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Coffee Shop Guy [Part 1]

Last Fall

A basic background story about my life:

I graduated from university; the longest four years of my life, and everyone who graduates and goes out into the financially driven world; I got hit with multiple rejection and unemployment. I was applying everywhere and anywhere just to get a stable job, something that will give me money regularly so I did not have to live off my cousin. I had absolutely no luck in obtaining a job in my field, so I decided it was time to get a part-time job or casual jobs.

The story of how I met Coffee Shop Guy:

I went outside of the apartment I was living in to get some fresh air, maybe even see if there were any "Help Wanted" signs on storefronts. The local coffee shop near the apartment always had a bulletin board with posters of job listings. Some were crazy but some were actually interesting, that was where most of my mornings went. To see if any jobs were available so I could get by with day to day living expenses, and helping my cousin with her rent.

The coffee shop was always busy, I decided to treat myself while I was there. I got in line, waiting to get my regular order when I turned around and behind me was a good-looking, older man; he began looking down at me, he looked to be almost 6’3". I smiled and turned back around, I didn't want to come off at weird or stalker-ish. The man tapped me on my shoulders and asked if the line was always so long, I smiled and said it always was. He began to stare at my figure, and in his defense, I did dress pretty sluttily.

I had on a tight black dress—it looked more like a clubbing dress but I wore it with a cardigan. My tits looked as if they were going to rip the dress off. I assumed if I wore the dress, got an interview; the interviewer may be a man or bi-sexual or lesbian woman, I could flirt my way into getting the job. My hair was black, long and straight; I had a little flower in my hair just to be cute. The dress was not too short, but you could notice my long waxed model-like legs, I had on two-inch heels - that allowed me to walk at a quick pace. I am 5'6", weighing almost 120lbs, tan-ish skin, the size of my tits triple D 38, tiny waist and my ass quite voluptuous.

As the line began to move, I was in the front of the line. I ordered my regular and found a table that was free, sat down with my legs folded and began looking at the job postings. One posting said they needed a nanny for three months and the pay was $200 per month—not worth my time, basically getting paid nothing for three months. Another listing read, "need a girl to take to a friend's wedding" sounded interesting but as I continued it said "must be okay with getting touched and hit on by old men" hard PASS. The last one I read was "Abandoned haunted house—stay in the house for a day and we will pay you $2,000" That sounded so easy but it was way too far away for me to travel too. I began to contemplate how to get there, that was when the older man who was behind me in the line came to the table I was sitting in and said, “I don't want to intrude but could I sit here?"I looked around and saw that all the chairs were being occupied.“Of course, you can sit here,” I said as I moved my purse over making room for him, he took the chair and moved it closer to me and smiled taking his laptop out of his briefcase.

To make small talk he said, “Tell me, what is your name?” To which I replied, "I am Tori, short for Victoria, what is your name?” and he said, “My name is Mark, nice to meet you, Tori.” I briefly said it was nice to meet him and he asked me how old I was but the tone of his voice was different. I answered his question by saying, “I am 22 years old and you?” I said proudly, and he told me he was 56 years old, the only people in their fifty's that I know of are my parents, aunts, and uncles, I was taken back but before I could say anything he said, "Yeah, I'm half your age aha." I made light of the situation and made awkward jokes.

He was polite enough to laugh at them and then he asked, "What are you reading?” as he looked down my dress, I could see him staring my tits but I let it slide, I felt sorry for him. I looked over at him, holding the posting and said: "I'm looking for a job, and that one was kind of interesting, $2,000 just to stay in an abandoned/haunted house, I think I am going to do it, I just need to find a way to get there." He stared at me saying, “Oh, never heard a girl your age wanting to be part of the supernatural if you want I could take you?”

I began to get so excited, someone offering to bring me to a place where I didn't have to pay for transportation and get $2,000 from it. “Oh my God, can you actually take me? I know we just met, and everything, but this job is in the town over, and I just missed the last bus." I said sounding extremely excited.

