was saying as she stood in front of the board with her own paper. She was writing things down on the board; every time she would turn around her breasts would shift. I honestly felt a little sorry for the woman. It seems no matter how she moved her chest would just gyrate in response, that had to be annoying over time. I could watch them forever, though. She talked on and on for some time, the class discussing the curriculum with her, and I was in too much of a trance to realize that the class had been dismissed. 

“Did you have some questions?” she asked from her own desk, packing her things. I looked around, realizing we are alone. 

“Nope, nope... just got a lot on my mind.” The words came out rambling, I packed what little I had quickly, and I dashed out of the classroom. I slid into a stairwell and tried to compose myself, I was still so flustered. I could never try and go after her; the whole professor/student thing could interrupt my semester and my chances at finishing college out easy. I had to transfer out. Then I could just see her around and enjoy that. I walked out of the stairwell and down a hall. I went to a different building to the advising office. I was just going to get my class changed, easy. 


My skin was so hot... and for some reason wet. I felt tired. It felt like I was trying to wrestle something to death.

“Oh Noah, yes.” That voice... my eyes shot open. Professor Harte was on top of me, just riding away. She was completely nude, her eyes were shut, and it was like she was in a zone. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her beautiful breasts were bouncing and jiggling with all of her movement and I couldn’t break my attention from them. My hands slowly move up to touch them, a subtle beeping is beginning to annoy me. It’s in the room, and it just keeps getting louder and louder.

I finally awake to hear my alarm clock across the room. I had fallen asleep playing games at my desk. I had pretty much no homework from my new classes last night and I had been waiting for an email from the advising office. I turned off my alarm quickly and then went back to my desk to check said email. I soon found out I was screwed for the semester.


“Mr.Price, glad you could join us.” Professor Harte greeted me as I walked into her class.

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Constant Distraction
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