Nicolette Heisler
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Lust, Love, and Straight Up Wetness

This post is dangerous and the person reading this may or may not know it is about him. I have had a lot of crazy encounters in my life but this one was just sticking. What happened between us you can figure out for yourself. Okay here we go.

I can't believe how I felt when I met you, I wanted to punch you in the face yet rip your clothes off at the same time. What has gotten into me? You make me want to say bad things, do bad things, you're a bad boy no doubt about it. You were striking, weird, and a little crazy. Every inch of my body vibrated as you stared into me. Eyes like a viper, you held back your body but gave me a part of your mind. Many instances did I think what I would've been like if you met me first. Like a Damian Marley song, "You Get Me High." Why'd you only call me when you were about to stick it in someone else? Am I just going to be a friend again?  

You know who you are and what you're doing when you speak those words to me and it is quite comical. I don't want to wait for you to kiss my neck and talk for hours about your big book. Damn, why did I have to meet you? You're the type I will push away, the type who will break down my walls, the type who will fuck me up. We could just look at each other and resist what we really want. We don't have to go cross the line and fuck up this tension. It is what we want, what we need, what we both crave inside. We'd go crazy and just block out the world, just in our own little bubble. You not only stimulated my mind but you shook my body. This is different then any other times I've had with anyone.

We could fuck under the moon, talk under the stars, argue until we want to do this all over again. Boy, you did this to me almost instantly, got me going crazy. I can't talk to you, think about you, dream about you. It's killing me to hold back like this. When we met I thought we had met before. Our minds connected with our eyes, and our hearts connected with our souls. I sound crazy, I know, I am crazy it's true and so are you. You've already done this to me, imagine if we continued to see each other. We could keep this secret for a while.

I have been hurt and I have made plenty of mistakes; there was I time I didn't even know I would make it. Everyone just wants to be loved and love and if I can be that for you then it would be the best or the worst thing for us. The mystery gets me going, it turns me on. I thought someone like you into my life, there has to be more. There’s a peculiarity to you and I don’t intend to figure out the answer to you. I just want to get to know YOU, we all deserve at least that. Why I picked you? You had something that a lot of men don’t have, you were genuine. You lay it out on the table, you are not afraid, you have no qualms. You are real and sexy as hell. You are right, there is a connection. There you go.