He then began to look at me again, “My car is outside if you really want me to take you.” I nodded and took the posting plus my unfinished latte and followed him to his car. We get outside, he leads the way and goes behind the store into an ally. We get near a 2018 BMW, put his hand over it and rub the exterior. 

“This is my baby,” he said as he unlocked his doors, I chugged my latte and threw it on the floor getting closer to his car door as he came around to open it. He looked into my eyes, and I stared back at him smiling, he took his finger, brushed it against my mouth and licked his finger in slow motion.

I was taken back never had that happen to me, he looked at me smiling and said: “it looked like you were about to drool on your dress” I was taken back but I thanked him. I began to think about how his fingers hit my lips, something in me came alive, I began to bite my bottom lip and from the side of my eyes, I could see him staring at me. We began to drive to the abandoned house. He put the address from the posting on to the GPS and he drove off. He put his hand on my thigh; the way he left my whole body was tingling, I shivered and his hand began getting slowly moving up my thigh—to my inner thigh and soon my pussy.

I let his hand roam around under my dress; the sensations of his fingers were making me wet. When he felt my G-string that was right between my puffed pussy lips, he let out a groan followed with, "Damn, baby girl, I think your pussy is calling out for me, may I?" 

I replied with, "it is calling for you, pull over I want to show you how much it's calling out for you." 

He chuckled and pulled over to the side and said: "if you really need money, I could give you money." 

I was open to the opportunity, but I did not want to feel like he owned me so I kindly declined.

When he pulled over to the side, he put my seat down and began rubbing the G-string into my clit, making me shiver more, I started moaning "Ohh... my... god... yes there." 

He smirked and kept going. He took his hand off my pussy and licked his fingers, as he came back pulling my G-string to the side and he put his fingers on my soaking wet pussy and started rubbing in an up and down gently motion. He inserted his index finger; he let out a groan as he felt my warmth and wetness all over his finger, he began to finger me slowly, going faster every minute. He tried to put two fingers in, but it was too tight that it began to hurt, he smirked and said: "baby girl, you are too tight for me; I think this is all you can handle." He wasn't wrong, I was extremely tight but soaking wet.

He gradually stopped fingering me, opened his side of the car door and walked around to my side. He opened the car door and came inside, pushing my seat even farther back, he got in and put my feet on the dashboard, as he closed the door and was directly between my legs, he began chuckling, 

"Ever get eaten out on the side of the road baby?" 

I shook my head. He crouched down, I couldn't see his head anymore, he shifted my hips to the end of the seat as he pulled my G-string again to the side, inserting a finger as his tongue came down and licked my clitoris ever so gently, I could not believe what was happening.

I held on to the seat as I let out several moans. He took his finger out and began inserting his tongue into my pussy hole, it went in as deep as he could put it and began thrusting his tongue into my pussy rapidly, I never felt such pleasure in all my life, his finger went on my clitoris and began rubbing and licking it simultaneously. He began slurping and collecting my mini-orgasms, and coming in stronger, he took his other hand and put a finger in my asshole, I never had anything touch my asshole, it felt new, a new sense of pleasure, I moaned and groaning, even began moaning his name followed up with more moans.

At that moment I wanted him to fuck my living soul out of my body, I wanted him to ram his cock deep into my pussy and even my asshole, I wanted all of him for hours. He was eating me out—moving his tongue in small circles around my clitoris, eating my asshole, moving from my ass to my pussy, he then inserted a finger in my pussy while circling his tongue hitting every pleasurable spot on my pussy, I commenced to squirt and he slurped and swallowed it all, kissing my pussy as he finished. He smirked and got out of the car and walked back to his side and asked if we should get back on track. I was a little disappointed, I wanted him to fuck me so roughly in the car but I did want to make that $2,000, so I agreed and we got back on the road.

We were driving for almost two hours until we got to the house, now from the outside I could see why no one had survived a whole day, it looked extremely run down, and a house that people would throw parties in but never come alone too. I started observing the house and looked to see what the upstairs looked like from the outside and it looked exactly what horror movies were based around. I took a gulp as Mark rolled up to the driveway.

To be Continued...

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Coffee Shop Guy [Part 1]
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